Michael Motherfucking McCrudden AKA Fact God Michael McCrudden Did another video on me!! Thank God!! Thank you! His first video he did was a before I was famous video, and he got every fact ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Correct. Michael is never wrong. And of course, there’s one of me Let’s watch it together. Before he started earning 4 million a year For a million a year (Wait for punchline) That’s cute (GOT EM) Felix Keelburg (Gasp of mock surprise) Felix Keelburg Sorry what? Michael made a video called Pewdiepie: The Rich Life. Will he get my name, right? I’m so excited. Let’s watch. Pewdiepie’s long reign- Are you fu-? You cheated Michael! Michael, I know you’re watching this you cheated yooo00 oooo0000000000oooooooo God damn, I’m so disappointed. **The King of YouTube** Heavy lies the crown, but this man has little to worry ’bout because he’s made **BILLIONS** and millions of duh- what? Did he just say *B*illions and millions Billions and Millions and, he definitely said Billion *B*illions and millions of dollars YouTube, Michael is saying that I’m making billions WTF NONONONO DON’T DON’T YOU MONETIZE THE VIDEO I’M SORRY (click) GODDDDAMMMMITTT NOOOO PLEASEEEEE!!!!! (ORGASMS) It could be billions I’m sure Pewdiepie doesn’t like to spend his wealth on materialistic goods- The money just go up my ass? Hell yeah! In fact on Instagram He posted that an expensive whiskey is the only luxury, he’ll allow himself to spend his money on. Goddamn it! This is going to be the most boring life- of the rich life this is gonna be the most boring episode of the rich life, because I’m I’m SO boring. I don’t spend money on anything. I have my computer. I got my Whiskey But let’s just watch him say what he says that we have- He has picked up a few pets including his pugs: Edgar and Maeyah (Satisfied laugh) Maya. I mean of course Fact God Michael, Maya, your name is Maeyah now. Come here Your name is Maeyah now, okay? And you did not cost that much by the way. Maeyah: WHAT?! Maya is like our budget dog because she only has one eye (oh hp ho the pirates life for me) So she was a lot cheaper. We got her when we had barely any money. I bought her from my parents Christmas money But you know a blessing in disguise because she was she’s such a wonderful dog You know so this is like poor and then like a nicely bred perfect pug But he’s the fucking asshole He’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. So you know having money isn’t really worth it. Is it worth it Edgar? Huh, huh is it? (Soft gentle kisses) The answer: Nein (NO) And he’s also got a frog being Slippy, or is it Sippy. I’m not sure. What do you mean? Michael what’ve I- what Michael McCrudden What do you mean? What is the name of PewdiePie’s toad? SLIPPY WHAT DO YOU MEAN But here on The Rich Life We did some more digging and it seems that, Pewdiepie owns at least two cars And we ain’t talking about this piece of shit. [blimey] Hey, man, that’s offensive I still own that car by the way. I can’t get it to start anymore, but Pewdiepie actually owns a volvo XC90- How the fuck does that nibba know that excuse my language, but Michael did some digging WHAT?! How did he- I never posted that and he even got the model of the mini right? What is happening? Michael? Michael, you out there? Michael motherfuckin MCCCCCRRRUDDDEN He also got himself a 1982 Honda motor- That I posted on Instagram but how? Nonono remove that zero on that thing I’m not gonna spend that much on a fucki- unless he decided to make the seaside vacation spot In Brighton, England, his HOME and here, well the rent, It doesn’t come cheap- Yeah why am I living here? I don- I don’t understand Pewdiepie was still renting his property this is pretty shocking stuff Why does everybody think that I rent?! I don’t rent okay? You gotta invest in properties man You got to protect your wealth from inflation, man I’m not going to end up in 30 years, “Hey guys. It’s me Let’s do Scare Pewdiepie S24” Does anyone have my fucking cigarette? Money has pegged Pewdiepie net worth at 90 million- DAMN Money Nation Very generous of you. MoneyNation! hell yeah man. Hell yeah money nation money nation the Pewdiepie net worth comes from Minus estimated tax. What are you smoking? Don’t you know that I am in the 45% tax bracket (pleasure) Why am I in UK everyone is always like “Pewdiepie? He’s so humble” No, If I don’t spend money. I don’t have to tax it If I end up in Anguilla all of a sudden “Hey guys, I live in Anguilla now” that’s because I love Anguilla and Not because of any other reason. What else do they have in this list Cayman Islands, everyone. That seems like a good place to live or Ghana Ghana seems like my new favorite place NATIONAL GHANA ANTHEM OVERLAPPED OVER PEWDI FACE WITH THE CASH FLOW I generally don’t care about income, but seeing this has generally brought a smile upon my face And there’s the website: which concluded that his net worth is 50 million dollars.To be honest No one really knows how much money is in Pewdiepie bank account besides himself, but seeing as he’s clocked in over 15 Billion views and branched off into multiple other ventures, let’s take a shot in the dark and go with FIFTY MILLION “Totally random guess” -by Michael McCrudden Well, if it comes from Michael McCrudden’s mouth, it has to be TRUE It’s solid fact it’s written in the diary It’s written in the dictionary It is written in the BI!IBLE!! I’m going to walk you through his financial come up and what he spent his fortune on here for you on the Rich life. My name is Michael Creton and I got a question- Wait a minute, Did I pronounce Michael’s name wrong? [shut up] Am I guilty of the same crimes My name’s Michael McCrudden I getto- Michael Creton? What happened to the MAC? You can’t just skip the Mac What is the name of Pewdiepie’s cameraman? His hard-working dude? Who doesn’t get nearly enough credit and he has a very beautiful name? Take a guess the answer will be at the end of this video. Now, let’s jump into this episode of The Rich Life. Okay what’s the name of my cameraman then Michael? Anywho let’s hope we share