“The Ordinance” Trailer – documentary film on predatory payday loans

It’s a $46 billion industry that often targets
desperate consumers. Payday loans. Payday lenders. These payday lenders are taking advantage of people. So many of our churches were tired of waiting for the state to do something so they took it upon themselves. God is concerned about the impoverished About those who are poor. About those who are down on their luck. 500% interest on a loan is immoral. It is
un-American, besides being sinful too. If you ask the payday industry we upset their
little gravy train. Needless to say that word got out. You’ve got different people of faith, and
in the business sector and the nonprofit sector and pastors, coming together. Not talking
about what they agree on or disagree theologically But who are showing up. And it has caused cities to work in concert in a way that I believe is unprecedented. Texans never liked bullies. We’re not going to tolerate it. We’re going to stand up.

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    What would Jesus do ?

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