The Daily Sack Movie

Your own story lays in The Daily Sack. And
here’s a big, old, lying, bag of it. With a pornography, counterfeit money or maybe
your guess is all three! Only when it grows mystical mystery stash of poo is an absolutely
free copy just for you. Could be dope, long arms, legs and starts walking need you to
worry. Kick the crap out of it if you are in a hurry. You will only be getting your
feet all dirty. Beautiful lies, gossip and slander is my banner. Disregarding honor,
respect and bedside manner. Go ahead yank on his chain. He is the founder
of Flounder. You may be related to him Angus Tom Mc Kemmerly. Sounder, the most interesting
man on the planet. Basically a pussy pounder. Became stuck in a narrow doorway. I simply
could not get around her. Seems to every woman he dates that the experiences are completely
devastating. Take your turn. There must be a line at least a mile long of lovely ladies
waiting. Generally known as a true Tom Jones. An army of females follow their number unknown. We’d been doing a Barbie Boogie all night
long. Seen a doll house where they both belong? It’s the only home around they can afford.
Great actors Rip Tied and Barbie Doll were both adored. They were such a cute couple.
Oh those old days, when we played with each other and not ourselves. Then they found out
about herpes! She isn’t talking to him ever again! Life then became cruel to themselves.
One of life’s great pitfalls is a social disease. No way in hell did either one of
them get it from me! Then there are always the Polizei or German
Police. Set in place so that the crimes in that country shall decrease. On any normal
day they are not packing their loaded weapons. Even so when they’re around watch where
you’re stepping. Laws for ownership of personal arms are there all around stricter. They can
be issued a full arsenal whenever a call for that may flicker. They usually work in partners
you will seldom see them alone. Do not be picking fights in public or in any legal red
light zone. Most of us could not find our way about in
the sodden bathroom without him. Towelie often forgets who he is where he is or how he got
there by some whim. Still that same old rag, he has been that way ever since he was a baby-wipe!
It always happens, just after we completed filling and finishing a hookah pipe. Go on
Towelie take a another hit and just try to find the darn door handle lock. I often go
there when I am out of sorts or combating a terrible writers block. Fold him up you
hear someone knock. Hollywood is murder. Here is proof that there
really are ghosts. Can you see her? Patty had an evil twin sister named Norah she boasts.
Worked as a singer and was one bitch on steroids assuredly around nineteen ninety. Woman pulled
more weight up the steepest hills in Hollywood. Truly that claimant was mighty. All in the
shortest time anyone could remember. Alas, seems to Patty, it was over nightly. Norah
carried on and on. It is popular to this day and was a brief spurt of genius done brightly. Go on girls I’ll sell you a hit. Don’t need
no dick weed? Take a guess. Ladies I got a really primo stash, what ain’t Viagra I’ll
profess. An I ain’t sharing it with no dudes. We both remember Rick James, Yes? We was in
love with that very same girl known to everyone as Mary Jane. Nothing I’d say about any
one else who shared her attention but it was insane. Smoking is more directly the term
we used for the girl who floated in a haze. Everyone I knew was on beer and marijuana
back in those days. Forget it chum. You are killing me bro, It’s
not time to bum another Marlboro! I hope your bad habits just aren’t so. Then again, just
go on. Can you spare a Juan? Not even a few bad joints for sale? Maybe later then when
you get out of jail. If you prey upon the media, then pray that it is not a lie. A concocted
story created which causes you to die. Big tobacco companies will go to lengthy ends
to see you are addicted. You are not any kind of a man without smoking their brand is well
depicted. Thing Mister Natural showed us about in 1969.
It was a great time for love mushrooms and musical head line. Yoshi think you can drive
the Mario Kart for me? I’m feeling a little weird. Psilocybin, you’re tripping again
aren’t you? Hi Janus, what is it dear. High on psychedelics everyone’s thinking it’s
strawberry fields forever. They’ll start coming down again when there’s an abrupt
change in the weather. Good till you need a very focused judgment. You’ll wonder why
nothing seems too together. This turns a few heads in rebuke! Wait just
a minute I’m not Luke! That is it. I’m sending my complete resume to Darth Vader.
At least my genius shall become recognized later. Who would want to be related to that
Dagobah drop out any way? Yodah couldn’t understand any of my poetry no matter what
I had to say. Still the force is with us most of the times. Until it comes to committing
lustful crimes. I only want to look at some fashion plates. Stare at some very cute curves
and score some dates. I would try for Tyra but she already has a
kid. Why would a family care even, what she did? Come on now, is it my hair? But not my
eyes? I think her father’s telling some great big lies. Myself, I am just a person
who is a great, want to be, pretender. Anyway, there is not much the Kemmerly family could
lend her. My old genes maybe, several of the base pairs. Left in a bedroom or probably
what is up stairs. Grandson is possible but not very probable. As one good looker the
girl is unstoppable. Flounder’s proposal is, as always for, “Just
one more good, cheap shot, before taking the company public.” Now that is not asking
for a lot. A fast forty of stout malt liquor and a few shots of some good whiskey, Flounder’s
founder will be in charge, a king of media while he is feeling frisky. After that, it
is back to the reality of being broke with a hangover and lost in the mountains with
the smell of fresh alpine clover. Think of lies people pay to hear. Ask them to order
you one more beer. Here is a million dollar idea named Smut Magazine.
I’ll hold an Initial Public Offering a million shares clean. One dollar a share inquire with
the owner of Flounder Publications: Angus Thomas Mc Kemmerly. This is not an offer
or a solicitation. Send me a million American I’ll put one together something that looks
like those expensive publications in the libraries college textbooks. Not that science is far
outside the realm of my expertise. Gossip and pornography just pay better anyone’s seize. Know you’re going places with your picture
in Smut Magazine senorita. Watch it though, the guy is so cheesy girls cry out. And he’s
a cheetah! People will believe anything if they read it in some fool article. Politician
lying for election to discovery of an atomic particle. Antagonists are always wrong or
completely insane. Understanding their pathology and pain name of that game. That for which
we hunger when we were strong and quite a bit younger still make me shudder and act
greatly humbler. I am quite sure he meant well. He was very
good at bringing the newspaper until one Sunday morning’s sunny beginning there had begun
construction on a big roadway through my yard. The paperboy had missed my porch completely
but a huge obstructing stump was not far. My adored black and white border collie was
extensively trained and well intentioned. He couldn’t find the thing of my intention
and similar wasn’t mentioned. Keep in mind the road to hell is very often paved with
only good intention. A difficult decision when your dog won’t stop
barking. What’s your reaction, that blows, It barks, lick my cocking? You’re a man
loslassen mein viener bitte. All the above. Life without a McRib Burger? Carry on Homer.
Earn your Keep. Pigs must die that bacon may fry. If you don’t like it then testify.