some of that whiskey with his cameraman, “Michael” His name is BRAD What. I knew you know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Solid fact: his name’s Michael everyone June of 2014 his good friends at the time over at the Wall Street Journal They’ve reported that Pewdiepie had earned four million dollars in 2013 alone and that when him and WSJ were cool WSJ? [ahhah] More like S-doublejew- JW, am I right? (Autistic screech) I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to like speculate net worth. Literally How much is a thousand views worth on YouTube. Okay. Great. Let’s make it two dollars because that’s a pretty shitty CPM otherwise (ANIME BGM) Minus taxes. (Hit: 5 damage) I really should have done more math stuff before I made the original Before They Were Famous video I screwed up. AHAHyeahHAHA Michael, you can’t screw up. You’re the fact God. Never forget it. Pewdiepie’s unstoppable trajectory took a small hit in 2017 when the Wall Street journal labeled him as an anti-semite They pieced together comedic bits taken from multiple videos including a very obvious joke- Goddamn it was obvious. Thank you Michael God bless your soul! Michael: Fact God McCrudden He even had a few guys hold up a sign that read Well, you know what it said- Yeah we don’t have to- we don’t have to talk about that anymore, right Michael? Thank you Michael God bless you. Love you. Call me Anywho, it ended up being the most expensive five bucks Felix had ever spent. (Sad realization faked by even sadder burst of laughter) Yeah, that’s probably true But Pewdiepie lost out on multiple branded deals, his entertainment network Revelmode was shut down and his Youtube Red series Scare Pewdiepie S02: It was CANNED SCARE PEWDIEPIE AHHHHHH canned But I still got paid anyway!! ||Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we|| Heyyyy Dab on them. HATER I can’t put a number on these potential losses One can assume it was well into millions- but I still got paid anyway ah ah less effort ah more money ah Pewdiepie still has plenty of other revenue streams Let’s take a look at his merch line. Over at Pewdiepie fan fibre dotcom, you can pick up a fidget spinner for 13.49 I love how that’s the only thing you can buy in my merch right now. You can buy a fucking fidget spinner (Sad realization faked by even sadder burst of laughter) March done right, everyone- A t-shirt for 30.99 or a hoodie for 60 bucks Okay, first first of all Michael McCrudden: Fact God It said sold out clearly, so, no you can’t buy them. Second of all: Is it really 60 bucks? No fucking way For me it’s 34 pounds. What’s that in dollar? That’s $44. What are you smoking Michael? Michael Fact GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD Fuck man Inflation is going to ruin me guys. I’m 100% in a couple of years going to be like, “Hey guys, It’s gay Pewdiepast S89 welcome AAAAHHHH So scared. I’m so scared by all these things His new line is titled “Context Matters” which backs up his defense against the WSJ Now I think these are pretty dope and I’m likely not the only one! Hell Yeah Michael. Give me your address I will send you all the fidget spinners You need baby. If only one and every 5,000 viewers were to buy something from this website Pewdiepie would take home another 40 million in merchandise revenue. [WOOW] You heard the Fact God Everyone, link in the description. Buy a fidget spinner and cure MY DEPRESSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIOOOONNNNNNN Okay, I’m sorry Felix But we ain’t done just yet. Of course there is his book “This Book Loves You” which became a New York Times Bestseller and his video games like Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator They both did insanely well [GAH!] Believe it or not. I made these things because I wanted to make stuff that you guys can enjoy and It’s really I know like not everyone can get one I know everyone’s financial situation is different But the fact that you guys got a supportive stuff that I personally made and spent a lot of time into creating It’s very very humbling to see that I have people that actually Does that, and that really, really means a lot and it’s really not about “Ey let so many people as possible can buy so I could Get more money.” It’s just seeing you guys at the meetups and all that shit. It’s really really cool I really really appreciate it, and I don’t see why the fuck anyone would do it I guess what I’m trying to say Let’s take a look at what he spent his fortune on. Let’s kick things off with real estate Pewdiepie was kicked out of his East Essex Brighton flat by his landlord for making too much noise while filming his videos Back then he and his girlfriend were- How the fuck did you find that? That’s where I used to live: The Middle One Second Top Floor WHAT THE FUCK, I’m so amazed that we got the deposit back from that place Edgar fucked that place up he shit all over the place. Goddamn, never forget it a two-bedroom flat can cost anywhere from 1500 That’s pretty cheap though. For Brighton, that’s a cheap price. And that’s on the cheap side- Oh My God Fact God Michael! He got it right! I mean he always get it right, what am I talking about? Now I got to thank Pewdiepie’s BROs |Hell yeah| for helping me out on this one I scroll through Pewdiepie’s Instagram account and found two pictures of car interiors Then I looked at the comments and the bros had figured out which cars they were So it wasn’t Michael It was you guys who find out my car. Goddammit, you sneaky son of a bitch. Of course, I’m such a fuckin [faggot] (don’t worry pewds we already knew that) that I get a Swedish man, Swedish car. It’s owned by Chinese people, nah, but let’s pretend that never happened So there you have it The Rich Life of Pewdiepie. That one’s in the can. My name’s Michael McCrudden, I’ll see you guys in another video. BOOOM ALRIGHT That was the video. [boom] Michael, of course, even though the video is done leaves me as the outro to hit that 10-minute mark God bless your soul Michael. God bless FUCK YOU BOOM

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