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Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer – Crash Course Biology #32

Sex and not dying. That’s what biology is all about. And while the sex part is, I’ll grant you, a little bit sexier, not dying is also really fantastic… something that I, personally, like to do every single day. I, personally, like to not die in all sorts of ways. Like, I don’t jump out […]

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[Payday 2] [Update] Biker Safe, Free to Open

Hey guys, Unknown Knight here and I’m just going to do a quick update. So earlier today I just started up Payday 2 and was about to play when the Biker Safe was released. I realized that I totally forgot that Overkill was releasing a safe this week and that it’s completely free to open. […]

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What’s new in Day 4 of Spring Break 2017? [PAYDAY 2]

What’s new in Day 4 of Spring Break 2017? This time around, a brand new game mode has been introduced to PAYDAY 2! Crime Spree! There’s a lot to digest here! However, I’ll do my best to explain it all quickly and simply! If your are over level 60, you will find a button on […]

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