Club your own sandwich. This one’s mine! It ain’t Kosher. Being born in a barn is
fine. Nothing’s wrong with killing as long as it is not murder! Did me no harm. Since
when is bacon sinful, herder? Does this remind you of life on or in your
own home or terrain surface? Nothing against Leo, the male Lyon. Hyenas become very dangerous,
particularly in large numbers. Cats be at it morning, day and night. The couple’s
born into a continual difficult subsistence fight! It boils down to protection, food and
continuing your own bloodline. Females can have multiple litters of young by different
males or divergent prides. The males are keen on whose offspring they protect and which
are their wives. Tired of scam artists claiming to be someone
they’re not? Check the domain name at the right side of that ampersand blot. Government,
college and corporation, healthcare organization, church and charities registered domain names
that appear before @ and not after it are irregularities. Hence while gmail is a Google
email account it is not Bank of America or a genuine bank here. [email protected]
is not [email protected] or buying your next beer. One of the two is lying. Is it mock hair here or their recipe for mock
hare there? Doctors and all those lunatic ladies always be cooking up something shady.
Even if in the old lab tests when a poor rabbit dies they hold fabulous formulas for a furtive
surprise. I’d listen to them doctors then, and not a crazy lady’s lies. Though some are
kind and some stiltedly deceptive. The reasons and methods have different objective. Helps
to be receptive one use a contraceptive. At times it requires one incident others repetitive. I have merely to throw it in. This just to
begin. Because if everyone did there’d be alot to spend. I have to add it, because this
week I have had it. Also use my wit to write a hit, wherever people sit, even if it is
two you just don’t get. Not enough to fit. Two cents is no vast amount on which to become
bent. Depending on the multiple of people by whom it’s sent. Were a tiny grain of
sand you could hold and view in your hand or an entire beach stretching endlessly as
to eyes the horizon scan. A hound finally caught a penniless, panic-stricken,
fox. Sad too could be you. Careful jumping round on the rocks. Shows you can fool all
the foxes sometimes but not all the foxes all the time less they’re dumb blondes give
no thought to being caught without a dime. Only thing the happy hound got was a piece
of tail and he wound up with her wild litter of pups as well. World’s full of good lookers,
tricksters and wolves that abound. but not many foxes too smart to be caught by hounds
all around. Come now girls get-it-on! Patty, Yim, Jean
and Mary, a few of my old girlfriends whose looks really vary. So what goodness does any
of it all prove? Not a darn thing, unless one of us wants to. Come on, you still do
not understand this nitwit? They were all lovers at one time or another, I submit. All
right I got it. And then it seems we all split. With girls it seems to be too much or not
many. And now lately, I just have not been getting any. Should it bother me? Look around,
there are plenty. Wouldn’t guess chicken jest could not let
you rest? Do not wait until it is too late, to get back to Las Vegas. Flamingos abound,
sneak in and see all the showgirls in their flashing outfits and leather! So go get them
wet in their fancy feathers. It’ll be a time you won’t forget in any weather. Tired
of your present position and ready for somethings not a chicken place? Load up the car and dress
like a star. Make deals, trade wheels say you’re from space. Go win blackjack then,
ten and the ace. Except when you’ve been dead a few years,
good, bad, man or woman, a sharp look and music’s in your blood. The center of our ego
is in music. Some of it is skill and some a gift we lavish in the center of attention
or love. To make a band you have to jam to the sense of superego. Conform to what pleases
a crowd. Because soft or loud a rhythm and melody have to accommodate individuals disavowed.
That any are to become more central than themselves, people composing the theatergoers are disallowed. If one never obeyed our universe we wouldn’t
have been here first. Borders so the countries have their own rules telling who what to do
make us up to be fools. All of us are part of one and the same. Why different rules to
the same game? Man must obey nature don’t get it wrong so why don’t we all sing that
same song? Get rid of the old borders and read the laws written in creation or evolution
having like cause. When men have the common goal in mind a path to our individual heaven
we shall find. Shiites say leadership should be handed down
through Muhammad’s descendants, that it is hereditary to offspring and fateful. Sunnis
believe power should pass to the Prophet’s companions and “caliphs” designated and
appointed by the faithful. Protestants believe the Bible is the single source of God’s
revelation. The book teaches us all that is necessary for our salvation. Catholics view
the Bible as a standard by which Christian behavior must be measured, not the only source
of divine education. Autograph hounds are everywhere I’m one too.
I like music to be quiet and persuasive. My rhymes are credible, poetic, contain subtle
truths and so become pervasive. No matter how hard you strive or how much you connive,
don’t take your life all that seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive. Braggarts are not
the smartest, they are fools who humble the modest. Wise men act, to a greater extent,
submissively to glorify the poor and oddest. Said she was drunk when she did the album
cover promised. Damn it Janet you knew how I felt all about
you! Easier to reach the top than stay, to remain there’s a price to pay. Hits keep
producing, other’s material stop. Using. Most got a heart except inducers. I would say they
are seducers. Hollywood calls them brainy producers. Flowers possess genetic anomalies
only seen in spring. My appearance like theirs though year around I sing. It’s not what they
call you, it’s what you answer to. Ones who aim to take you down a notch. At once ignore
then watch. Robert Ewell, mean old guy, told his beaten
daughter to lie. Prisoner Tom said to cut and run can not be proved what he had done.
Killing him, was not a legal order, even had he crossed her border. After the attorney
Mister Finch’s kid, Bob, wound up dead for what he did. Read the book beginning to end.
To kill a mockingbird is a sin. Who else, in the bigoted south did they lynch? Tom Robinson,
were it not for Atticus Finch. Myself as Boo Radley, well it may be. They only sing to
make you happy. Ever see landscape and animals looking into
a cloud or face standing out in haze? It is totally terminal, you will probably be dead
in lighter time than three to five days. If you stare solely at this picture for hours
at a time with a long and steady gaze! Do you see patterns, any kind of quiet communications,
suspect or savior here? Are you seeing Jesus with Mother Mary again? Then it is apophenia
again as I fear. Do this too long, connecting meaningless information, and your end may
be near! People will always be out, only to put you
Down. I’m sorry Puss-in-Boots. We were going to put you to sleep and said you
will then forever be free and loose where you would be happy ever after and there would
be plenty of mice. But then that’s what you told the mice you ate which was not very
nice! Ask a question. Do Background research. Construct Hypothesis infusions. Test them
By Experiments. Analyze the data and Draw conclusions. Communicate your results. Scientific
method, with executions. When asked about race, sharing similar or
distinct physical characteristics in a group. You mean white, pink, black, Labrador, Chihuahua,
Shetland Pony? Whatever you think? Is gypsy a race? Are Hippies a race? What if you’re
a guerrilla? Is that a race? Then you have race horses, races of horse and gorilla. A
group or species. To further confuse you there are aunts who are not ants. We’re all made
of stardust. Is space a race? So are all the plants. Space is my nickname you can tell
at a glance. Old Mister Natural, he be tripping most of
the time too, high on nature how about you? Blotter acid again, before we begin? Not Woodstock,
it’ll knock on your ass that is true, but beats watching television. No commercials,
how cool can it be? Do what Mister Natural tells you. Don’t change your mind, do what
it takes to see. Go and get yourself a pair of bifocal specks and you’ll be just fine
like yours truly me. Lysergic acid diethylamide also known as acid. We would take it all the
time (LSD). Suffering irreversibly from both manic depression
and delusions of grandeur a famous actor decided to take the easy way out unable to control
his anger. Too young to die too old to make a comeback. Cold and unemployed, Woodrow Splinters
Woodpecker, known to his fans as Woody, was pronounced a dead pile of cinders late after
his arrival in Hollywood. Woody was an alter-ego I and many others will never miss. Who needs
a distraught and troublesome woodpecker as their role model if it comes to this? In war there are no winners. We all buddy
up to it though, as part of the problem or solution. God is all on our side you know.
