The Clean Money Revolution – Joel Solomon at New Frontiers

(light music) (clapping) – Kia ora.
– [Crowd] Kia ora. – The foot hills of the
Appalachian mountain range, the Tennessee River,
which is dammed repeatedly so there’s beautiful lakes there. Y’all, can I get a y’all? Y’all, can I get a y’all? – [Crowd] Y’all. – That’s southern for hi y’all. (crowd chuckles) Key fact, 50 trillion
dollars is passing hands Key fact, 50 trillion
dollars is passing hands from my generation to your
generation, younger people. In the next three decades, in North America alone, it’s gotta be a hundred trillion, 200 trillion globally, think about that. Trillions is passing hands. New generation, new values, new times, global urgency, social,
environmental, political. global urgency, social,
environmental, political. We’ve gotta mobilize that
money in the correct way. Besides inheriting a
decent amount of money Besides inheriting a
decent amount of money from an entrepreneurial family, Jews from Russia, Poland, Germany, my people have moved
around the world a lot. Mostly to get away from oppression, sometimes for opportunity. So I inherited some of the
benefits of a successful next generation immigrant entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneurial
investor early on. There was another inheritance that I got, which was a family genetic kidney disease that went through my father’s lineage. Most, many of those people
died from that kidney disease. I was diagnosed early and
told that I could die soon and there wasn’t anything to do about it. I didn’t like that diagnosis. I was frustrated about it. But death is actually
an excellent teacher, keep remembering death and use it. I thought about a lot of things to try to deal with that diagnosis. And the summary was what does the kidney do,
it filters the blood, so what if I eat cleaner food, what if put cleaner things in my body? I translated that to the money side, how could we possibly sustain money that’s not also on the pathway to clean? Clean blood, clean money,
longer survival for me, but it’s a good metaphor. I inherited some privilege
from entrepreneurial investor, another opportunity came through, an early network like this
called the threshold foundation. It was mostly people that inherited money but some that had made money,
thinking about the issues around money and I began to get influenced by other mentors the
way that you are here, that money could be
the most powerful force for actually doing good in the world if we used it very intentionally. I consider myself at this point a social change investor. Doing social change through using business, money, and finance. My next big opportunity was to work with an extraordinary
woman named Carol Noll who had inherited a lot more money. She wanted the majority of
that put out into good deeds in the world, while she was alive today. She kept enough to stay comfortable but I was invited to strategize and deploy 70 million
dollars over about 14 years, and deploy 70 million
dollars over about 14 years, focused in our region of
British Colombia, I migrated. We did investment, activism
and not for profit, leadership and inter-skills and politics. Ignore politics at our peril. Ignore politics at our peril. We were inspired by a 500 year question. We started our work around
the 500th year celebration of Christopher Columbus’ great “discovery”. That led us to a 50 year thinking. A human lifetime, a
human working lifetime, what could we do in 50
years with our ingenuity, our capital, and our
intentions to contribute towards a better long term future? Natural systems were the model. I don’t think I need to explain that here. Integrated capital is how we
talked about our strategy. Using every dollar multiple
times as many times as possible to cause good outcomes. Today I’m part of another
fellowship like this called the integrated capital institute which is attempting to get people prepared for the massive amount of
capital that is shifting towards dedication to
do good in the world, but not many people are trained
for this multi-dimensional kind of work with money,
including the psychological, the emotional, and the spiritual. What are our dollars
doing right this minute What are our dollars
doing right this minute to people and places? Our global world
religions and other forces have allowed us, and blessed us to ignore that question, that’s not right. Every single one of us needs
to think about our purchases, our investments, our banks,
our insurance companies, and everything that we do
that can influence money. Because at the other end of that money, a lot of people and places are suffering, pretty severely. Ignoring that is wrong and
it’s our responsibility to reclaim that responsibility. When I thought about meaning and purpose, what was I gonna do as
a life of a white kid in the south who inherited a little money and getting involved in those things, spending time to
understand what my values, my meaning and purpose in life
actually were was essential. We all have to do that, and we have to revisit it regularly through life. I was fortunate that a
Green Peace activist, the editor of the Green Peace newsletters, gave me her kidney ten years ago. I think that that might have
come from the commitment. The model that was
available to me when asking those questions about meaning
and purpose in this era was become a billionaire. That’s what, that’s what real success is. I didn’t like that model, but I thought the
billionaire image was okay. But how bout being a
billionaire of good deeds? How bout being a billionaire of love? A billionaire of great relationships. A billionaire of generosity. That money that we have, That money that we have, we likely have a piece of forced labor poisoning other people’s
children and starting wars. Keep asking that question. In my lifetime, and lots of yours here, global population has doubled, from under three and a half billion to over seven billion. That’s part of the global crisis. And that’s what we’re facing, that’s a really important
thing we’re facing in the future and a huge challenge. We have to move trillions of dollars from damage and destruction
to regeneration. from damage and destruction
to regeneration. We are some of the luckiest
people on the planet, alive, because we get to have these conversations and be in this kind of communion and helping each other along. We have to have a
feminization of the economy, we need an inclusivization of the economy, and we need a spiritual evolution that will help us, and we’ve had so many wonderful speakers here to reclaim meaning wonderful speakers here to reclaim meaning and purpose and all parts
of life to be dedicated as our ancestors did to be
ancestors of what’s coming. That’s our biggest responsibility. We’ve got deep green to venture
capital here in the room, a very enlightened group, again, that makes us some of the
luckiest in the world. We each have a big role to play, we have to have a clean, green, safe, we have to have a clean, green, safe, fair, economy going
forward, that’s our job. Our responsibility as ancestors, we are ancestors,
whether bloodline or not, we are ancestors,
whether bloodline or not, we are ancestors, people
are studying this period. We alive today are the
first to be alive that had the power to damage and
destroy as much as we do now. That never existed. So civilization has advanced, great technology, all
kinds of great learnings. But the responsibility
now is heavier than ever. We are the ancestors, they
are going to be looking back to find out what we did
while we had this power, authority, and privilege, to be sure that there was a long term,
decent future for everyone. Thank you so much for your work, and your attention. (clapping and cheering)

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  1. Voice Of Conscience says:

    Cleaner money is a dillusion. Usury is theft and slavery of the poor. Joel and others have conceived of a way to green and clean wash exploitation. Make it "cleaner". You cannot make usury cleaner. This includes "ethical" usury which still exploits the poor and leaves the usurer feeling anxious and agitated (and fuels the elite therapy industry). What right does a person have to earn off another persons labour? Friends, surrender your wealth to cooperative endeavors and serve the poor, not the wealthy. Listen to their stories and share in their struggles. Surrounding yourselves with this elite class will only blind you to the suffering of the poor and prevent you from finding your true calling. Joel is not the person to find spiritual or moral guidence. This is masterful deception. He continues to profit from the poor while creating a new language to mask his greed. "Avoid politics at all costs"… Incredible. Research Joel's political actions on the West Coast, including the grooming of the current Mayor of Vancouver, and the funding of his campaign. This man has learned the language of movements, spirituality and community and twisted it to advance an agenda to soften capitalism and gut movements. Questions? Want an elaboration? Please feel free to dialogue here.

  2. Vihren Mitev says:

    The Ecological Manifesto is following the same aims:

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