The Credit Union Lady | Credit Unions of BC

How old were you here, mum? Oh, around about 18, 19 – 19 I guess. And this one? 100. [laughter] [indistinct noises] [music playing] [indistinct noises] My name is Ruth Allan. I’ve worked in the credit union, going to the schools. The kids brought their money to school and I was there every week for 23 years. If I can get this thing to work. There she is. Hello, young woman. How are ya? You look great, you look great. Thank you. Ruth Allan is the famous Credit Union Lady. She’s the Credit Union Lady. The Credit Union Lady. Credit Union Lady. So go ahead, tell me your name. My name is Susan Quinn. Elsie Parsons. Don Krompocker. Rita Rasmussen. Oh, I just remember my mom or dad would give us five or ten cents. There’s your money for Mrs. Allan, you take that to the Credit Union Lady. And then we would all go up there and we would give her our money and she would stamp our little book and take in our little hard earned little pennies and putting them in our banking account and making sure we come in every week to get our money in. At that time, it was all handwriting. We had adding machines but we didn’t have anything like they have now. [indistinct noises] If you want to just wait a minute, I’ll get your walker out of the back, okay? How are you doing today? Oh, I’m fine, thank you. Good. The job was offered to me because Lynn’s father, my daughter’s father, was killed in the mill. The directors came and invited me to come to work in the credit union so that I could still support my family and be at home when Lynn came from school. I have a long history with Ruth Allan, the Credit Union Lady because she’s my mother. My mum never had money all her life so she saved for everything and taught me that too. Well, I think our parents felt it was important we knew the value of money because we didn’t have a lot of money. They only maybe had a nickel or maybe had a dime. As we went along through the years of elementary school, we could see it rise up. I was starting to get money in this account, every week a few more pennies and a few more pennies. I don’t know what I want to buy but someday I want to buy something and I’m gonna have the money. An encyclopedia. Records. Could have been anything from a turtle to a movie. I still have it… I can’t get rid of it. And I think I was a saver in mind because I wanted a horse. Eventually she had enough pennies saved up to buy that horse. I bought a horse for $50. Ruth was a really special person for us. By Ruth actually coming into the school and encouraging us to save, I think it really made a big difference. Most of them went out through grade 12 and I went with them all the way. This is making me cry because I can’t help it. When I look back on all these years that I put in helping these children to help grow into adults knowing they had some money behind them to help them. I seldom go to the mall without meeting at least one person that’ll say oh, I remember you, you’re the Credit Union Lady.

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