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  1. TheSterg98 says:

    This is misinformation and dangerous if people actually believe that you can just print unlimited money without consequence.

  2. Aero says:

    This is NOT how economics works. The guy who made this video doesn't seem to understand what happens when the government creates currency. There are quite a few examples throughout world history which shows what happens. Venezuela is the most recent example. If you create currency to pay for your expenses, each dollar you create devalues your currency by that dollar. Each dollar holds a certain value.

    As an oversimplified example: Let's say there is a single dollar in circulation in a country. It is worth 1 cheeseburger. If that country prints another dollar, each dollar (2) is now worth 1/2 a cheeseburger. This kind of devaluing gets incrementally smaller as you add more dollars, but if you add 21.97 trillion us dollars to the pool to pay off our debt when our GDP is only 20.66 trillion, you will effectively reduce the US currencies value by significantly more than half right off the bat (please note that GDP is nowhere near the currency we already have, as it takes into account the circulation of currency. currency exchanges hands more than once in a year, which increases GDP, but does not increase the money supply).

    This video says that currency issuers are different from currency users. This is true, but the value of the currency is based on the performance of the currency issuer. The currency issuer cannot just print money and say "this is now worth just as much as all previous monies were worth", because that is factually incorrect. Every dollar created reduces the value of all other dollars in the pool.

    Another rudimentary example would be, imagine a government was a publicly traded company. If they issued stock, the stock value would decrease by an amount dependent on the amount of stock issued. If, however, they do NOT issue stock and simply do well year over year, then the value of their stock will increase.

    The reason why China, holding a huge chunk of the government debt, does not act on it is because their economy, like most economies, is heavily dependent on the US. The conspiracy theorist in me also thinks overlooking a bunch of their human rights violations has contributed to their willingness to buy our debt.

  3. Fluffy Waffles says:

    I'm sorry, but this seems like pure bullshit. Money has to be BASED on SOMETHING. If it's no longer gold, then GDP, or some other metric that measures goods and services in a quantifiable way. There is literally no point in even having currency unless it REPRESENTS something of value, right?? So, having the government just spend whatever the fuck it wants causes inflation, which devalues currency (the more currency there is, the less it has value because whatever its based on has not changed). How can we just print money without it losing value??

  4. Rick Shafer says:

    Yea, the federal reserve isn't the U.S. treasury. Not even close.
    Our government not only doesn't issue currency, it cannot.
    That power was given to a private bank; called "The Federal Reserve".
    Sounds imposing.
    The government asks the federal reserve to issue bonds , ( to pay for promises of the political class, or to pay the interest on the national debt).
    There is no government over site of the federal reserve. There cannot be.
    It is not a possibility. The central bank of the United States of America is as private as Walmart.

  5. Rick Shafer says:

    So that is why we have taxes. "To stay in the good graces of government".
    That's strange , that a private bank would control the labor of the citizens ?
    – Isn't that a plank in the Communist Manifesto ? Hmmmm;
    that is strange??

  6. Kareem Ajibola-Kameel says:

    well done but biased. need a non biased source.

  7. Justin McNeely says:

    Can you make more videos?

  8. Bryan Waldron says:

    This helped a bit but can someone still explain this part. If the government creates too much currency it causes inflation. So it needs to pull money out through taxes. So for the taxpayer not only have prices gone up through inflation but now they are also having to pay more in taxes? Thus they have lower purchasing power and a lower amount of currency with which to make purchases. Doesn't make sense to me.

  9. William B says:

    Economics for people that failed econ 101

  10. jonnydoesntknow says:

    Lord have mercy

  11. Ken MacDonald says:

    The basic problem with this video is money =/= wealth. Increasing the money supply does nothing for increasing wealth. Printing money does NOT create more teachers, more hospitals. It doesn't create more of anything, except dollars.

    The US government NOT the issuer of the US dollar. The FED is NOT part of the US government.

    US government spending does NOT create money.

    US government taxation does NOT reduce the amount of money.

