“The End” Guide – Setup (Part 1) [Payday 2]

Welcome to the first of three videos to getting
“The End”, also formerly known as “The Secret”. This series will cover, “The Setup”, “Becoming Worthy” and finally, doing “The End” itself. Most of the community should already have
at this point, completed the setup so this video is more suitable for those who have just gotten the game. Let’s start. All of the setup happens within the new safehouse, so the very first step, is to access it after
reaching level 25. Step two, would be to unlock 5 trophies in
the new safehouse, namely; The medallion, the obsidian plate and the three coffers. To do so, we’d have to complete Breakin’ Feds, Golden Grin, Henry’s Rock, Shacklethorne heist on at least Normal, and also Brooklyn Bank, on at least Overkill. Among the five heists, Golden Grin is the only DLC-locked one, and can either be completed by joining a hosted
game or by playing through the storyline mode. In either case, do try to get the under-14-minute “High Roller”
achievement as well, since we’ll need it later. Step 3, assembling the artifact. After unlocking all the needed trophies, we’ll boot up into the safehouse to assemble
the artifact. Grab the medallion from Duke’s corner, then proceed to the kitchen to open all three
coffers, to display parts of the artifact on the table. Interact with them to assemble. Step 4, is the piano puzzle. We’ll need to upgrade Scarface’s room to tier
3, using 36 continental coins. So do so if you haven’t and then return to
the safehouse with a high accuracy single-shot weapon, because we are going to play the piano. We’ll need to play a sequence of 9 notes on
the piano, like this. Make sure we start exactly on this C note
just after the foot pedals, otherwise it wouldn’t work. So shoot the keys in order (doesn’t matter if we have to reload), and when done correctly, the trophy unlocked sound should play (for the first time anyway), together with the autosave notification in
the lower left corner. For those of you who are curious, this is the Hurrian Hymn No. 6, said to be the oldest surviving piece of notated
music found (according to Google anyway). And that’s it for Part 1, “The Setup”. There is actually more going on with the piano
and the artifact but that will be covered in Part 2 of this
video series, “Becoming Worthy”. Some short gameplay clips of the safehouse
stuff will be playing right after this, so keep watching, and I’ll see you all in Part 2.

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  3. Davtwan says:

    Oh boy, here we go.

    Are the foot pedals the best way to find the C key?

  4. Joy_The_Kawaii_Fish says:

    Thnx i didn't understand the guides for the piano. But you explained perfectly. See you at your next livestream

  5. Major Blitz says:

    So, What the hell is that Lovecraftian Teleporter we found in the Mine?

  6. big z11 says:

    funnily enough I did the piano puzzle with melee

  7. Vlad Poteryakhin says:

    Is there simeone doing secret achievement? Can someone help me with it?

  8. uh says:

    Yo unknown could you do a guide for hostage situation? Thank you for reading it

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