Without religion they could be us or we could be them. So patriotism much the same, who
draws borders, who’s to blame? Without religion they could be us or we could be them. Monolithic
structures built to share, But not a single soul may sleep in their hallway or stairs.
And for a restroom you have to be well dressed or you’ll be forced outside to squat on
the steps. How I feel waking up discussing quantum mechanics
and fussing half the night before my morning caffeine high. What part of Decaf don’t
you understand? No one knows if it is a non or caffeinated Brand. It’s always 50% chance
until you taste the stuff man. We must assume it to be simultaneously both! Schrödinger
says it is one and the other til you have a dose. Or, regular and decaf is a paradox
because it can’t be both. So in Copenhagen, where it is paradoxical Erwin’s point was
it is impossible. Fast is to abstain from all or some forms
of food or services. particularly on occasions as a sacrifice or religious observances. While
you may not wish to go all the way and die for him, you could at least go back on your
diet to get thin again. Tell me you’re not hungry then. How have you been? Do the commandments
say, “Overweight is a Sin?” No, but in a way it’s much like suicide. And as in the case
of ice cream overdose, we wanted to get through another Cocoa Sunday before becoming comatose. Here is Our Maker’s recipe for a sweltering,
quick Quark, Soup Souffle: collide astronomical amounts of matter and antimatter, before time
began, yesterday. raise oven temperature to approximately four trillion degrees Fahrenheit,
allow to simmer around three hundred thousand years transparent White. The cook will be
back, it may take quite a while. Sent his boy, Jesus, to a shopping mall in Ghalili
while the desert cooled and became less hostile. Made out how he did it. His followers did
smile. Say He got off easy hanging on a cross a few
hours. The devil, him you say? Men invented money, taxes and trousers. Neither one has
to do directly with your taker. Yes you can take it up with your maker. Maybe he doesn’t
understand when things are put to him numerically. God is our author and we are his authors so
as far as mathematics goes generically it is we who came up with the numbers only it
was the Almighty who came up with us wonderers who misinterpret Him usually as doubtful wonderers. Hey hey, Mister President, LBJ. how many soldiers
died today? Checked that body count, today, again. Knew a few of them Bob, Rick and Tim.
Good thing I didn’t become a statistic in that war, Why would I have wanted to be, who
was it for? If you’d like to read up on this, here is my tilt. The country had borders long
as its political guilt. I wrote a book on Vietnam. It was fiction. Involvement in war’s
a personal decision. Fortunately for me I was not drafted. Who knows how long I’d have
lasted. My words fly up, my thoughts remain below:
Words without thoughts never to heaven go. Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that
the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt love. Having a, restful, rest
yet dear above? Yes, she is relaxed. This after only eight sleeping pills and wine he
beloved. And no, she wasn’t a parent, she just got extremely tired of waiting on her
drat Prince, Hamlet, to return from his exile. She slipped into the water, to give her hair
an eternal rinse. Cousin Elvis, know we are related? Talk among
celebrities is hotly debated. Somehow he looks like me, how far off track could I be? Anyone
rich and famous, got to be my kin. My Gawd they’re family, how long’s it been? Are you
a love child? Obviously he’s alive, having lived fashionably past sixty-five. You can’t
have the wig back so get. He’s very sensitive about it. Made of real hair, it’s all he’s
got to wear. He’d listen to offers of other authors though. Even so, you’d be talking
real dough! Now this would be a test for facial recognition
software I’ve heard Department of Homeland Security has. My claim is that these absurd
photographs are the same person. She wears a wig and dark contact lenses. Her name is
Patricia Van Duyne and one of her conman AKA’s Norah Jones. She’s not wanted for a crime
that I’m aware of. She claims to have been a celebrity back in the very early nineteen
nineties. I wish same, Law enforcement could prove this there would have to have been a
crime to claim. Patricia Anne Van Duyne (was also known as
Norah Jones). So this is still a rip on my girlfriend Patty. Pay particular attention
to her left ear. This is not evidence that would hang someone outright, quite flatly,
the physical similarities in these photos supposedly of the same person. She was unbelievably
sadly thirty years old when she worked as a singer. These are pictures of her between
the ages of ten and thirty. Would anyone agree with me? That it is the same one who performed
on stages? Do not leave it to me to come up with a song.
Others stole mine like nothing was wrong, private memory you can not pawn. Celebrity
was not a profession it was a form of brief public attention. That ended abruptly because
I got no commission. In life and death no evil can befall a good person. The best, only
one person can be first in and bad ones only worsen. In attempts to remain completely sane,
perfect numbers I sought to arrange and gave them fancy names like prestigious characters
I became. Grammy Ceremony, do rivers cross a dam? For
years it was hidden. I remember all I can. Ones who did not create only get it wrong,
they imitate, then irritate, after long. Acting is not what it seems. Behind a silver screen,
unrelated to what is seen, people are capable of some rotten scenes. Altering imagery does
not change truth. If the spoof is what you believe in, you’re a goof! Any unsolved
mystery inevitably degenerates to belief. These blog photos look just like me, that
makes it a relief. Ass, gas or grass nobody gets to ride for
free. Who needs friends when you have money? I would buy more grass, so you get it from
me! When you run out of friends make sure you still have some stash. Friendship and
gas are like oil and water. I’ll take the cash. I’m taking a ferry to France in my Ferrari
with Fifi the French maid. My wife will never miss us now that I have all of her money waylaid!
A little thought and a little kindness are worth more than a great deal of money you
might unearth. Would I lie to you? I think the question would
be why would she lie to me? You fit the myth if musicians you jam with use a three-two
interval, the perfect fifth only dress in different outfits. Any romance you have in
a house with blues means you probably own it and would not want to lose. Woman, children
and contents the fruit of life’s work would have no value with cheating a path you choose.
Life’s a party and a game. Terrible if no one came. In all loneliness is a pain brought
on by booze. Go for broke. Most of us are more lucky
at love than at personal fortune. For what is a fortune for? You may define it as prosperity
or a big proportion though it doesn’t always involve gold or silver. Having a soul mate
who knows you better than you know yourself is a success state. It can’t be paid with
money. As most people would spend a fortune to find one. If you’ve found one it doesn’t
require any lengthy course in. Love goes around, comes around but doesn’t just happen like
a contortion. Beating after beating dished out by Democrats
as White House pests. Things get crazy if they shut down the government, who will they
pick on next? Notorious bullies who wish to keep the nation’s wealth in the hands of
the wealthy. It’d take the Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup to compel me.