    The liquidity trap you describe in the video cannot happen, since the PPP of a dollar isn't fixed. The Great Depression, the post-WWII economic boom, and the stagflation of the 1970's are counter examples of your theory, i.e., your theory was debunked decades ago.

    FYI, the creation of the FED led to a WORSE performing economy, with deeper and longer lasting recessions. The Great Depression began just a short 16 years after the creation of the FED. Idiots believing they can control the economic actions of hundreds of millions of people by controlling the money supply are dangerous and disgusting people.

    "Banks issue money every time they issue credit or a loan"

    This is some high powered ignorance of the basics of banks. Literally, 100% of money banks have to issue as credit or loans is money depositors deposited in their banks. That's why banks pay you to store your money with them, rather than paying an institution to safely store your money.

  12. David Lindes says:

    4:46 – am I interpreting correctly an endorsement of the idea that "growth" is a necessary, or perhaps even good, attribute of the economy? How can growth ever be sustainable? That giant pig reminds me of the impossible hamster ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqz3R1NpXzM )… but I'm not sure if you're actually trying to endorse that, or just acknowledging the fact that it's commonly endorsed, or what. ?

  13. elmartillogrande says:

    excellent explanation..

  14. Patrick Cruser says:

    Why do we spend so much on interest payments then? And why did you leave that out lol

  15. Ellen Clark says:

    Excuse me the IRS will not accept currency-try paying cash

  16. Mr Dish says:


  17. James Boise says:

    4:14 hahahahaha

  18. oneoflokis says:

    Very interesting! I'd never thought of it that way round before!!

    Same for the UK?!

  19. Alexey Vedernikov says:


  20. Brock Shreeve says:

    This might be the worst video I've ever seen

  21. john brown says:

    Soooooo, Kinsean economics is your idea of a healthy economy. I'm all set.

  22. Scooter says:

    Excellent propaganda and mind control, thanks for sharing this information for our fellow citizens. We shall all be better for your sincere sharing of informationl.

  23. StrangeLove says:

    The only reason we gave the government the ability to print the currency was under the stipulation that they backed their money with creditable gold and silver.It is only meaningful insomuch as there are real tangible metrics of scarcity behind it. Many would prefer the government not have the ability to perform this kind of currency tax. This gives far too much power to the federal government. Nobody should be able to do this, Especially The Royal We.

  24. R Davian says:

    ……and when they stop wanting our dollars because we hyper inflated it to oblivion what then?

  25. Paul says:

    The government aint giving me any money.

  26. Henry Vandenburgh says:

    Liar, liar– pants on fire! More MMT pie in the sky. It's inflationary because politicians will never tax appropriately to balance this system out. Money printing crashed countries from Weimar Germany to a variety of South American countries. A military regime always follows.

  27. liyexiang66 says:


  28. Andre XX says:

    Is this science or ideology? To me it sounds more like the latter. Anything that hands governments unlimited spending power always sounds like ideology. And I wonder what happens if the rest of the world sees this as reckless spending and loses faith in the Dollar?

  29. IHATE M says:

    So how is unlimited paper money spending going to work on a limited finite planet ? 🌏

  30. IHATE M says:

    HOW is MMT going to work out in a global world where different countries have different resources and different knowledge and different sizes working populations (some countries with no knowledge and no skills or motivation like Somalia, Congo, Middle East, Africa) so is everybody going to be independent and just print themselves rich? Hahaha. This shit is not going to work. It’s going to be a disaster.

  31. J Barnes says:

    Can you do one explaining how MMT avoids hyperinflation?

  32. T H E K I T P L U G says:

    Yea, who cares about inflation right?

  33. Hook Turn says:

    So the key take alway here is that the US govt can spend what it likes without regard to its national debt or the state of the govt budget. What complete nonsense. It will result in pronounced decline in the purchasing power of the dollar; foreign investors will dump usd securities. The world will no longer regard the usd as a store of value. The us loses its reserve currency status. Interest rates skyrocket to steady the dollar. Inflation in real assets and commodities follows. You guys just assume that you can maintain a fiat currency system regardless. Crazy.

