The Places in Between – Nashville, TN (:30)

Jason: Location Scouting
is about exploration. Two different people can
explore the same city and find completely
different options. Jess: Nashville is vibrant,
energetic and kind of wild. Is this way the front? Store Clerk: Yeah. Jason: There is a more
exquisite Nashville that no one really knows about. Is this peach? Jess: My advice? Don’t be afraid to get
a little bit lost… Even in your own city. Julianna: Earn
three times points on travel and restaurants – near, far, and the
places in between. Sapphire Reserve from Chase. Make More of What’s Yours.

4 comments on “The Places in Between – Nashville, TN (:30)”

  1. Xero Punt says:


  2. Leo Nards Bro says:

    Hey CHASE.Stop targeting people for their political beliefs!
    CHASE bank are shutting down conservative accounts and former military bank accounts for supporting Trump. That's pretty dirty.

  3. Thorny Dig8 says:

    You know why Chase hides it's comment section? Chase is closing the bank accounts of Veterans and Trumps supporters…. I'll be closing mine next week.

  4. Feanor1169 says:

    How is it legal for banks to deny services to people for their (conservative) political beliefs?

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