Pass their money my way, I’m ready to become a Republican too. Otherwise that mascot of
theirs can stay where it belongs in a zoo. Experience is necessary too. President wears
a commander shoe. Boss Hogg, tell Sheriff Rosco, put away them
handcuffs! Less I know you, I file emails all as spam stuffs. Delete it without opening.
Back off hackers! Arrest them boy’s Rosco and dang if I don’t see em hang. The taxing
issues of copyright go slow! Pay them heed, they don’t come near. Their people tells
my people to go, settle out of court. Cut to the chase an get to the pork. I tell them,
go sue somebody else, they already done stole all my wealth then. I ain’t no fraud! My lawd
and good gawd. My frequency requires frequent checks, just
wish somebody would send them. Always kept the captain aboard Enterprise entertained
by belly dancing for him, around the captain’s chair on the bridge. The only reason I watched
Star Trek. Who wants to stare at Captain Kirk? Nice class A uniform for effect. The skirt
could come down a little bit! Nyota Uhura, communication officer? I would bet there’s
a lot more men of the Star Ship would offer her. Mister Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov assuredly
were. Wouldn’t you know they’d show up just after
taking your company public and spending all that money from the sale of stock unaccompanied.
An entire enterprise based on people’s dumbness. This means your content is going to be a lot
of roughness. Not that I’d steal this substance from any uncultured idiots. Just that Don
Martin in Mad Magazine isn’t known for fastidiousness. It is difficult Getting to the very crust
of mankind’s stupidity. The penning of nonsense on that level requires
a validity. Some cats never learn. Just like life, seems
to come at you, again and again. What part of love is instinct, too, what part of love
is intellect, and then, how much of all of it would we just like to forget? Because it
seems not all of it is good. Some parts we would just assume leave out, the parts where
hearts are lost. People disappear. it can’t be explained why. They are simply not seen
again, the cost. Whether they met someone new die of natural causes or other reasons
is usually a thought. No more penny for your thoughts comrade. Today’s
price is five cents. Good lord you have any idea cost the facelifts I keep getting presents?
It isn’t that my features like a statue done by a famous sculpture. It’s just that
my thoughts are along those same lines of an adulterer. David, the King of Israel had
children by several different ladies. It was the king and his consorts who made these.
They didn’t all get along with one another. A son was killed in war against his father
and his mother. Who ever gets this got it from me. Remember
it is the consequential thought that counts and that I really gave one. Any one who wants
one may just talk and you will eventually receive. Till I’m dead anyway then I can no
longer give them. So share and tell people where they came from and this one came from
her or him! Do not think that no one ever gave one flying fart because they all have
a particular reason. Surprisingly a heart or schmuck may even help the environment in
just about any season. Come with me my pretty young kitten. I wait
impatiently just for you. Must we delay until spring again for the delicious air to be filled
too once again with love’s sweet nectar and winter to become completely through? I
specialize in love and art. Let us return gleefully to the sea where life began, get
back my tan and then roll around with you in the warm wet sand. I care only for your
gorgeous well proportioned and fertile shape and with me in particular, individually that
you harbor no hate. Retaining vital ideas is lasting and continuous.
DNA rebuilt us, a chemical process that is quite ingenious. Each individual life does
not actually end in a death. It continues in the minds, memories and DNA of all the
rest. Retention’s continuous, as in exact fact, DNA rebuilds us. Life not ending in
death begin in memories of all the rest. My son by Patty Van Duyne, David R. Kemmerly,
in 2012. For certain, I don’t think it’s a flying squirrel! He’s much bigger and smarter
and less of a burden. Poor girl’s mentally challenged, couldn’t
spell. It was only her remark to Eric, Kyle, Kenny and Stan. Understand the phrase seems
harsh, it comes from Stan’s big sister Shelly Marsh on South Park. Tard is an acronym for
retarded and sometimes mispronounced turd. So Shelly pretty much got it right when she
describes the four to whom she referred. Slow at common sense or a brain Cartman, Broflovski,
McCormick and Marsh cause sister Shelly a lot of trouble in the series which is also
such a farce. What a tangled web we weave when first we
practice to deceive. Miss Ashley, father of the baby? Scarlett and Melanie do. Prissy
just wanted away from the Hamilton’s, back home at The Twelve Oaks, and go to Atlanta!
About how far is that from Columbus Georgia and Fort Benning, is it that far? Close to
where I live, Orange County, to see a movie star and bright lights and up in Hollywood?
First she claims to know everything but it turns out she’s no experience as a midwife
and don’t know nothing. Toast to Jinro and all the good stuff it does
for your brain! Jesus key riced they call the stuff wine and forty five percent is distilled
grain. It is nearly ninety proof that man can cure his own problem with no help from
church at all. You’ll need a doctor to fix your spinal column and liver but all those
problems with your soul? Well you don’t really have to go to Seoul just the liquor
store. Alcohol is alcohol distilled from rice and most grains, enough of it will cause you
to lose control. Careful of Mojo Jojo. Don’t let him get any
on ya. His hands are big and hairy. He likes to wipe em on people after he has taken a
shower. It’s very scary. I could not hire The A-Team or Charlie’s Angels so The Powerpuff
Girls have to do. That monkey got all my bananas, I won’t have a single one left, once he’s
through! So you girls need to keep him in line. An animal with a brain that size one
needs realize. Can take over an entire planet and make everyone his slave by propaganda
and evil lies. Sharon Ramey aka Cheryl Crow and Patty Van
Duyne aka Norah Jones mainly picture from around 1990, the autographs around 2012.
Also, Sharon Ramey (aka Sheryl Crow) and daughter Linda, 2015, in Las Vegas! So go on and bet
the farm. I’m pretty sure she’s got one she’ll sell you. Not much, price of land these days
it is only a leg or arm. If you’ve got spare body parts worth some money and are looking
for a place believe the lies and stories all made up by friends of the people in Hollywood’s
case. Trying the first step toward failure. The
lesson is never even try in the first place. Stand in awe of what seems common and stupid!
Understanding is a common state. Everything’s common sense except for the chaos in which
truth generally hides. Dim is sometimes so dumb it’s intelligent. But you have to work
hard at it besides. Homer’s right we just do it anyway though men’s efforts pale in
comparison to his maker. Forces which change the world are our environment and they will
make or break her. Wanted, Gidney and Cloyd (The Moon Men) for
scrooching without a license, by the Frostbite Falls Police Department. Your scrooched now!
