The End of Credit Repair Industry? or the beginning of the credit score revolution? Review

Hi everybody Dave Sullivan here for the Credit Guy TV you know for a long time I’ve been trying to
give people advice and help them improve their credit score because in principle I’ve never agreed
with the credit repair industry I have always felt like a lot of people get
taken advantage of in that industry so I’ve tried in be an
alternative to that type of an industry and it is one
thing to say that you don’t like an industry is another thing to do something about it and try and improve it. now what I’ve done is I put together six
steps to a better credit score it’s very easy to follow on there are six videos with links to other
videos it will help you through the process and then a worksheet so you can go through this process and it’s really designed to be something the work on over a
period of months because is very difficult to improve your score
quickly so it’s designed for six month period Is what when I set up for you. now all
you have to do watch the video download the worksheet
work on that shouldn’t take you really anymore than a few hours you can find this specific
page on my website at get loan ready dot com it’s all free
there’s no charge at all and then if you need more help if
you need more advice you scroll all the way down to the bottom it will say the advanced one hour long
courses so if the six steps is not enough for
you you can always scroll down to the bottom
go over to the hour-long courses These are the hour-long course and exactly how to take
your credit report from bad to batter okay is not gonna go to
great overnight but it will walk you through the
process of coming back from a bad credit report there is no reason even legitimate
credit repair companies will tell you then you’re not going to
do anything that you can do on your own for free so there’s no reason to pay people
thousands of dollars to have them fix your credit for you
when you can very easily take that money and improve your credit score on your own
follow the 6 steps if you need more go to the hour-long
courses if you have any questions please post comments down below on the videos or on youtube I appreciate that. This is Dave Sullivan here for the credit guy TV so you with the little with me we’re
gonna change the credit industry

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  1. Trese Lee says:

    Thank you!!!  Very helpful. 

  2. Melissa Crites says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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