The Only 5 Melee Weapons Worth Using in Payday 2

Look, I’m a busy man and you’ve probably got things to do, so today in under two minutes, We’re covering the only five melee weapons
worth using in payday two (actually ten weapons because I don’t know if you own the
ultimate edition) Number 1: the first melee weapon you get in the game, the
weapon butt, has the fastest swing speed and the fastest recovery time, which is
great for heists where you have to break a bunch of glass. Number two, the ice pick has the
overall best stats of the 30 concealment melees, if you don’t have the ultimate
edition, use the Nova shank instead for its blisteringly fast swing speed. Number
three, the katana is the best melee if you don’t care about concealment but
want the most damage per swing speed. If you don’t have the ultimate edition, use
El Verdugo, the Sangres knife – the only free knife with 70 damage. Number 4, the
buzzer is the best utility melee because it stuns cops, making it real easy to take
them hostage. If you don’t have the Ultimate Edition, the electric brass knuckles is
almost identical but has a slightly slower initial swing speed. Number 5, the
kunai knife is the best stealth knife because it deals poison damage over time,
which means you can stab one guard, kill another guard, the other one takes time
to expire and you can answer both of their pagers. if you don’t have the Ultimate
Edition, there are no poison melees but maybe consider the flashlight because in
a dark heist it can let you see something without having to equip
flashlights onto your low-concealment weapons. and finally bonus number 6, the
wing butterfly knife is not a good melee weapon and I don’t recommend using it,
unless is a really boring heist where you have to stand next to a drill for 10
minutes and you want to entertain yourself with sick knife flips. Thank you
for watching this, this is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, have a great day!

34 comments on “The Only 5 Melee Weapons Worth Using in Payday 2”

  1. Corvo Attano says:

    That was great.

  2. hyder says:

    Thank you.

    It's great to see a video that cuts out all the bullshit and likes begging and go straight to the point.

  3. James Lee says:

    Great video.

  4. Steam Condenser says:

    I would add, people use the electric stuff for hostage taking, but since the buff to how hostage taking you're almost guaranteed to grab hostages from ANY damage, making weapon butt the best joker melee.

    Still, amusing vid, short sweet and to the point!

  5. Rain says:

    It’s good

  6. jamesruth100 says:

    small detail on the buzzer vs knuckles, while knuckles have a slower initial swing than buzzer they have faster followup swings so buzzer is best if you only care about stunning one guy and knuckles are best if you're hitting 2 or 3 of them (which isn't super common but the situation does present itself some times)

  7. Jacob Roming says:

    i would love to see more of this kind of content

  8. Razgri47 says:

    Perfect video.

  9. The SPUF of Legend says:

    I'm glad so many people are enjoying this video! Are there any lists/video topics you'd like to see me cover in the future? Let me know 😀

  10. Seal Stealer says:

    Okay, nice. Also, some guy on the forums advertised it here. If that was you, please consider deleting the thread, as advertising isn't allowed.

  11. TheMasterPootis says:

    TL:DW (whats wrong with you)
    1. Weapon Butt – fastest melee time and fastest recovery
    2. Ice Pick – best stats for 30 concealment | Nova's Shank – 30 concealment, fast melee speed
    3. Katana – best DPS, tho 27 concealment | El Verdugo
    4. Buzzer – stuns cops | Electric Brass Knuckles – same
    5. Kunai – best stealth knife | maybe Flashlight so you dont need to add a flashlight to ur gun

  12. Armorpiercer says:

    note that Katana is the best weapons for Melee-centered perk deck (yes, I does want to straigh-up say sociopath) due to its base damage and swing speed (base damage 70, with overdog, second consecusive hits become 700, insta-kill to tan armored swat)

  13. A Human says:

    What about the pencil?

  14. OmegaYikes says:

    The morning star is kinda useful for it's high knockdown and swing speed

  15. icky001 says:

    youtube could use more of these straight to business videos, not exactly reaching the ten minutes mark but you got my respect, and im sure im not the only one.

  16. chase landry says:

    This is the perfect video. Short. Sweet. To the point.

  17. Meka says:

    very good

  18. Moon Emoji says:

    basically the butterfly is the best

  19. Azrael Cain says:

    I bring the kitana everywhere purely for cloaker beheading with jiro, and I keep the butterfly knife for the same reason you mentioned, staying entertained on boring heists.

  20. fl4shy .? says:

    finally a straith fast talker who can say what we need

  21. Janusz Polak says:

    u are wrong the best Melee weapons is
    1.Pencil cuz jonh wick
    3.Spear of Comun…….Freedom
    3.Potato masher
    4.DING DONG breaching tool(and alpha mauler)
    5.jackt hammer

  22. GrunsTala says:

    Short, Clear

    Great video, it's way better if you had took 5min per Weapons

    (Sorry if my ENG is bad btw :c )

  23. ThePurpleSheep says:

    holy shit you are the best kind of youtuber
    hitting that notifications button riiiight now brother

  24. Illinoia says:

    What about the fidget spinner

  25. Viewer Y01 says:

    i love it this type of videos, fast and straight to the point.

  26. Gabriel Zero says:

    This was actually VERY helpfull. Cheers mate!

  27. Juckris says:

    Lol, now that was quick


    What website are u using for the melee plz tell me anyone

  29. DIO says:

    omg I love you

  30. H says:

    No bullshit, straight to the point, this is how you make guides people.

  31. Alex Clifford says:

    What was the best payday video ever

    Except the lumber lite is the coolest weapon

  32. Wolfie Moon says:

    I just loves it how he just gets straight to the point. I didn’t even need to skip through the video at all! Nice work man!

  33. Vilon says:

    Brief update even though nobody cares. The syringe is a free alternative to the kunai.

  34. Lukas Gelu says:

    Beautiful fast video, hope more people would make videos like these.

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