In compliance they sent Bullwinkle a boat load of bananas for his Upsidaisium? A peculiar
substance which repels gravity versus attracting it, rarer than uranium. It was part of a rocket
fuel that got Rocky and Bullwinkle to the moon. Scrooched is like becoming frozen solid
to be moved, nothing is immune. Once scrooched you will not be moving again anytime soon. Easier a camel to pass through a needle’s
eye than a rich man into heaven? As always the lesson is to lessen then, before the dark
fingers of death beckon. A few little camels probably did make it through. And I’m sure
God’s got a ginormous needle too. Sorry that life, in all it’s laboriousness, is
not a cinch. You got nothing for Christmas because of the Grinch. Key-riced I bet you
want your money back to spend it all over again? Take it up with God there’s nothing
to pay for. You’ll never win. Hail, Pot-sel-vania. Land of the black and
the blue. Hail, Pot-sel-vania, sneaky and crooked, thru and thru. While they’re waiting
on a very special squirrel soup with tenderly basted moose souffle. Fearless Leader’s having
friends for dinner. Literally, Boris and Natasha were on their way. Down with the good up with
the boss under the sign of the triple cross. If the main course isn’t delivered on time
his two spies won’t be a loss. Predators at the zoo is to whom two spies the boss would
toss. Do we see a flying squirrel here or are our
minds just connecting dots? I’m willing to testify in court, this is Mister Rocket J.
Squirrel. As witness to the plots I call moon men, Gidney and Cloyd, if I can find them.
They are fugitives! Rocky, the next victim of an Apophenia plague, died four days later,
after using his computer to stare at that same picture for seventy two hours without
taking any breaks. For most people they would simply lose their minds then pass out. That
is all it takes. Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises
to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm
of praise. God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne. The nobles of
the nations assemble as a soul is no more or less than another human being. Looks deceiving,
have little to do with love one’s giving or receiving. Being said your memory follows
you after you’re dead. Call it karma or reap what you sow, after life’s in what
other, living, know. Would you merge with these geeks? Not even
for several million dollars? No never Angry Angus Mc Kemmerly says in a loud voice as
he hollers, “Be settling for naught less than the total domination of a vast and powerful
empire for all me, my lads and my lassies!” First, you may want to buy him a drink recall,
“Scotch with a chaser. Make it a triple shot and forty ounces of stout malt liquor!” As
a parent, It takes that much to jar the old boy’s memory. We’ll just hang out and watch
the stripper. Observing disturbing at best a reflection
of the rest. Basic bit you can not shatter? Quanta of energy fragments of matter? First
phrase stuck till I was hit by the latter. Photon slowed by boson told it, “Get out
of the way!” Boson, “Sorry I’ve always been I’m here to stay.” The photon called
the boson WIMP, behaving like a quick oscillation passing inside a blimp. “Slow down,” said
the boson, “you’re not even dust, energy only and limited by us. You’re fast, I’ll
admit, but not instantaneous.” Lost one soul if found return to owner! This
girl be talking about Johannesburg South Africa or Jo Anne Johnson walking around Southern
California? It’s me, I’m your squeeze for morning tea! Watch out for the bee girl! Everyone’s
sweet on her. It looks like he (David Soul) became trapped, somehow, inside someone’s
honey! He’ll never get out. When life’s this sweet, who’d want to, for love or money? You
know it’s what they say, “We’re all sorry Dave about your soul, but it’s like the
damn Army.” This is war as the never ending Angry Birds
game continues. Happens when you’re bored, hungry, and have nothing better to do than
steal someone’s eggs! Watch out these birds are suicidal, bent on destruction. Pigs want
to live in peace with all the eggs they can eat forget birds reproduction. Pigs have built
some mighty awesome and unstoppable fortification. Birds seem bent on vengeance and much more
concerned over population. Bent on the others destruction work to strengthen their organization. Prepare yourselves America do it daily, have
you checked out in the barn lately? When cattle get tired of being on buns and people are
caught in crowds they runs the world will be set for cows with guns. Liberation should
be soon to come. The trouble is that they are too dumb. If they ever learn to read or
write. They’ll organize and begin to put up a fight. If cows started packing loaded
horns tonight. Oppressed masses only to wind up hamburgers makes me feel we humans are
a bunch of murderers. The baby sitters are here, Geraldine and Maude.
Both are wigged out. There’s something they’re not telling you, what could it be about? Come
on now and give Granny a big hug! It was a bad hair day kids. Mother’s gone to a barber
to fix it so they’ll be watching you for now, heaven forbid. One with a mirror, Geraldine,
real name Clerow Wilson. Maude is Jonathan Winters. Both are men. There were a lot of
laughs while they were alive. Both were actors on television and several movies way back
when. The
infamous founder of Flounder Publications, Angry, Angus T. Mc Kemmerly. He’s quick
becoming a bold and anxious legend in your own minds! Find everything in Flounder. Angus
has your fine lady’s needs in mind. All around her. Thoughts abode as to the wants and need
of every woman. Pure as spring water and simple as sex the praises for them are golden. So
anything you are looking for in fashion and luxury are in the pages. Even though the author
is older and mellow as through the years he ages. Who said a
mind once stretched by a new idea will never regain its original dimension? Inventor of
the Twinkie? Now we know the universe is expanding. So where is heaven, my dissension? I’m not
ready to die till I know for sure! O.K. kids, cut to the chase and show us the center! Watch
out for some of them infants what ain’t even old enough to handle this big truth bender
however even if it bit them, or perhaps, other way round! It ain’t the middle of the universe.
It doesn’t have one, confound! Song by Hendrix, ‘Wind Cries Mary’, girl in
green dress is the same name. ‘Come Away With Me’, attributed to Norah Jones, mess was done
by Patty, black dress, around 1991. Rick James, the girl named Mary, that’s another story.
Tyra too she looks related to someone here very possibly my son David, at lower right
or else the daughter of Rick James and Norah Jones? So are they lovers, friends or kin?
There are songs for the pictures that were big time. I think the pictures say more now
than allora. Don’t know something here don’t look right
but what the heck. Could you find a liquor store that would cash this guy’s check? What’s
a pack of smokes cost these days? There’s people who’d risk it all, anyways! Honestly
don’t try and cash it, even if you are Fester Bestertester! Offered any kind of a reward
I would be the first one to become your arrestor. Seems to be issued from a bank in some city
named Potrzebie Illinois. Alfred E. Newman, isn’t he the funny looking guy Mad Magazine
imployes? My stripes were expandable and expendable.
Non-com officer training at Wildflecken, Germany, 1985, commendable. That would be me about
age 35. I was a Vietnam-era soldier from 1972-1976 and served in Korea. Rejoined the
Army older, in 1980. Stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia, went back to Korea 1982, sent to
Ft. Carson Colorado where I got promoted in 1983 then sent to Germany till I got out in
1986. There was a long trail of girlfriends I left behind too. After me and the military
were through. The man had bad fortune with oil prices and
told his family to, “Eat my oysters, they’re all I have left!” They wouldn’t listen. Happily
Grumpy Cat now lives in his mansion, with enough lobster to last nine lives. Long on
the stocks, Grumpy greedily took up his short positions with buys. Wouldn’t you know,
price of crude took a terrible tumble so Grumpy cashed in. While the owner of the company
they were betting on was bashed in. his lifestyle fell apart because of the mansion he was trapped
in. Try to cash Festerbester Tester’s check. He’s
borrowing money payday and heck, you never see him again! It’s our favorite guy, Burnout.
