The 5 Best Joker Cops in Payday 2

Joker is my second favorite skill in the game behind inspire. There are a lot of cops to choose from, but you only get to convert one or two so it’s important to pick the best Joker available. So today we’re covering the 5 Best Jokers in Payday 2 starting with number one: The basic rule of thumb is to prioritize any cop carrying a shotgun. Shotguns are incredibly powerful in this game, there’s a reason bulldozers carry them. The exception is number two, if you’re playing a heist with a lot of open area like Heat Street or Armored Transport: Crossroads That’s the one time you’ll want a rifle cop instead. If Murkywater spawn, try to grab one wielding an Eagle Heavy rifle, one of the strongest weapons any AI will carry. Number three, if all else fails, the easiest Joker to get ahold of are the tan cops who wear bulletproof chest plates that significantly increases their survivability. I can often carry a single tan Joker throughout an entire heist without having to replace it. Number four: by proxy, this means that my highest recommended Joker is a tan cop wielding a shotgun. That combination is pretty rare, but if you manage to convert one It’ll be worth the trouble of having waited for him. Number five, the last Joker worth mentioning are Bronco cops. They only spawn as scripted units at the beginning of maps and have extremely low health, meaning it’s very unlikely they’ll survive the entire heist, but their revolvers deal massive damage and they’re worth using if you don’t mind having to convert a new Joker after they die. Bonus number six, the clerk in the jewelry store of Reservoir Dogs Day 1 can actually be converted into a joker! She’s not a good Joker, but you get an achievement for doing so, so take the hit at least once in your career. Thanks for listening. Hope you learned something useful. This is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend. Keep those helmets flying!

10 comments on “The 5 Best Joker Cops in Payday 2”

  1. MoustachedPotatoes says:

    I really like the vid but the background announcer lines conflict with your narration too much. In the future I'd suggest dropping their volume when you edit or turning them off in-game.

  2. Red Flow says:

    wow i didn't even know this, thought it was all just gonna be tan cops, or something as a joke, useful, informative,short.

  3. Stahl Sonyx says:

    Nice video quick and to the point

  4. Bill Green says:

    What HUD are you using in the Hoxton Breakout clip?

  5. Xanaguy The Legend says:

    My top favorite joker to convert are actually ZEAL Lights, however, any security guard/cop with an mp5 is able to take down quite a lot of targets unlike their heavy counterparts.

  6. Nauotit says:

    Bronco cops are not so rare, they can also be Washington PD first responders (street blues). They can be found on many levels with police cars. However they're not as stylish as FBI revolverererers. (Designation for officiers using revolvers I guess)

  7. Brian Senez says:

    Nice job with the video, but really this is overkill and below. You should at least mention some of the tougher units found in the higher difficulties. How about the Zeal Marksman found in crime spree?

  8. droneofthefurture says:

    I love these videos dude, easily the best content being released for payday 2 rn imo.

  9. frunkiss says:

    bronco cops are the best, accurate and power, i always take them first

  10. 낟알 says:

    Very goood

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