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Jargon Busters – What’s APR? | Halifax

what’s APR it stands for annual percentage rate it so you can easily compare the cost have different types of credit it combines the interest rate, fees and charges over the year giving you the APR quite pretty really isn’t?

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Fastest Way to Build Credit: 10 Simple Need-to-Know Tips

hi my name is Christian and this is a guide to help you improve your credit yourself instead of potentially falling prey to those credit repair scams I’ll also help you discover the fastest way to build credit so let’s get right into it before we get over the fastest way to build credit I […]

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2016 Mortgage and Lending Outlook with Ben Kingsley and Simon Gillespie

Ben Kingsley: So hi. Ben Kingsley here with Simon. We’re here to talk about the mortgage outlook for 2016. Simon, would you like to introduce yourself? Simon Gillespie: Simon Gillespie, one of the senior finance advisers at Empower Wealth working very closely with Ben and Ben we were talking earlier about well, some significant changes […]

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