The Javelin Gatling Gun – Payday 2 VR Exploit

TERA: Man, we totally broke the game. ROCK: This place looks like something out of Hellraiser! PSYMON: More javelins!! TERA: It looks like a jaw now. TERA: We just annihilated his entire head! TERA: Oh my god. PSYMON: I just wanna know how many we can stick in ’em! TERA: We are monsters. JACKET: Medic bag available. TERA: I’m not sure that’s going to help, at this point. TERA: I think she’s like held together by these. TERA: Like, the second you take any of them any of them out she’s going to fall to bits. PSYMON: We should chuck it back to the other end of the hall. TERA: Chuck all of those back? PSYMON: We’re consolidating! PSYMON: Have you stuck your head in it yet? TERA: No. Oh dear. PSYMON: I think I’m stuck. TERA: Oh jeez, my performance! TERA: Oh boy. TERA: Oh, I’m losing frames. TERA: Excellent! PSYMON: I think we got a flat tire. TERA: Fucking hell. BLUE: My hand hurts.

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  1. Chris Hope says:

    As if they're gonna fix anything anymore

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