5 comments on “Taking action for Detroit family with overgrown weeds”

  1. cats nuffin says:

    Welcome to our world we see what negroids have done to city ……

  2. cats nuffin says:

    You could get blackcrimesmatter 🛂💊🚼💉💊💉 to help 👏👏👏

  3. 80s_kid says:

    What a shame for these poor folk, there should be more charities to help, and the government could even hire the unemployed to tackle it, there is a huge jobs crisis, get some of these young people off the streets, give them something to do and get them some money in their pockets..

  4. msaleh93 says:

    Isn't that against city code to have overgrown lawn and weeds?

  5. Jim Spencer says:

    Maybe when you are doing your landscape you could work on that abandoned home also? What's it going to take? An hour to cut down the over grown shrubbery? LAZY PEOPLE!

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