The Culture of Texas Trust Credit Union

The great state of Texas. Built on grit
and legends and tall tales. It is within this iconic state that a credit union
has grown. Nurtured since 1936 by folks who took the “people helping people” motto to heart. As a local-minded financial cooperative, we see things clearly. We
make it our business to help our members and our employees get the most out of
life. We care about each person, their passions, and their families. We believe
in collaborating, communicating, and celebrating by supporting, trusting, and
respecting each other and our members. We believe in providing service that others brag about by listening, anticipating needs, and providing solutions. We believe in
taking ownership of what we do by doing the right thing, even when no one is
watching. We believe in being the agent of positive change, through seeking and
sharing knowledge, reaching beyond our comfort zone, and balancing work and life. We believe in building brighter financial futures by giving back to our
members, to our communities, and to our employees. From our home base in Arlington to our
branches throughout the mid cities of the DFW Metroplex and beyond, we support each other because we’ve seen what can be achieved when we do. In the end, we
love what we do and where we do it. Our secret? Well, it’s not much of a secret.
It’s our people, our employees, and our members. Diverse in background and
experience. And when we come together great things happen.
Texas Trust Credit Union. We build brighter financial futures.

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