Wasted, cost your savings, says he’s got dynamite weed and turns out lost. Real Rolex
watches that are ten dollar trinkets from Tijuana. He’s ripped off every payday loan
store between Tallahassee and Tin-buck-two. Slipped you those real white crosses, caffeine
pills from a drug store. Paid him to pull your guard duty only he never showed up, one
at every door.  She was just another of those very common
blue chicks, ask Papa Smurf! The prejudice truth is out. It may sound like a racist statement
but listen up nurse, I married a toon! White girls, black, brown, red or yellow, I have
known a few. Through my life Smurfette was the only one girl I knew who truly was true
blue. Curled up, rolling around in the grass the little girl was no bigger that a ladies
soft ball. Standing on shoes in a dress with hair combed straight back the girl’s nine
inches small. Just can’t stress the importance of gun control
enough! My old address: the desert, I had to move. Thinking me dead, rough, unfriendly
forces had buried me, to my eyeballs with a cell phone camera between my teeth, some
distance from the tank while I was asleep, alone before friendlies showed up and decided
they needed it for target practice. This was good because they chased away the enemies
then attacked us! The tank went up in huge explosion, even though it was empty the should
have asked us. Oh the gift of giving going out to everyone
on the Internet! Here it is at last. Make your gift to: The Blind Flying Fuck Foundation.
Start a new government, fast! And in the spirit of the gift of giving, this is a fine, blind,
flying fuck, from me just to you. It’s because Angus Mc Kemmerly has plenty to give and plans
to spend the rest of his life giving them out to good causes. Save the rhinoceroses,
who preserve the penguins, protect the woolly owl’s habitat. He doesn’t know what people
do. Angus T. Mc Kemmerly, owner of Flounder Publications,
will go to any hard lengths to get this face elected. Take it from him, it’s all Americans
need one more duffus jinks to run the country. He’d run it himself only damn, he must find
funding fast, in order to propose to her and become the White House’s first First Man at
last. Americas need a first lady president to run the White House if they’re Democrats.
So who’s the man behind the first woman to become military commander, my dilemmas
that!. Your email password, start there, you’ve opened
a window for a thief to get through. Friend most people, trust few, wrong no one. Then
I’ll say in brief, if you have a lot of divergent assets and accounts to protect that
makes complexity as a must. We who have little rely on laws for protection rather than complex
machines to mistrust. Profiteering and thievery are interpretations of agreed upon legal documents.
Who we live with and where we may get to live is not always determined by occupants. Kirk to Mister Scott, “Get me more power
or I’ll put my phaser where that kazoo you are playing is and pull the trigger.” Mister
Scott, “Bite me! What do you think this is, a steamship?” Captain Kirk, “You’re
busted wise ass. No one talks to me like that!” Mister Scott, “Crap the brass.” People
will do anything for more power! Yes, Captain Kirk has lost patience with Scotty again.
“Take over Spock! I’m busting that jerk down to K.P. for drinking, insubordination
and stealing my lines”.., smirk. Cheer up, duck season is nearly over. Why
does everyone keep losing it? I am quite sorry you are a no one. If I were someone I could
help you do something about it Archie. No one move. I think I may have lost my mind
and someone might have sat on it. Ever wonder why life is such an extracted, drawn out,
never ending, conflict? Might have something to do with Elmer Fudd and his attempts to
always blast people. Perhaps if he’d stuck to farming, not gone hunting, things wouldn’t
have gotten lethal. Just gotta get me a little shot of leg before
I go vote to straighten my decision making out. Ain’t running no where. I only need to
get out of bed. Send help, I’ve fallen into bed crouched.and I can’t get up! Please
nurse, help! I’ve a very sick pee-pee that’s getting up only enough to vote for Tricky
Dick, Micky Prick, Ricky Weed and whoever else has been running for government stuff!
My condition just keeps getting weaker and weaker. I need some sex or my condition is
going to become bleeker. “This publishing war is old.” Angus Mc Kemmerly
thought to himself, “I have to get an alarm clock or stop getting up early.” Tired
of waking up oneself with chickens, hungry and hungover he wasted the last, decisive
shot from his private magazine on a crowing rooster! “This will take your ass public,”
he screamed, as in quiet defiance, the bird breathed its last! He kept on writing in
silence then broke out a black pair of chopsticks to pick up fragments, planning for the spoils
of his attack. Sold at a store near you. Jump in the water’s
fine. As the vast world of Angus T. Mc Kemmerly expands he’s asking more of his readers unfurled
to get interested and invested. Only once will this golden opportunity happen. It is
bigger than Google and we’ll roll in it if you can find him, imagine. I hear he likes
drinking scotch and chasing the Loch Ness Monster. It may have eaten him. Scotty his
terrier, second in command sponsor will sow things up. An initial public offering should
be prompter. Detective work, can anyone else tag these
pictures? It was 1981 while I was on leave from Ft. Benning Georgia to Durango Colorado
picking up a car and return run to Columbus and the Army base. I didn’t think dogs lived
that long. My parents didn’t either, they died in 1996 and 1998. So who’s the girl on
the end in the green dress, see her? I say it’s Mary Jackson, Gail’s mother and Yolanda’s
sister, a girlfriend I lived with, contrive, in Columbus Georgia around 1981 to 1982. Is
she still alive? Yer out of here Space Ghost take your friend
Brak with ya and kiss my grits the way out! Ever have a knack with a couple that won’t
leave your place? They’re on the television all to time and I just can’t find the channel
changer. How do you unplug this darn slime? All I want is to finish my grits in peace.
Then there’s that green bug looking thing called Zorak. Please, not while I’m eating.
Could you take all of them swing to your place and flush them down a toilet? Good times but
only a fling. Babylonian Goddess of some 2500 years ago
(must have been around 1968) Queen Jean (IsHtar-amia) fighting over her hasn’t come to end since.
Nebuchadnezzar is a fink! All your troubles will go away if you just think pink. Those
were the years of captivity for nations as a whole think. Babylon is the most famous
city from ancient Mesopotamia a ruins lie in modern-day Iraq 59 miles (94 kilometers)
southwest of Baghdad views a key kingdom in ancient Mesopotamia from 18th to 6th centuries
BC. clues. Someone has been using this ID to try to get
into the executive washrooms at United Nations all over the world. You can negative imagine
the nerve of such a person? An unconscionable seeker of vicarious thrills and ladies purses,
no doubt. And to think sneakier, she used to be he! (Clerow Wilson, AKA Flip). Geraldine
Jones, the female counterpart he portrays and the Flip Wilson Show intones. Cross dressing
is one way to intermingle. Know the opposite sex, has some fine lines of legality though. In this picture, who would believe Sheryl
Crow is nearly 70 and Norah Jones 55? They are both folk heroes, no matter how much one
cares about their being alive. Identities are a personal choice. I believe they portrayed
parts as actors under stage names. Parts in a play or a musical different actors have
done, I wonder? They’re characters both of them. Originals were Patricia Van Duyne
and Sheron Ramey. Creating musical acts is sometimes complex as the people are hard to
keep track of as can be. Actually it’s about a quarter to twelve
in Saudi Arabia right now. High noon and Vladimir’s Putin down. Who can we trust? Watch it West,
Syria and us very soon! Soviets are more interested in resource than anything. Blackmail and terrorism
to achieve ends are simple to those waging war when optimistic practice is pessimism.
