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U.S. Economy 101: national debt vs. national deficit | Just The FAQs

– You’ve probably heard that the U.S. government has a giant deficit. Well, it’s true. But what exactly is a deficit, and how is it different from debt? Deficit is defined as an annual difference between government spending and government revenue. Every year, the government takes in money in the form of taxes and other […]

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How Can the US Keep a Trillion Dollar Debt?

If you look at countries with the most debt compared to their GDP the USA is not top of the list, and we could say that’s a good thing for the country. That’s because when it seems that a country is unable to pay the money back it could lead to panic and hamper economic […]

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10 Stunning Facts About The United States National Debt

10 Stunning Facts About The United States National Debt If you divide up the national debt equally among all U.S. taxpayers, each taxpayer would owe approximately $134,685. If you add up all forms of debt in the United States (government, business and consumer), it comes to more than 56 trillion dollars. That is more than […]

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