The Future of PAYDAY 2.

The future of PAYDAY 2 is a complicated but bright looking matter. First up PAYDAY 2 is coming to Virtual Reality! Using the HTC Vive you’ll be able to have full body control… …which allows for actions like interacting with the environment and firing your weapon simultaneously… …or separate control of your akimbo weapons. PAYDAY 2 VR shares a platform with PAYDAY 2… …meaning players playing the VR version will still have all their levels, unlocks, skills and so on from the PC version… …AND will be able to play in the same lobbies as them. Think of it as the exact same game with a VR perspective and controls. PAYDAY 2 VR will be free to all owners of PAYDAY 2, with a beta coming out later this year. Next up we got a look at some of the gameplay for PAYDAY CRIME WAR, a mobile PVP game… …where one team plays as the police against another team playing as heisters. It looks… like a mobile game, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. CRIME WAR will be out Soon™ for Android and iOS devices. Now for the main event: PAYDAY 2 ULTIMATE EDITION is coming to a Steam store near you! This is every single paid DLC available as one package… …with the exception of limited time promotions such as the COMPLETELY OVERKILL Pack… …and one final DLC that I’ll get to in a moment. This package is designed to make the game less daunting to new players, who will be able to purchase all of the content at once… …rather than be overwhelmed by what DLC they should get. You’ll still be able to buy PAYDAY 2 as a base game without any paid DLC… …but PAYDAY 2 ULTIMATE EDITION will include the base game and everything you’ll need to be an effective heister. ULTIMATE EDITION is launching on June 8th at a $45 USD price point… …although not only will be offered at a 10% discount for a short while on release… …but if you already own the base game or any paid DLC, the combined price of everything you already have will be subtracted from the cost of the ULTIMATE EDITION. Meaning the more DLC you already own, the cheaper ULTIMATE EDITION will be. Buying ULTIMATE EDITION will be substantially cheaper than buying each and every DLC at full price… …but if you have the cash right now, all PAYDAY 2 DLC is currently 85% off. The sale ends on June 8th when PAYDAY 2 ULTIMATE EDITION releases. Next up is something out of left field; remember the April Fools prank OVERKILL did with Ethan at h3h3productions… …adding him as a character and all? Yeeeah well, that’s, not a prank anymore. Both Ethan and Hila will be added together as heisters in a single paid DLC, for $4.99 USD. Aside from Valve’s cut, all money earned from this DLC will be going straight to h3h3productions… …which is why this DLC is not part of the ULTIMATE EDITION, and only available separately. No matter how you feel about the idea of adding Youtube celebrities into the game, it’s still two characters for the price of one… …and will be helping h3 out of their financial trouble they’ve been unfairly put into. A link to their channel is in the description. The Ethan and Hila Character Pack will be available Fall of this year. And finally, after the release of that DLC all future updates for PAYDAY 2 will be absolutely free! No more paid DLC after the Ethan and Hila Character Pack. This is great news for sure, especially considering that PAYDAY 2’s support is going to continue until October of 2018… …a full year longer than most of us were expecting. I’m hype as hell for all of this, even if it means there’s not much point in doing DLC reviews anymore… …since you either own all the DLC or you don’t, for the most part. Still, for completionist’s sake I’ll review all of the DLC, although my message will be changing from “should you buy this?” to “was this a good addition?”. That’ll be everything. Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

100 comments on “The Future of PAYDAY 2.”

  1. zzurge 117 says:

    all these new things and they still can't fully update console…

  2. Connor Earley says:

    but consol gets no love ;(

  3. Andrew says:

    Omg i wanna play ethan

  4. Thinking Pear says:

    I have all dlc

  5. Lorinc Jonas says:

    Payday 2 with HTC VIVE? that would be a lot of fun for sure!

  6. DaranDomdood FTW says:

    What happens after 2018? Will there just be no more updates

  7. Tacocat04 says:

    PAYDAY 2 Is gonna remove prices from the new upcoming DLCs (Not H3H3 DLC)
    Might be because they have enough.

  8. Pepe the Frog says:

    I want the friggin vape

  9. Renato says:

    2 youtubers will be added into the game
    All future dlc will be free (game support continues until October 2018)

    extreme missed feelings

  10. Jack y says:

    Wait how can they move with vr?

  11. Raul #Games says:

    again this gay

  12. Beowulfis1 says:

    So is payday 3 gonna be a thing?

  13. CookieLoverDom says:

    Do you mean DLCs are gonna be FREE after the H3H3 DLC? Im from Croatia/Hrvatska so idk when you said its gonna be but HYPE. P.S. I know what the dude in front of the hideout is mumbling, but idk if he is Croatian or Serbian. Somone tell me.

