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S. Korea’s household loans soars US$8.9 bil. in October

Recently the Korean government announced new measures to try and bring down the amount of debt burdening Korean households. But data last month show just the opposite happening — borrowing jumped in October by the most in five months… due to a long holiday and lending by new online banks. Our Lee Jeong-yeon has the […]

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Debt of low-income, low-credit borrowers increased by US$ 3.5 bil. y/y in 2018

Debt owed by Koreans with low incomes and… or poor credit continues to grow. In 2018, it rose by 3-and-a-half billion U.S. dollars on-year… to reach 76 billion. The Bank of Korea points out debt was mainly in the form of loans from non-bank financial institutions… and other personal loans. The debts of these low-income, […]

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash see volatile price fluctuations, local virtual currency exchanges paralyzed

The prices of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash fluctuated violently over the weekend,… with many local traders reporting service interruptions on the country’s virtual currency exchanges. According to Coindesk, the price of Bitcoin… which soared to above 77-hundred dollars last Wednesday,… plunged over the weekend… and is now trading at just over six-thousand dollars. Its cousin […]

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