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New Money (2019) – Jim Rogers Full-Length Documentary Bonus Interview

Here is a glimpse of China today after years of lightning fast growth. Investing legend Jim Rogers has been here all along and watched that explosive growth happen firsthand. First came here in 1984. I was terrified because I’d been listening to American propaganda. The Chinese were evil, vicious, dangerous, bloodthirsty people. Didn’t take me […]

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How I Made My Own iPhone – in China

Where are you from? From USA. USA? Yeah. Very good. I am trying to make my own iPhone. Very good. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was in a dimly lit barbecue joint here in China. I was with people like me, geeks who are fascinated by the electronics manufacturing scene. And someone said, you know, see all […]

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Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

At the end of the first millennium, around 1000 AD, China was definitively the most powerful country in the world. More than a third of the world lived within its borders, it’s technology was the most advanced in existence, and its economy accounted for an astronomical 50% of the worlds GDP. The west paled in […]

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