  14. Jimi Hendrix says:

    Yes man I want to play as that jews

  15. starslasher 167 says:

    does the free dlc go for Xbox and PlayStation

  16. Ze Medic says:

    …Dat revive tho… bo3… don't bring back bad memories

  17. *you're not your says:

    This sounds good.

  18. Thomas The Fascist Tank Engine says:

    Connor, I may have discovered a leak in terms of Consoles getting PC PayDay2 updates. Look at my only tweet @KarmaM80

  19. Lee Vincent says:

    will you also be uploading raid WW2 when it comes out?

  20. Toa Kovika says:

    Support is ending in October of 2018? So we've only got until then to play?

  21. DamCore says:

    wtf? I bought all dlc for over 100$, and now they bring it for only 45? wow.

  22. Double W says:

    Went back to play Pd2. After one game I was reminded why I don't play this. So much toxicity and assholes everywhere.

  23. Ryan Elgie says:

    oh my god I need an HTC vibe right now I need the mele and gun use at once

  24. The Sketch guy_07 says:

    Wait so is ultimate edition available for console?

  25. Shh Wds says:

    wait so the Dlc I bought will be free

  26. Ok this is epic says:

    it's gonna be weird hearing Jacket call out Ethan

    "H3H- VRRRT Ethan, follow"

  27. Long Plays says:

    "All future DLCs will be free!"
    How many, like 1.5?

  28. FuturasticLight says:

    how about the my heister in searchforkento. they said they want to make that winner as a new heister too

  29. Butter Butt says:

    There is no future for this game. They fucked everything up. Csgo cases, overpriced dlcs with barely no content, GOTY edition that should have all dlc, because every single GOTY version of a game has all dlc. And now they are just shitting on it even more by adding these 2 stupid fucks everyone is going to use and "ultimate" more like the ultimate way to waste your fucking money. I paid for the game, i shouldn't have to pay more than 50 bucks on all the dlc. And the game is so damn unoptimized, changing settings are barely increasing fps and looks like a coiled up shit when you do. I can run half life 2 on almost all settings on max, and it looks better than payday 2 and has stable fps, while in payday the fps is constantly dropping lower than 20.

  30. Abiyyu D. Purnomo says:

    then overkill give payday 2 free now. suck

  31. faaskee says:

    i got 18 DLC let"s see how much ultimate edition will cost xD

  32. Sebastian Kirby says:

    yo, why tf is ult edit. not out yet

  33. The Endleader says:


  34. The Endleader says:

    Frank Senatra for payday 2….or 3….or 4…..

  35. Portugalsapi says:

    One question i have some dlc in my account after overkill launch the h3h3 dlc will all content of payday 2 be free for example the dlc i have owned?

  36. OmgItsUnknown says:

    Holy shit, they mustve got alot money from the dlcs already because they gave Payday 2 on steam for free and now all future content will be free too

  37. MStar98 says:

    virtual reality is all around retarded, ill use my mouse and keyboard thx, i like practical gameplay…this is just a way to get kicked form a lobby.

  38. MowingGrass says:

    I'm so excited to hear Ethan say " I'm all out of vape juice "

  39. Jack says:

    And I thought kicking a player out of my lobby who asked if i played minecraft was bad, Now i get to kick players who use a raging faggot as their character =)

  40. Toasty says:

    yea future updates might be free, but that also means there will be fewer of them, and they will be shittier

  41. GoldesDaScrub says:

    "Don't worry, you can still buy the base game"

    Which is really ridicoulous.

  42. Themightyinvader says:

    The over enounciation is painful.

  43. Joshua McManus says:

    I cant wait for my birthday in July! So i can get the DLC. And if i get the ultimate edition before the Ethan and Hila pack will i have to the ultimate edition again? but at a reduced price of only £4.99.

  44. OneSpecialD&DNerd says:


  45. YellowBanana says:

    Does anyone understand what the fuck he says at 1:33?

  46. Patu Maisema says:

    RIP you can't buy dlc anymore only ultimate

  47. Greyson says:

    weren't they going to make all the dlc free?

  48. danmur15 says:

    I am glad you are still doing the DLC reviews, as they help me (as a new player with the ultimate edition) decide what weapons and things I should invest in, and I find them very interesting

  49. psycho Krieg says:

    yes now we need jck

  50. psycho Krieg says:


  51. staryoshi06 says:

    Looks like you cannot actually buy the basegame anymore.