  34. Hook Turn says:

    What really annoys me is that certain naive democrats will spout this MMT nonsense going into 2020 presidential election, allowing Trump, one of the greatest fiscal vandals of the modern age, present the toady GOP as the party of fiscal responsibility. Give me a break.

  35. svilen mollov says:

    So, Zimbabwe and Venezuela failed because they did not print enough?

  36. -bab- bab says:

    this is fucked up

  37. Allen Lichner says:

    We have the most corrupt deep state cabal in history. End the Federal Reserve

  38. Mark zxz says:

    The national debt is money spent into the economy that hasn't been yet taxed back? That's nothing to be feared?

  39. Mark zxz says:

    Since the creation of the Federal reserve the dollar has lost over 97% of its value. Families now require the woman to get a job to sustain the family budget. The government creates inflation so it can tax the "gains." So if your house went up in value at 3% per year and inflation went up 3% per year, you have no gain but the government counts it as a 3% annual gain and you pay taxes on that. That $22 Trillion can not be paid back when the interest is going up $100,000 a second and tax revenue is going up $1,000 a second.

  40. Oxybeles says:

    What occurs when the tax rate is compelled to be adjusted to 100%?

  41. highlander723 says:

    This is got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen it doesn't take account two basic principles of economics scarcity and value.

    Modern monetary Theory is exactly what was tried in every single economy that is failed where they put the printing presses into overdrive trying to print billions of dollars to save their economies. It leads to hyperinflation.

  42. Bruce Johnson says:

    The more dollars the government creates, the more the price of everything increases! That’s why prices of goods keep going up. Eventually bread will
    cost $10000000 if this continues

  43. Potecasu Ioan says:

    What a shiety video ….

  44. JT Ku says:

    Interesting, but goddamn the son of a bitches that wrote the dialog on the tasks of government. This is a free nation (far less free today then at its founding, I'll grant) and the nation so described in this video is that of a totalitarian. The beneficence described will certainly wither with the augmentation of governmental power.

  45. Curran Kemp says:

    You know the argument is false when a Federal Reserve note is promoted as the U.S. government currency, it isn't.

  46. Curran Kemp says:

    God, this is so bad. One can get payment with Bitcoin, gold, silver, foreign currency, etc. We don't need the U.S. currency for exchange to happen. We as the consumer have options. If you issue unlimited supply of U.S. dollars, they won't keep value and people will start dumping them in exchange for things that hold their value and companies will start pricing things in say Bitcoin, gold, silver, foreign currency, etc.

  47. Curran Kemp says:

    U.S. government bonds a safe place to say, lmao. If one doesn't count inflation, small return, and the risk of the MMT massive printing press effect. It's childish to think government savings is savings, it isn't.

  48. Curran Kemp says:

    Debt = savings. Wow, daft.

  49. Rangermsg 04 says:

    Here are some ideas.Medicare for all, free college tuition,a jobs guarantee tied to a green new deal, a program to buy and restore vacant homes to provide housing for the homeless and poor and a universal basic income based on the poverty line in every region.

  50. Damian Coory says:

    God help us. Are people really this stupid? MMT is NOT New kids. Nutty Bernie’s nutty economist didn’t invent it. It’s just another form of Keynesian monetary stimulus and it is a really crazy and risky form. Oh and it never works. Been tried a few times by a few crazy left wing govts who had to back pedal fast on it. It’s utter utter nonsense.

  51. Death24 says:

    This has got to be the stupidest idea in the history of economics

  52. Parker Davis says:

    But the government doesn’t create money…. how does this hold if the government doesn’t regulate the production of money. The mint circulates money and they answer to the federal reserve bank. The fed is a private institution that isn’t controlled by the government

  53. TechGeek says:

    "The government's spending gives us the currency we need to pay our taxes" this is so fucked tbh

  54. Les Mcevers says:

    Why isn't this working in venezuela?

  55. Rob says:

    THis Video is Rubbish – It is based on the MMT Fallacy that government is an issuer of currency and not the FIRST USER (and first spender into the economy) and subsequently the biggest user the currency to tax and then spend that taxation revenue again to fund programs.

