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Technique for Clearing Your Money Debts and Loans – Lakshmi Puja Practice

Lakshmi Puja Practice – Come Out of Money Debts Next question we have is from Ottawa center , Cananda Questioner is asking…We have a lot of debts and it is very frustrating How can we reduct debt this year? Very practical question. Many people are suffering and struggling with it I tell you. Please understand. […]

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The Consequence of Karma | Insights from the Master

You see, when you are incarnated on Earth, you are burning karma or you are creating karmas. Normally, you should burn karma and finish, be free. This is for the wise ones. Most of the world, 99,9% is not that wise. In place of burning karma, they create more karma. But that goes through the […]

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Actor Nani with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic

Speaker: Hyderabad, we have some very good news for everyone! The New York Times best-seller “Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy” will now be available in Telugu (Applause). In this book, for the first time Sadhguru presented readers with a path to achieving absolute well-being through the classical science of yoga in a […]

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