The 5 Best Skills in Payday 2

There are so many skills in Payday 2 that you
can craft almost any build you can think of. This is awesome for seasoned players, but
new players can be a bit overwhelmed by all the choices available, especially when you’ve
only unlocked a few skill points. While there aren’t really any ‘mandatory’
skills since the big rework in 2016, there are still several choices that are almost
always worth their points and you won’t be sad you specced into them. Today, we’re covering The 5 Best Skills in
Payday 2. Note that we’re talking loud, there are enough
skill points to just buy everything for stealth. Starting with #1: Transporter basic will only
cost two points and one prerequisite point to unlock, and it lets you throw bags twice
as far. Considering how many heists in this game require
running huge trains of bags to the escape van, Transporter basic will shave entire minutes
off of the most dangerous part of the heist. If you run a high armor build, you should
probably grab Transporter Aced as well, which reduces your armor speed penalty while carrying
a bag. But if you run a low-armor build, instead
take a look at #2: Second Wind basic is the opening skill
in the ‘Silent Killer’ Ghost tree, meaning you only need a single point to unlock it. It grants a 50% speed boost when your armor
breaks, which is exactly the sort of moment you could really use a speedboost to find
cover before you die. Speed is really important in Payday, since
it lessens the time you spend in the enemy line of fire and helps you finish the heist
as quickly as possible before the cops wear your team down. And just to drive home how important speed
is: #3 is Duck and Cover basic and Parkour basic. Together they’ll cost only 3 points to unlock
but they’ll give you a 10% faster movement speed, 25% faster sprint speed and 25% faster
stamina recovery. The fact that the speed boosts are indiscriminate
of armor, health amount, or carried loot is what makes these two skills so valuable. Along with Transporter basic, these three
skills are the holy trinity of Payday, and are always worth speccing no matter what build
you’re creating. #4 is Inspire aced. This skill’s a little different from the others
on the list. It’s the cornerstone of the Medic tree and
therefore really expensive to unlock, and yet I’m including it because it gives you
more raw value than any other skill available. The basic part lets you grant teammates speedboosts
by shouting at them, which is nice, but the Aced version lets you revive any downed teammate
from afar by shouting at them and it lets you do this once every 20 seconds. This is a groundbreaking ability; normally
reviving teammates leaves you very vulnerable, not to mention you first need to reach them
and face whatever downed them in the first place. Not with Inspire, which lets you pop them
back on their feet even through walls and floors. And finally #5 is Underdog basic. Underdog costs only a single point in the
Shotgunner tree, but its a very overlooked skill, it grants a 15% damage boost whenever
at least three enemies within an 18-foot radius are targeting you. That may make it sound situational, but honestly
in loud heists you’ll find it triggered almost all the time thanks to Payday being a horde
shooter. There are loads of weapons that can reach
the next breakpoint simply by speccing into this skill, and in any case, free damage for
all your weapons is always a welcome buff. Bonus number 6, Hardware Expert is a one-point
skill at the very beginning of the Technician’s Breacher tree. It lets you repair drills 25% faster, causes
your drills to finish 25% faster, and makes your drills silent so civilians and guards
need to physically see the drill to become suspicious. All three parts are useful, though it’s really
the silent drills that you’ll notice the most. But 1 point is a cheap deal in exchange for
three different abilities that help you speed through one of the most boring parts of any
heist. Thanks for listening, this is aabicus with
the SPUF of Legend, keep those helmets flying!

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