    If government did Not use the currency again after taxing it there budget deficits would add up to almost all of the government spending (the budget).

    It doesn't and anyone can see if they do a little homework that this is so.

    An example is the Federal deficits of the ten years from 2009 to 2018 which equate to well less than 9 trillion dollars. Those deficits caused the National debt to rise to 20 trillion from roughly 11 trillion it was.

    Yet the total spending was well over 40 trillion dollars. Which leaves a massive hole being a difference of over 30 trillion Dollars in momey that proves them wrong.

    MMT cannot explain the reality of this in view of their other false claims of government being an issuer and not a user and that other false claim of taxes being destroyed and not used by the government again and again to fund programs.

  56. Rob says:

    Government Bonds are NOT savings accounts. It's just an MMT mask to deceive people about the burden of government deficit and spending funding through bonds.

    They are a debt that government owes to the people in the private sector who bought them as well as those people overseas who bought them.

    That fact does not reduce if they are in China or the US or elsewhere but the beneficiaries of the maturity payouts overseas will not be anyone in the US. They will be those overseas including in China .

    That debt is payable in full the future (on maturity) and in the mean time the interest on it is payable by government to the holders of that bond.

    Bods that were sold in the past are maturing on a continuous basis today, tomorrow or yesterday and are being funded by taxes collected from the people in the US every day. It is an on going burden for taxpayers to fund those maturity payments.

    Those debts the government has to pay in the future and the interest have to be paid for by taxation which is a debt for you and me in the private sector.

    Those bonds held overseas like those in China are an additional debt the same as the debt on maturity that those people in the private sector have pay through taxes.
    Nobody in the US benefits from the final payout on maturity or the interest on those bonds sold to people in China but those in China do by getting US dollars on maturity of the bonds.


  57. Virgilio Sardido Reyes says:

    Just buy Bitcoin

  58. Will F says:

    Great video! As a lay person i found it very useful for understanding the basics of MMT.

  59. Dayyan Safiuddin Jamal Sharifuddin says:

    You guys really helped us understand MMT! This owl has helped us more than any other video on this platform. Very cool!

  60. sanisidrocr says:

    I am so excited on more nations adopting MMT policies, as this shift is making me extremely wealthy with Bitcoin. Keep it up!

  61. Michael says:

    It's like a perpetual motion machine. Wow this is great!

  62. Paulo says:

    This will not end well…

  63. Darren says:

    Those in doubt please take a trip over to the website http://modermoneybasics.com especially this page http://modernmoneybasics.com/facts/ – most of your disbeliefs and questions are addressed there.

  64. Gregory Olsen says:

    Spot on and very relevant to Australia! 🙂

  65. Lumitopia says:

    It was an interesting video until they slipped in "full employment" at the end there. Why would that be a goal when technology can free us from drudgery? Isn't the whole point of progress to work towards post-scarcity and more leisure time, to focus on social and cultural activities? This is the second time I've seen MMT associated with a Jobs Guarantee and I'm not sure what the deal is.

  66. Mauri says:

    0:58 in Italy We are trying to return to be "currency issuers" by "minibot"!!
    It's a really really big deal!!!

  67. Stream of Thought says:

    youre gonna get so rekt if you believe this is how money works lol

  68. fuoku goooge says:

    Let's just put lipstick on a pig and call it a princess , this is just socialism in new clothes and socialism always fails . Nice propaganda attempt .

  69. Chitranjan Baghi says:

    Holly Grail of Stupidity: just understand this, Money is the medium by which goods are exchanged, not for which goods are exchanged. The system discribed in this video will ruin the price signal system in such a way that it will do the opposite of what it intends to do.

  70. Chitranjan Baghi says:

    When those saving bigs will bring the US dollar to buy things from US markets the ammount of money that will come will give roller coster ride to your economy like never before. Please I request all the stupid people who have come up with this stupid idea to learn more how currency works and what are the qualities of an ideal currency system.

    Imagine I give you 100 and you do all the work in my home and when you try to leave I take 20 from 100. What do you think I have done? I have stolen 20% of your labour time and hardwork.

