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Barbie – Money for Mighty Beanz | Ep.185

Barbie – Money for Mighty Beanz What do you think about this bag? Hmmm… No It not go with your dress You’re right! So we allowed to buy it? Mummy…? How’s this one? Yucky Thanks Tommy… Tommy’s right That not good Hmmm… Mummy? Yes Annabelle? Mighty Beanz We allowed to get it? Mighty Beanz? What […]

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How to Sign Money in ASL – American Sign Language

Ok, now I am going to teach you on what topic? Whoa! You see this? What is this? This is MONEY. MONEY is signed like this. MONEY. This is ONE-CENT or a PENNY. This is FIVE-CENTS or a NICKEL. This is TEN-CENTS or a DIME. This is a QUARTER. What are these? COINS. What are […]

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