Tell “Debt Trap Debbie” Not to Sabotage Obama on Payday Lending Reform

President Obama was right when he condemned
predatory payday lenders for “trapping hard-working Americans into a vicious cycle of debt.”
With interest rates over 300 percent. But now Debbie Wasserman Schultz is joining Republicans
in standing up for payday lenders after she received over $68,000 in campaign cash from
them. Go to and tell her not to sabotage President Obama’s hard work
to hold payday lenders accountable.

11 comments on “Tell “Debt Trap Debbie” Not to Sabotage Obama on Payday Lending Reform”

  1. Darus Smins says:

    The only reason it's not called usury is because it's LEGAL. Banks and credit card companies pushed (and paid) state legislatures to get these laws passed and payday lenders are just taking further advantage of them. A lot more politicians went down this road before Wasserman-Shultz did.

  2. Xandrosi says:

    It's called corruption, DNC style. Happy to see this HRC supporter and powerful leader get the attention she richly deserves.

  3. Anthony Lewis says:

    Bernie has said it since day one: We need a political revolution. This campaign is about a political revolution — millions of people standing up and saying, enough is enough.

    We win when people come together. We win when we reject division. We need policies that bring us together and create an economy that works for all of us, rather than a few. Welcome to the political revolution.

    We need a political revolution that takes back our democracy from establishment politicians and the billionaire class. This country needs a political revolution and Bernie Sanders can’t do it alone.

    I support @BernieSanders because he is telling us the truth. I believe in #BernieSanders because I know he can lead our country in the right direction for a better future.

    We need a revolution in how higher education is funded. We need a revolution in how healthcare is provided in this country. We need a revolution to prevent this nation from becoming an oligarchy.

    If we’re ser­i­ous about cli­mate change, we can’t just talk the talk, we’ve got to walk the walk and take on special interests. Climate change is the most underated and highly dismissed issue of our time. I believe that its because this is such a huge problem that people fear even approaching it.

    Another huge, intractable problem relates to income inequality. We must stand with our sisters and demand pay equity so women get equal pay for equal work.

    A vote for $Hillary Clinton is a WASTED vote. You're not voting for the lesser of two evils. You're voting for evil itself and, in doing so, become a willing partner with the ring leader of the criminal enterprise that is destroying our democracy.

    When are we as a people EVER going to rise up and DEMAND that we be able to vote our conscience if not right NOW!? Voting for $Hillary "Girls just want to drop bombs" Clinton is CONCEDING power to the 1% and perpetuating the problem. Voting for Bernie means you are placing your trust in the very best this country could ever hope to see in a President.

    Bernie Sanders is a man that has proven through decades of faithful service to this country that he is the most qualified candidate. By voting for him you are affirmatively declaring that YOU understand, respect and appreciate the value of true character, integrity and honor. Anything less, is settling and is unacceptable.

    #FeelTheBeen #NotMeUs El Viejito is "Kicking a## for the middle class!"
    The choice of a 'Better than ever' generation.
    "Stand NOW! Or, crawl forever."
    #NoSHillary #ElectionFraud #BernieWon
    #Vets4Bernie #EnoughIsEnough #ReleaseTheTranscripts #NotForSale #Daeshbags #WriteBernieSandersIn #ITrustBernie #WhyBeAntisocial? #AnyBlueWontDo #BernieSaidItFirst #BernieEsMiAbuelito #HillaryLiesMatter
    #NotMyAbuela #IWillProtectYou #WeAreBetterThanThis #DWSMustGo #BreakEmUp #OverTheHill #WeAreTheStorm
    #TheHillaryFixIsIn #HillaryPaidOff #CronyMediaSellout #StopEndlessWar #FreePublicCollege4All #AFutureYouCanBelieveIn #EndCorporateWelfare #EndForProfitPrisons #EndCitizensUnited

  4. Brian D says:

    Oh Please undermining Barrack Obama's "HARDWORK"? Obama has conducted a marathon celebretion of the testosterone free political lifestyle. A REAL PROGRESSIVE would OUT LAW payday loans – PERIOD! Obama just made the fine print easier to read.
    Where was Obama when the unions needed him in Wisconsin? He sent a last minitiete tweet of support! Wow a whole 144 carracter tweet! That is CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!
    What happened to CARD CHECK? This would have speed up uinionization. We had both houses of Congress? MEOW MEOW! But our fearless champion of Change Wall Street Can Live With instead is for FAST TRACK OF TPP
    Good I like you are attacking Debbie Wasserman-Shcultz but stop turing a blind eye to Barrack Obama and Hillary Walmart Hi1-b Clinton.

  5. Ceci Harvey says:

    Obama Endorses Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Bid For Re-Election??? Why? I am so disappointed in him.

  6. Maafa 1619 says:

    Of course she's standing up for predatory lenders. She's a Jew. it's in her blood.

  7. Jack Calvert says:

    Jesus God, what does it take for us to be rid of this awful woman?

  8. One Zero says:

    Dem or repub, it doesn't matter. It's all a facade .

  9. bigraviolees says:

    GOP in dems clothes

  10. Esther Evonne Purvis says:

    It's time DWS and the likes of her leave the Democratic Party and joint the GOP!! Barnie Frank and the whole my of the "Super Delegates" are in bed with the "Banksters"! Maybe the party needs to be dismantled to be rebuilt! There's too many cockroaches and infestation of the likes of DWS! Sad but true! I just want to stay home this year….😞

  11. "Small People" Against Big Government says:

    The Oligarchy is unwittingly revealing itself during this election. Hillary Clinton is getting Republican Endorsements and the DNC chair is standing with Republicans against a Democratic President…

    The Dual Justice System is also being revealed, with Clinton's treasonous past actions being swept under the rug; anybody else behaving with such recklessness, endangering our national security, would rot in jail for the same offenses.

    This election has lifted the veil. Americans are waking up and they are angry, very, very angry. They see that voting is an exercise in futility. The entire Democratic Primary has been riddled with Election Fraud. This government's approval rating is now in the single digits.

    Dark days of civil unrest are ahead. The ruling class has become rabid; they are no longer happy to just skim off the top, no, now they want everything, every last crumb. The air is thick with discontent.

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