The Future of Home Loans

6 comments on “The Future of Home Loans”

  1. Credit Repair says:

    heading to the bank this weekend to grab my pre approval 😉

  2. Chris Michalek says:

    How much does this 6 month old headline effect home loans today?

  3. BigAL 57 says:

    You better be careful with what Trump does on Dodd- Frank, he was talking about his friends getting access to more capital not the avg home investor and home owner. And he said it on national television.

  4. Cyrus992 says:

    Real Estate prices will fall first then the earning will effect the stock market to change! As it has happened in 2007 and 1990.

  5. slokytheone says:

    DODD Frank is there to provent people from buying what they can not afford and it is great that way i can buy what they cant afford yayy

  6. davis richardson says:

    Hey guys I really like your videos! Thank you for helping me become more well informed and less afraid of jumping into real estate investing.

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