  52. Gamer Tom says:

    your content are so neat and have no improv it's oddly satisfying to watch just for that part alone

  53. DarksFails says:

    i just hope that i can ban the VR players from my games to many shadow raids are going bad as it is right now

  54. heckstersjr says:

    If h3h3 DLC going to be a thing, then shit we need to get the General become a heister

  55. jeremy mucciarone says:

    So now they r gonna milk money from console… I guess dlc will drop faster
    I dont know if its a good or bad thing

  56. GGTyler says:

    Wow, Free Updates?! No, wait, it's from the people who said they weren't going to add micro transactions.

  57. Sentinel White says:


  58. oo F says:

    Will we be able to buy dlc's?
    Later ??

  59. EdgyTeenTryingToBeEdgierThanHeActuallyIs says:

    I'm still cheering and I'm on console…

  60. Catlots543 says:

    Well the futur dlc for console be free 2 Connor shaw

  61. KoolGuardrailBoy says:

    does that mean PD2 will stop getting updated in 2018?

  62. Filip Eschner says:

    I honestly don't believe that future dowloadable content and updates will be free.

  63. Jack Noahsamen says:

    For the people don't want to pay for the ultimate edition go to G2A they sell the standard copy

  64. Grimbanian says:

    who thinks that limited dlc should've been in the UE

  65. sMilEy_ 2k19 says:

    Next add idubbz and filthy frank

  66. lgc says:

    I want tanks!

  67. Katia Farias says:

    Cant wait for crime wars

  68. Ethan Johnson says:


  69. gshusj uxus says:

    wait what no more charcters after h3h3 fuck men that is not cool bro i do not like any of the charcter i want charecter from west europ all charecters are fucking americans or english men come on

  70. Just a normal cat waiting for food says:

    Where is the future of Connor Shaw???

  71. AndreiTheChosenOne says:

    I got UE for 25 euros! 🙂

  72. Cancer says:

    Payday crime war Overwatch Rip-off.

  73. Senior Poopane says:

    Hey Connor! I have one question, what is that punch out theme remix that you use at the end of your videos called?

  74. TheHolyCrusader says:

    well oh boi i cant wait halloween sale to buy this game

  75. Tudor T says:

    I dont want h3h3 in the game…

    I want TheOriginalAce and Pewdiepie

  76. yung syphilis says:

    what fucking melee was he using when he was talking about the ultimate edition and literally knocking back shields

  77. Hugh Janus says:

    You know what would be an awesome way to put PVP into Payday 2?
    Have one team play as the heisters, but they just play it like normal Payday 2. The other team plays as the cops, but it's a top-down strategy game for them. They decide where to spawn cops in, how many to spawn in, and they have limited access to special units (i.e. they run on cooldowns so they can't just spam the heisters with bulldozers and cloakers).

  78. A Random Cloaker says:


  79. mind over matter is magic says:

    WHATS THAT PRIMARY 1:13–1:28

  80. Miky Dicy says:

    Buyed the Ultimate Edition for 20 euro at Christmas on steam 76% less 🙂

  81. Jess Macmurray says:

    I was too late for completely overkill pack all I want out of the game is mega cthulhu's tentacles

  82. Luke Kerley says:

    Lmao just got it for 21$

  83. over00lord Unknown says:

    No offence, and OFC I am just posting my internet opinion to be taken as several granules of NaCl, but your YT icon kind of looks like a female… :/

  84. hamster with chains says:

    finally i can now shoot my self in payday 2

  85. Red says:

    Got ultimate edition for 13$

  86. susspek says:

    i got ultimate edition on pc an ya cant make any of the guns change to automatic there all single shot only the guns i already had will switch to automatic

  87. Taccine says:

    gg i got the ultimate edition for 13e on a sale

  88. Guillermo Estrada Ojeda says:

    One year later…

  89. Jerome says:

    hehehe ultimate edition just buying all dlcs also paying for the shitty mask packs and else.

  90. VinierAardvark1 says:

    PAYDAY VR is… interesting, but how will VR players get those sketchy PC players to believe them when they kill cops while reviving and fixing a drill?

  91. RyuMain says:

    Can i buy the ultimate edition now while its on sale? Support is going to end on october 2018 so is it still worth getting it?

  92. Glitch-_-Sh00terツ says:

    So no more payday 2 after October? Wtf? I'm confused

  93. KOZER KOG says:

    2019 everything will end 😭😭😭😭

  94. Salty Satan says:

    Shit. Supports stopping in a month. That’s depressing.

  95. David Luebbers says:

    Oh shit October is getting close

  96. Alexander Lear says:

    oh no thats next month

  97. Big Chungus says:


  98. Doggo Doggo says:

    I'm guessing the future heist is robbing a space station then take the rocket to space

  99. Sekrit dokument says:

    Oh I know, literally battle royale

  100. ProTrigno //Roblox and TABS Gaming says:

    In my country its only Rp.180.000
    WHICH IS ONLY 11.99

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