The Paycheck Gang [Random] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, so now’s the Christmas season
and everyone is in a holiday mood, including Overkill so we have a Christmas
heist for 2016 and along with that, achievements and masks. In particular, the “Imitations” achievement which grants you the Paycheck Dallas and Paycheck
Chains masks. At first I thought it was a tongue-in-cheek
thing about wannabe robbers wanting to be like the Payday gang, something like Hotline Miami 2 where wannabes
were imitating Jacket. In fact, the descriptions of the masks kind
of points towards it and that was what I thought, until I stumbled upon a thread in the Payday
forums. And so in the thread, there was some discussion going on about the
2 masks and how the quality isn’t good and why neon lights. Then one forum user replied that the 2 masks are actually modelled exactly after 2 real life products. Are you ready for this? And here we have it! Turns out, there is a website that specializes
in making neon lit masks for party or concert purposes. And here, the “Glowing Clown Mask with American
Flag” (which comes in 2 colours) and the “Glowing Angry Clown Mask” for
Dallas and Chains. We also have the “Glowing Nightmare Before
Christmas” Wolf mask and the only one missing is the Hoxton mask. These are hilarious and pretty cool at the
same time. I guess the saying “imitation is form of
flattery” is true after all. I’ll leave the link to the website in the
description, so you guys can check it out. You know, in case some of you guys might want
to get these masks for Christmas or New Year’s countdown. I’ll see you guys in the next video so have
a good holiday. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

4 comments on “The Paycheck Gang [Random] [Payday 2]”

  1. TwoBearsHighFiving says:

    That moment when someone tells you that one of your favorite masks in payday 2 is actually a real life product and you buy it faster than you delete your internet history.

  2. Alex says:

    Signor Presidente, puo mettere la playlist delle canzoni che ha usato nel video? (mi scusi per la sgrammaticazione, ma ho una tastiera francese)

  3. John Peacekeeper says:

    Some people would jump at the chance to sue for something like this

    Others make it a shoutout

    Good guys at Overkill

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