Religious acceptance of communism as a belief is choosing wrong over right where freedom
is concerned. The suppression of belief by changing a law is what oppressions become. Come smell interest in Potrzebie Illinois
at Karbunkle Savings, a powerhouse of investment management, banks ravings on it too! Way less
than sales tax I’m willing to bet. It’d take more than interest to see it through.
I have never filed for bankruptcy. What kind of a fan company would that be? You mean a
real company with shareholders, A chief executive officer, accountant and board of directors
(regular soldiers)? But unlike a military the course the company takes rests on voters
shoulders. Stench of conspiracy begun, they traded cheese
for guns. Tell you all it’s Syria then us! Cattle with rifles provided by Reds? Still
we wait like sheep in our beds! March on In and Out, demand what’s yours! Say you want
your job back. Don’t live outdoors. Look around and can you not see It’s the communist’s
conspiracy. Who is a thoughtless instigator? Russia will think about this later. Fear a
revenge, from high cholesterol. If the dairy product prices come to fall. They’ll be
killers of us all. Want to buy the farm? Eustace, Muriel and
Courage live there but everybody knows, all along, it is really Nowhere. To anyone with
Courage, however, it is still home to those few. Do you really want to know where social
networking is taking you? Stupid dog welcome to the only county in the country they call
Nowhere. Now being lost out there with a host of ghouls would give you a scare. Aliens and
spirits are abundant and nothing’s ever normal there. Some of the events going on
can raise you hair. Compact parking place? I’ll take the tank
to the store. Just in case I may have to fight for a parking space to use my credit card
once more. Every economy on earth needs a fix except Saudi Arabia! Money for oil this’s
how it sounds. All you can dig up from out of the ground. Trouble in the middle east
we come to their aid no thought for what it cost or the money they made. But will they
ever save us and help to repay a friend? No, just drive the west out of business then keep
our money to lend. Is it proper to say, “that sucks”, or “it
blows,” poverty I mean? Why should one consult me, not sharpest of experts seen? Any time
I’m asked, I’ll insist that squalor certainly sucks until they are willing to pay me some
enormous bucks. When it’s extremely cold in the winter and you can not afford heat
hardship certainly blows. It’s what you’ll be doing to get any fire complete. Rest of
the time you might as well keep on working. Or you’ll be blowing and looking for fuel
to keep a fire burning. Sorry Google+ Pinterest is my main lady. Google+
is simply my side gURL as of lately. Once a cheat always a cheat that is my weakness.
A tale of birth, jealousy and the creation of uniqueness. My story unfortunately is merely
a rumor about an affair. When it comes to love and money nothing ever seems fare. Vanity
is more a lady’s game. But men never end comes to money. A little is never enough and
enough is always too little for men, dummy. Can’t get enough of the opposite sex. I’m
afraid honey. I command you, “Do as I say not what I do!
fuck send me a buck. Haven’t had a drink too in a week and am in need of a cure for my
dry throat!” Honestly for all the hard work I’ve done in my life I’m the one
they should promote. Like most the working class we’re into a lifestyle for little
more than a six pack. Once that’s finished there is sex and other vicarious thrills enjoyed
in bed or on your back. A good night’s sleep is sometimes enough so long as you’re privileged
enough to have a rack. Doc, “I recommend you keep that gun in your
holster at all times. With that thing in your hands and your eyes closed the way they are
most the time anymore, you’re the most dangerous man I ever saw.” Marshal Dillon, “Dangerous
Let me tell you something. You kill more people by accident than I do on purpose, Endanger
us.” And it looks like there is still more trouble down at the Long Branch, with no humane
purpose. It’s gotten so saving some of those people in that saloon is down right traitorous. Some boys unfortunately never learn. For goodness
sake David once in your life listen to mother’s concern! Not everyone does well through being
a non conformer. Some, on the other hand, nail it to the T. One of these, a performer.
David Bowie nonconformist, if you want to become unhinged just don’t be a threat to
yourself and others. Stay alive, it’s an admirable binge. In death, there in nothing
left. Why be over concerned or look to the end when anytime is always a good time to
become learned. Let’s get down! Go gang, it’s party time,
hit it! Life is for living. Don’t mind tearing it up a little bit. What we all like to do
is play so don’t let anything get in the way. Call in all the rowdy friends you can
find to have a real nice stay. It ain’t a rumor that we all can stand too much gaiety
and humor. And it all seems to be part of our duty as an American consumer. To keep
all the wheels of the economy revolving in order. You can’t be a hard core miser that
is a greedy type or hoarder. Not everyone in America is authorized to carry
a Phishing License. Start with your phone number, passwords, social security and bank
(confidence information). Show me yours and you might get to see mine. This individual
is licensed to phish for driver’s license line, birth certificates, credit cards, social
security, passwords and banking information of a personal nature. All your secrets must
be disclosed to ranking holder of the card is a Control Agent, of the United States Government,
asking. My Internet’s down. They have broken my browser,
I’ve been offline for hours. With no data to devour, life is a downer. And so it is
wars between the internet browsers comes to a head, leaving, untolled, hapless, casualties.
Windows, Google+ and dumb Oracle. Would each like to see their competitors go out of business
and would go to any lengths to see this accomplished. For one to suppress the others permanently
would take litigation centuries to come. In war all become losers that accomplishes. We used to call this scene The Rocky Mountain
Colorado High. Bugs was electrocuted when it started raining fire in the sky. Jack Daniel
is hiding behind that stump over there. Tweety became fried like a nugget and was eaten by
Sylvester. Daffy died laughing then the cat choked on its hair. One not blasted is Elmer
Fudd. Every other cartoon was dud. Outlaw Wabbits not weed how’s it sound? Blast them
all for screwing around. Long as you’re spending the night. Role another bomber to
do this right. Words of Ray Charles, “People talking’ trying
to break us up, yeah Scandalizing’ my name. They will say anything just to make me feel
bad, yes anything to make me shame.” So how have you been? Hey, at least someone is
having themselves a fab life! I love your gypsy eyes! Thank the lord someone is getting
over despite our strife’s. They were literally good time that we would do all over again
and even risk death for. One is Tyra Banks one is David Kemmerly and the third one is
Mary Jackson Moore. If it involves money it requires postmarked,
billing, payment and introduction via the United States Postal Service, willing. I know
a licensed Postal Inspector personally too. So Be honest with me or we’ll both be looking
for you. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Twenty five years to life
or a bullet it the head, which will it be? You’ll be living in heaven or sent to hell,
this place we’re at on earth is neither one. So don’t be fast to choose to live
your life by the gun. I hooked to someone new. Smurfette, only girl
I knew who totally was true blue! Finally Papa Smurf won’t mind. A partner like her
is hard to find. I am tired white, black, oriental chicks. Of Indian, Italian and of
the rest I’m skeptics. Smurfs as a whole are a more ethical group when old. Wizard
Gargamel came up with a formula for turning them into gold and used her to catch the clan
before Papa switched her into who we behold. As an evil magician he possesses a heart that’s
both dark and cold. Sign from a soup kitchen always seems to be
the truth that’s ugly. Never, ever is it cute or cuddly but always something that would
truly bug me. Free food to the homeless our doors are opened. All you can eat nothing
included. Restrooms are for paying customers only. Trespassers will be strictly and quickly
prosecuted. All the man wanted was baked potato which they give you with some outdated salsa.
