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Charise and I met on Myspace many years ago I was
looking for a drummer for a band and she had stated that she was drummer on her profile but she was not a drummer I didn’t say I was a drummer it was just picture of me on drumline my name’s Charise I’m a photographer and graphic designer Josh is a contractor we just bought our first house the idea of buying a house felt like a big scary thing that we weren’t ready for Portland’s really growing right now and expected to keep going one of the things
that makes Portland really special is that from the heart of downtown you can drive ten minutes and
be in a forest but because of that with the influx of people moving to Portland
it definitely makes a high demand on the housing market very low availability and houses are flying
off the shelves right away we didn’t really expect to find one in our price
range but this one being such a fixer-upper we thought was a great
opportunity for us since we have the skills and desire to put the work in I love every single aspect of it trying to help design
the layout the demo everything from start to finish it’s just fun to be able to work on
something that is your own that you know whenever you’re doing this work it’s
actually an investment in your life it grows in leaps and bounds if the small amount of work that we can do in one weekend is gonna make such a big difference then imagine where we’re gonne be in 2 years we should have done it years ago right when I moved here I wish I would have done it cause I could of and I just was too afraid to take that leap you know I think growing up there’s this idea as a kid that the adults have everything together finding out that we were capable and ready to buy a house
even though we still feel like you know our lives are constantly evolving that was when we really realized that we were ready

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  1. Umberto Fournier says:

    Best bang for your buck.

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