The Dangers of Loan Sharks and Illegal Money Lending

I was out of work, in poor health and things
were getting on top of me and the house needed work. I had no money I felt down,
lonely, depressed and suicidal. I’ve worked all of my life, I didn’t want to ask
family for money but a friend suggested I go to someone he knew
who could help me out. I got in touch with him and he came to my house, he made me feel like he
was there to help and that he cared and he offered me the money I needed. He put a repayment plan in place but I never felt I was able to pay it off as
this was just covering my other loans. Things just got worse, I couldn’t afford
to pay for food, gas, electricity or my rent. I had to use the heat from the iron
to warm myself up during the cold winter nights. Even when I was able to find some
money for food I was too frightened to go to the shop in case he or his people
saw me or even attacked me. I was so frightened of losing the home
I’d lived in for most of my life. Falling behind on payments meant regular threats
of violence, I lived in constant fear. He would turn up at the house at any time
of the day or night demanding payment and making violent threats. I couldn’t pay so they’d take my belongings like my watch, TV and stereo but
it didn’t reduce the size of the debt. He didn’t come alone they would often be
two other men waiting outside in the car and he’d also bring a woman into the
house who would take a different but equally intimidating approach. I was too afraid to answer the
door or pick up the phone. I didn’t want to tell the police as he was clever,
not even they could protect me. My ordeal lasted for over four years but
it felt like a lifetime. Not a day went by where I felt relaxed
or comfortable, even in my own home. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I spoke with the Financial Inclusion team at Tai Tarian. Then, things started to change they helped me to organise my finances and find a way out. I’m eternally grateful for the help
and support. It was a lifeline in my time of need. If you have been affected by the
content of the film because you are having or have had a similar experience
with borrowing money from an illegal money lender, don’t suffer in silence and
get the confidential help you need by calling 0300 1233311. If you need support before making your call, you can contact us at Tai Tarian on 01639 506623 to talk it through and get the help that you need
in taking positive steps in moving forward.

4 comments on “The Dangers of Loan Sharks and Illegal Money Lending”

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  2. cyberdon 8888 says:

    Try student loan debt. And 20 years of wanting to die.

  3. Joey theGent says:

    You took the money like a dumb ass right? I don't even blame the the loan shark, your to blame, taking a street loan and not even working to pay it off

  4. alex DROIT says:

    do you have it here in the US

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