Squatting at the street corner a policeman busts you insists it’s a law he’s here
to enforce ah. I know a bit about music, from old parts that
fit. What came before rock-and-roll? Come on you couldn’t be that old? Most people haven’t
been told, I learned from others while they were young and bold. I was born in 1950. My
birthday predates ancient records! Rocket 88 was an Oldsmobile V8 made in 1951. The
old cords by Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston, by that name, was considered a rock and roll
first by many. The car wasn’t bad for those days either, lots of cylinders to power around
the block. I love all animals. Kind, compassionate, understanding
they put people to shame, especially birds. The reason canaries are no longer kept in
coal mines. Blame Sylvester and his bird problem. You’re not serious, no one’s telling me
to kiss the bird! Holidays with mistletoe hanging around in the air it’s the stupidest
thing I ever heard. Who would keep a black and white cat and a yellow canary in the same
small home? Dear old Granny, silliest, little, old, woman the Warner Brothers had ever known. Intelligence has limits, stupidity is completely
boundless. Harnessing unlimited destruction of human stupidity countless. Innovation may
be our only answer to an endless energy crises! The sun, wind, water and geothermal energy
in the earth, apply these. Like Montgomery Burns, we are in it for our livelihood. Anything
I can use that gets me to the store easier I would. You have only to look to the sun
to see what’s called fusion. Get a process down to earth avoiding radiation leads to
solution. It seems I’ve seen another who, in this same
scene out of time, Returned from the beginning to come to prevented another crime. You are
each from the future, the fourth dimension, aren’t you? Fortunately opportunity arrived
for the well known Doctor Who too, to came back and visit someone else that many of us
knew in a time before this particularly unique universe of ours grew. You have a better system?
How you get people to listen, becomes the difference between violence, resistance and
wisdom. Old, Mister Spacey, the ghost (in person)
come back on the Internet, so’s to haunt you! Author, author when will they cry out
for a man to take a bow and walk in review? You all remember me, Space Ghost (Mister David
T. Kemmerly) in person. Or in case your memory ain’t too good. I’ll run it by you one
more time so it don’t worsen. This would be The Ghost from around the years he was
all old and a man what is grown until the time he died sometime in the future that is
yet, unpredictably, unknown. Marvin T. Martian, not only rude, he’s out
to destroy Planet, Earth! Hand me an Illudium P 36 Explosive Space Modulator. I’ll get
rid of the jerk! Welcome to Mars! No, dumbass, he is a Martian and he is not wearing a skirt!
That it obstructs his view of Planet Venus ain’t right. It is only in an elliptical
plane for its eclipse one night. During a total lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Earth’s
moon line up in space. So if he can not see Venus that is not our Earth’s being in it’s
wrong place. No one’s seen Dave. He’s still knocking
on the door. Been standing out there a long time waiting to score. All my life you have
been singing the same six cords. Guitar strings go E B G D A E where each note goes up or
down by numbered intervals 2 and 3. Tuning your Fender and then trying to remember the
key it was in. Then scrolling that same old pattern from beginning to end again and again.
Music aficionados want to know just how this goes and where it changes because that’s
how a song grows. Find what you’re dying for and dying from.
Old signs change meaning, to some. Tobacco friends, are not your friend! Think about
this. Stop before you begin. Still on guard duty and graveyard shift. Nicotine may temporarily
give you a lift. And yes, death will also keep you from sleep. Which will come to us
all sooner or later and reap. Don’t be lighting up when any enemies ain’t short of breath.
If he’s awake and you’re asleep it’ll cause your death. So keep breathing, slow,
with lots of depth. A slap in the face in case you missed the
first one! First was to wake you up second for fun. Remember these two reprobates? Go
ahead and do it Butthead. Bitch slap a little sense into that boy for all or us. Let’s
see some bloodshed. Don’t walk into any doors being slammed in you face now Beavis.
Don’t in any way pray on America’s vulnerable youth and deceive us. Because standing beside
these two is an perverted association. Identifying a faltering generation of The United States
entire nation. What it takes to be Dave? You got to be brave,
brains faster than a sound wave, paths of creativity pave and save. What’s it got
to do with singer Norah Jones? You would guess that’s completely unknown. I’ve heard
several sorted stories. When music was made, who got glories. Stage name is sometimes an
alias, Bob Dylan, Robert Allen Zimmerman. Norah Jone, Patricia Anne Van Duyne. That
the musician’s a animate human being with emotions, talents and beliefs is what I’m
explaining and will not deny. Girl is so bad she’s good, my sin, I do
not know where to begin. She’d make a better alliance than an enemy, friend. A woman can
be like that from the beginning of life until the end. Jealous and possessive as can be
it’s always the same. In every war, whether in actual combat, or in training as a game.
Football and soccer to name a couple, an end you’d prefer never to loose. She can make
a man in a relationship do anything they choose. I mean mad extremes from going to work to
giving up booze. Ladies I am a rooster and I lay chicks not
eggs. There seems to be a problem there though called legs. Since everyone’s worried here.
Evolution’s the solution. So is innovation, overcoming shortcoming through adapting, to
nature where, otherwise, we are simply physically lacking. So take it from the man on stilts
here who obviously knows. That he is not dealing with a bunch of high flying crows. It is really
just how you strut your stuff see. So any well bred ladies will want to be just like
me. After years of wondering who it was rode with
an Indian companion, wore a mask, silver bullets and rode on a white stallion up a canyon.
I’m ready to state. “Sorry, it wasn’t me. I’m lucky to stay out of jail.” I have ridden
the range on trucks, tanks and all the U. S. Army could entail. In that sense, at least,
I have been a ranger over three continents in detail. Simply stated it was all a lot
of hard work and not very much luck. Following orders from the government. Never more, Sergeant
Buck. Donald Grump tells Speedy Gonzales, “Run for
Mexico mouse and take your cousins with you!” Grumpy Cat just needs to take more Prozac
poor thing. It is the most pathetic pet too. Nothing in this world seems to make the cat
smile with all the kind heartedness of some pet crocodile! I would like to see the animal
put to sleep along with several members of the United States Republican Party. But next
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would be on my case, then Law Enforcement,

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