The Rise And Fall Of Hooters Air

– [Announcer] Hooters Air
puts the fun back into flying. (record scratching) – [Narrator] Wait a minute. – [Announcer] Hooters
girls on every flight. – [Narrator] Hooters had an airline? – [Announcer] All leather
seats with extra leg room. Call 1-888-FLY-HOOT. – [Narrator] You might not
have known about Hooters Air because it didn’t last long. – Fly Hooters Air! – There you go. – [Narrator] It started in 2003, and initially the airline was successful, but it shut down just three years later. – We’re at the Gary Chicago
International Airport where Hooters Air is about
to make their maiden flight to Myrtle Beach. – [Narrator] Based in Myrtle
Beach, South Carolina, it offered low-price direct flights to more than 15 destinations in the U.S. Air fares were a flat rate
of $129 dollars each way. So why did Hooters
think it was a good idea to start an airline, and why did it fail? – If you like what you
see here on the outside, you’re gonna love what
you’ll see on the inside. – [Narrator] Hooters was
founded by six business men in Clearwater, Florida in 1983. A year later, an Atlanta-based
group led by Bob Brooks saw the company’s potential
and bought it outright. – It was the first “breastaurant” chain. So basically they pioneered the idea that they’re going to have all their
waiters where short shorts and really tight tank tops. – Do you know why our beer
is so cold here at Hooters? Because we keep it in the refrigerator. – From kind of the ’80s
until the early 2000s it was a very successful
kind of growing business. – [Narrator] By 2003,
Hooters was flushed with cash and Bob Brooks wanted to expand the brand, so he bought a small North
Carolina-based charter airline called Pace Airlines. He repainted the airplanes
with the company logo and Hooters Air took off. – What would you tell people
out there watching the show about flying Hooters Air? – You should definitely do it. It’s an experience like no other. – How about yourself? – It’s gonna be the most
exciting time of your life. – [Pilot] I’m probably one
of the few pilots who can say I actually went to “pilot heaven.” – [Narrator] This is the voice of a former Hooters Air pilot. He asked to remain anonymous. – There was a lot of
intrigue about this airline not because of necessarily
what was going on on the inside but more so what people
perceived from the outside. – It’s gonna be a nice
change from the restaurant. Instead of serving food and all that stuff and picking up trash, we get
to just basically entertain, ask trivia questions and all that. – [Narrator] A common
misconception about Hooters Air was that the flight
attendants on the flights were Hooters girls. Not exactly. In addition to the two
Hooters girls on every flight, there were three FAA-certified
flight attendants. – [Flight Attendant] The flight
attendants are the ones who serve all the food and
the drinks, per usual. I had a professional uniform. I had like a navy blue dress. You know, it was very professional. It had the little owl
embroidered emblem on it. – [Flight Attendant] We just
did the safety procedures and stuff like that. And then we had two Hooters girls from different restaurants in the area but they had no training whatsoever. They were just there
just for passenger fun. – What is it all gonna include? You guys are gonna be up
there serving customers? – No wings.
– No wings. – But great food.
– But great food. – Yeah, we got some soft pretzels and we got some like pigs in a blanket and you know, maybe some … fruit, you know. – [Flight Attendant] The two Hooters girls would get up during the
flight and do trivia or little games or sing a song. I think they just sat in
their seats the whole time until it was their five minutes
to get up, and that was it. The rest of the time us
flight attendants are working. – [Interviewer] Were
there ever any incidents that you witnessed of harassment or customers getting a
little too inebriated? – [Flight Attendant] I never
saw any kind of harassment. There was definitely flirtiness. Any flight, you’re always
gonna come across some people that have drank too much, but nothing bad. It was fun, we did our job right. It was just very happy memories. – [Announcer] Fares from $99. Convenient morning departures
and evening returns. – [Narrator] