The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Does Not Protect Consumers, It Harms Them

There is a government agency in Washington that regulates large parts of the economy with no oversight from Congress or the President? It’s called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau … the CFPB. and this rogue agency claims to protect consumers, but in reality the CFPB attacks financial companies drowning them in red tape and paperwork and leaves consumers with higher costs and fewer financial choices. Thanks to the CFPB, Millions of people can no longer get quick access to cash to pay their bills or handle an emergency. Mortgages are harder to get and more expensive. Now these unelected bureaucrats want to take over student loans. This means students who need financial aid could find themselves locked out of higher education. And worst of all the CFPB’s thousands of rules and one-size-fits-all policies make it harder for Americans to gain financial security and take control of their future. It’s time to rein in this unaccountable regulatory agency. We need to take control of the CFPB before it takes control of us.

One comment on “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Does Not Protect Consumers, It Harms Them”

  1. Warren Parker says:

    Translation: "Our profiits are much less obscene than they used to be, and we can't get away with fucking over our customers as much anymore! Help us get rid of the one agency that actually protect your interests, so we our CEOs can get even bigger bonuses!"

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