The Co-operators ReClaim Program, a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

The reclaim program is a partnership between Habitat for Humanity and The Co-operators whereby we are able to
divert salvageable items, instead of going to the landfill after a client’s loss,
we can donate them to ReStore. ReStore are facilities across Canada that sell goods from housing projects that were surplus and the proceeds go towards Habitat for Humanity. So the ReStore program is actually a Canadian invention that started in 1991 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today we have ninety-five stores in Canada and growing and we’re projecting over 55 million dollars in sales this year. It’s our largest fundraiser and allows us to build almost
50% of the houses that we build in Canada every year. So the reclaim program
came together as a partnership with The Co-operators and it’s something that
together we worked on to come up with a real opportunity not only for Habitat for
Humanity but for waste diversion across Canada Restoration contractors are a key partner in this program we have with ReStore and that’s a good
thing because they share the same values when it comes to sustainability that we
do. So when we go to a claim and we assess
the damages that are to the structure or to the contents of the home, the first thing we try to do is save them for the homeowner and if it can’t be saved or if it’s not
acceptable to the insured, then our next step is to call Habitat for
Humanity and see if they have an interest in the products that we’re going to
be taking out of the house. The items that we have seen so far through
the reclaim program at the ReStores have been vanities, tubs, we’ve had kitchens,
we’ve seen furniture come in, light fixtures, appliances… so pretty much
anything to actually renovate your home are the products that we’ve seen
through the program. Homeowners are very positive about the fact that we
work with Habitat for Humanity and that we’re not just filling a bin and taking stuff
out to the garbage. They’re happy that stuff is getting saved and actually has an
opportunity to be recycled. A lot of people ask how insurers can be
involved in sustainable practices and being a co-operative and meeting an unmet
need — this is a great example. Habitat for Humanity is a like-minded organization
with The Co-operators and we see a huge unmet need with respect to salvageable
goods that would otherwise go to a landfill, we’re diverting those to a
good cause. This meets not only environmentally sound principles but
also social principles of sustainability. Other insurance companies are kind of
catching on to what The Co-operators Group has done so The Co-operators truly
is a leader in this space. It’s not only about The Co-operators it’s about changing
the insurance industry in general and for ReStore and Habitat for Humanity,
we’re focused on being that solution for all insurance companies and all
contractors across Canada and this is just the start of that. The partnerships that Habitat for Humanity has are extremely important to us. Without those organizations and general public giving us the
donations, we wouldn’t be able to provide safe, affordable, decent housing for those
who just simply can’t afford it.

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  1. Justin Wilson says:

    This is a great move by the cooperators!

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