    When government spend money and recieve services and products with the labour of normal people, then the money earned represents time and talent's value of the labour. Now when you tax it you are saying that the labour which you did and the talent which you have learned and the value of both these things is mine because "no reason just because I say so"

  71. Ken Long says:

    Very lacking in explaining the true purpose and use of the dollar.

    They created the US dollar to have their own currency vs Britain's. It's the fiat currency put into effect in 1971 by Nixon that allowed them to create dollars at will and basically inflate the money supply and devalue and tax every dollar held as a means to pay their war debts and finance future growth and aggressions.

    This was also done to create a world reserve currency and force all oil to be priced in dollars and all nations to hold vast supplies of dollars in order to buy oil. This works for trade as well since most international trade is done in dollars.

    This is a power game designed to keep the US on top and in power and others paying us.

    It's also a tax on savers designed to keep people spending and borrowing money rather than saving it. Profitable for both the US and the banks.

  72. Minethis1 Real Macro Investing says:

    Garbage economics. If this were remotely true. You would all be stuffed with $22 trillion of savings. Don't let facts get in the way of a good free lunch story.

  73. Devin Haub says:

    Our government isn’t an issuer of currency. The federal reserve is privately owned and charges interest. At some long the minimum interest payments owed on the “borrowed currency” from the federal reserve will eat up a large percentage or the entire budget of the government and we will have to go bankrupt.

    If the government truly issued currency I could see MMT being something worth a try. The reality is the federal reserve is a credit line with no maximum limit but interest is always owed on what your borrow.

  74. The Tong Productions says:

    I smell bs

  75. Jerry Bruton says:

    I think Modern Monetary Theory is based on the following MMT tautology.
    G – T = S – I
    G = Government spending
    T = Taxation
    S = Savings
    I = Investment

    One can assume increasing G can reduce capital investments
    or, decreasing T can increase I if dS = 0.

    It also avoids the impact of taxation on real GDP as a cause of declines in real GDP.

     This tautology is too simple and not an ideal tool for monetary and fiscal policies.

  76. Penelope Vos says:

    Wonderful! Is there any part of this that does not equally apply to Australia?

  77. Gordon Gekko says:

    This video disguises itself as educational – it's anything but.

    Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a fringe economic theory NOT accepted by any mainstream economists. You are watching the economics equivalent of an anti-vaxxer video.

    Inflation at its core is a monetary phenomenon and printing money to finance the government has always lead to hyperinflation, as it happened in the Weimar Republic and as it is currently happening in Venezuela. There is a reason money printing to finance government spending is currently outlawed in most countries around the world, the US included.

  78. hola says:

    awesome way to presuade people that they will never rise up or save money

  79. Grant Beerling says:

    Using the name Gordon Gekko shows your angle as a Neoliberal, greed is good mentality.
    So how does a Fiat currency work?, So mainstream being? Smith, Marx, Keynes, Hayek, MMT?
    All theories started from a point of change, the change for MMT is the detachment of the Dollar ( Pound and many other sovereign currency issuers) from the Gold Standard partially in 31 and completely floating in 71, thus a theory concerning this change.

    Many are now looking at this, ( Bernie Saunders) and saying it's not mainstream is like saying cars are not mainstream and thus dismissing it, at the beginning of the 19th Century, it takes time and as with Keynes, it took the collapse of the Treaty of Versailles ( which Keynes predicted), the 1929 crash and FDR's New deal that was based on Keynes economic model, and then 1945 UK when Keynes was the advisor to the Labour government.
    Before Keynes, Adam Smith was mainstream, after 45 Keynes was mainstream, after 79 Hayek is considered mainstream.

    Now we have Fiat currency for many of the more powerful countries in the world the options of how to use this floating currency have to be looked at again, post 1971.

    So not its not anti-vaxxer in any way or form, you will have explain why this is.

    It shows the lie of using gold standard rules for a fully floating currency. There is no fixed asset.

  80. xandercorp says:

    I feel very sad that most people will believe this video is only telling the truth and won't see the glaring omissions that invalidate the whole message. But it's very, very difficult to beat lies that people are desperate to believe with only facts.

