“The End” Guide – Doing the Puzzle (Final) [Payday 2]

Finally! In the third and last video of this mini-series, we are actually going to do “The End” itself. This of course, assumes that you have everything
you need, which is the 20 assigned worthy achievements. If not, check out Part 2 “Becoming Worthy” for more
information. With regards to the story plot, I have decided to keep everything after the
puzzle as spoiler-free as possible so go ahead, watch on with no worries. Let’s go! To do “The End”, or access the secret area
in the White House heist, we must play on at least the Overkill difficulty. The Overkill difficulty is also recommended
for an easier time. As for the human player count, any number, even solo is fine as long as they all pass the worthy check. The AI is naturally, excluded from this check. The worthy check, when performed, will cause the painting in the PEOC to either
glow or unglow. And this check is done, one, at the start of the heist, and two, whenever a player joins or leaves
the game. The joining and leaving can get a little buggy
in specific scenarios so if everyone is sure they are worthy, try
rejoining the game. And once we progress to the PEOC, interact with the glowing painting and Locke
will guide us from there. One very important note here. After the painting is interacted with or removed, the game will no longer be joinable, so make
sure everyone is in before doing so. And that’s it for the requirements. So one common question, loud or stealth? There is no requirements on this, so do it
however we want. My personal preference of course, is stealth becauses it’s much faster and easier to get
the keycard. Since we don’t have to save pagers for the
PEOC, we can spend them in the Oval Office area. And if we’re playing on Overkill as recommended, we can break the cameras freely. Now let’s head back to the secret area. Upon blowing up the wall in the PEOC, we will enter something that resembles a mining
shaft, leading to a primitive elevator. Converts won’t be able to follow in and hostages
will despawn, so don’t bother getting skills from the Controller
tree. The pathing in here for the AI is also pretty
wonky, and they can get stuck. If this happens, just keep calling them until
they are all in, which will enable the elevator lever. Once we take the elevator down, we’ll find
ourselves in a big hall, with a huge puzzle wheel as well as 4 levers. There are two things to expect here, the puzzle itself and combat. Let’s talk about the wheel first. This here, before us, is the wheel in its
initial state. Once interacted with, the outermost ring will
display the riddle. Remember, this language reads right to left, or counter-clockwise since it’s a circle. The other 3 rings, will then have to be aligned,
using the levers, to form a 5 letter answer, in this format. Again, right to left. Going back to the levers, this is what they
do. Note that the levers for the top and bottom
ring also moves the middle ring as well, so when solving the riddles, we’ll work on the top and bottom ring first, then the middle ring. Once we’re happy with our answer, submit it
with the submit lever. To successfully complete the puzzle, we’ll have to solve a total of 4 riddles in
a row, and a wrong answer at any point will kick
us back to the first riddle, so do double check the answer before submitting. There are a lot of guides and mods out there
already covering the puzzle, so instead, I’ll recommend two of my favourites. One is the English Wheel mod, which takes
away the hassle of translation. The letters M and N is slightly off, but it’s
not a big problem. The link to this mod will be in the video
description. Then the other one is the Payday Secret Cheatsheet
guide. Using the last few letters of each riddle, we will be able to find the answer easily,
so check it out. Credits to pokerdan99 for the good work, and
again, link will be in the description. Then the other major part of solving the puzzle,
is the combat. More specifically, Shadow Cloakers (yup, this
ugly dude here) will continuously spawn and harass us, from starting the puzzle, until we solve it. These Shadow Cloakers are almost identical
to a regular one, except for 2 major differences; they have almost twice as much health and do not drop ammo boxes. Oh! You may be thinking of what to do now, like bringing maxed ammo bags, maybe bows and crossbows or even a melee build, but the easiest option for me is to bring
4 sentries and a secondary ammo bag. Repeat that with each player and or bots (which
has unlimited ammo), and it will be more than enough to last the
entire sequence, unless we screw up. Bring along Inspire (aced) as well to get
up quickly. Once the puzzle is solved, the screen will go white and we’ll go into
the post-puzzle sequence. Again, little to no spoilers, so I’ll give
out hints instead. Boring bullet points and boring boring text. If you do want to get spoiled however, you
can check out my “All Sequences” video later. Ok! Back on topic. In the post-puzzle sequence, there are 5 ways
to fail the mission. I’m sure we have had enough of pulling these
levers right? Uh huh? So keep these hints in mind when doing your
secret run. The very first way to fail, is taking too
long. At one point, the game will give us a waypoint
to move to. Or an objective to open the door. Take too long here and it’s game over. More specifically, when the bad guy (yes,
there’s a bad guy) says “Last Chance”, a 15 seconds silent countdown has already
started, so it’s more like 13 seconds when we hear
it. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what
happens when the time runs out. Similarly, we can also run out of time if
we do nothing for a while after opening the door. If you’re trying to hear all the speech and
dialogue that is going on, it will be kind of hard to do so due to the
echoes, so again, check out my “All Sequences” video because there’s subtitles! Then the second way to fail, is getting too
close. After opening the door (with the big bad wolf
outside), if we get too close, it will trigger a fail
ending. Basically, don’t go out past the door. Number 3 reason to fail, missing our shots. I mean, the bad guy is out there. We have to shoot him at some point right? To pass this section, without walking out
the door, we have to shoot him in the head or explode
his head, within 1 second of firing the first shot. When the game detects the first shot out and if the bad guy is still alive after 1
second, game over. There is a glitch here though. The host, if firing with a silenced weapon, will not get detected so leave it to the host
for the best chance. Number 4, losing the loot. After the bad guy is dead (Hurray!), we will get a bag of loot to work with. Lose it and lose the game. Don’t lose it. Then last one, number 5! There will be a point-of-no-return timer at
one point and I don’t have to tell you how it works. Easy as pie. How is a pie easy anyways? Baking is a lot of work! And that’s it! I’m finally done with this mini-series. Again, mentioning it for the 3rd time in this
video, if you guys want to see all the failure and
success sequences or the speech and dialogue with subtitles, check out my “All Sequences” video. Otherwise, one gameplay clip is coming right
up, starting from the beginning of the heist, but stopping right when the puzzle is solved. I know I’m going to get comments on this. Yes I do have a very odd and special way of
pulling the levers, it’s kind of a habit after doing the puzzle
for many many times. It’s a faster way of doing the riddles. So enjoy watching, and thank you for watching. I’ll see you around.

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