  81. Dick iller says:

    Gold Standard is better

  82. Jamie Kloer says:

    Wouldn’t this only be possible if we had a closed capital account. We are the reserve currency if we print it won’t it affect the world. Leading to a problem with exchange rates and currencies?

  83. Jamie Kloer says:

    So the government won’t have to have taxes because they will just steal money from your pocket without taxing you to do what they want.. so we can just keep buying stuff for nothing and China will keep working to make us stuff. I don’t understand.

  84. Jamie Kloer says:

    So really it’s a way for government to spend your money without having to ask you first.? So they tax you by stealth? So it’s about a wise government that knows what it is doing? Well I guess that would never work.

  85. 4verse says:

    China does not pay taxes to the US

  86. Trent Fillmore says:

    This video makes a good point that being a "currency issuer" is better than being a "currency user." It's so much better that nobody wants to be the "currency user" any more. Maybe that's why Keynesian economic theory is dying: https://www.facebook.com/BilderbergMeetingsOrg/posts/1286606168183324?comment_id=1286715444839063&reply_comment_id=1287971141380160

  87. Quina says:

    ….its full of bs..

    At the end of the day you have to tax people so that the money the government printed is not going to be useless due to inflation. And people wont be saving because of the massive inflation.

    Its like merchant selling snake oils…
    This monetery oolicy gonna fund us everything!! lol.. silly… the money gonna at the end of the day come from taxing. With out taxing the money printed is useless.

  88. Dick iller says:

    This is form of a command economy. No wonder leftists love MMT.

  89. Michael Jensen says:

    Print enough currency out of thin air and everyone becomes rich eventually… kinda like nullifying gravity by jumping high

  90. Chuckichanly says:

    But the institution that issues US dollars is the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is private as Alan Greenspan, (former president of the FED) said, so the FED does not belong to the US government.

  91. BennyBoy46 says:

    So the "How are we going to pay for it?" line the corporatist Democrats and Republicans love to spew in objection to single-payer universal healthcare, tuition-free public college, Green New Deal (and more) is invalid?

  92. William Loudermilk says:

    I was taught at Indiana University's School of Business in Money and Banking classes in the Finance department that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a part of the Federal Government, but actually owned by the member banks of the Federal Reserve System. The only "oversight" the government has over the FED is Presidential Appointments of the Board Members of the FED, but these, like any other corporate board, are always given to the President to choose from by the banking dynasties that own the FED (most the stocks for the FED are owned by the NYC Federal Reserve System banks, but all member banks across the nation own the 12 FED regional banks).

    So, if a top-ranked and globally recognized undergraduate business school teaches that it is the privately-owned FED that is actually the issuer of the Federal Reserve Notes that function as our currency, why should I bother to watch the rest of the video when you can't even get the fact that the Federal Reserve Banking System is not owned by any branch of the federal government or any of its agencies?

    You could at least promote the same propaganda that my alma mater did about how the FED will keep the money supply immune from political influences because those who own the banks aren't going to be influenced by changes in administration and policies (while never mentioning at university how the banks could then influence every election by supporting candidates that support the banks being in charge of the money supply instead of Congress according to the Constitution).

  93. Field Flower says:

    The ultimate alchemy until the world drops the dollar.

  94. Field Flower says:


  95. James Robert Coyle says:

    But, We issue at interest to International Banksters. We need to Nationalize The Federal Reserve. We have the Military to do that.

  96. RuinDweller says:

    I see 209 people with sore brains and bruised egos! #LearnMMT

  97. Thrunabulax says:

    So how is this so different from Keynesian economics?

  98. Rob says:

    MMT = Rubbishy wishful thinking devoid or facts and full of fallacies.

  99. Rob says:

    Government is not an issuer of money. – It is the first user of new money it spends before anyone else into the private sector. It is a subsequent user of money when it spends those taxes it collects from the people and business in the private sector.
    Taxes do not drive a value into any money. If it did no money would have failed by suffering massive inflation so much that it became worthless and being dumped by it's own government in more than 30 countries in the past 60 years despite the taxes that existed in all those countries.

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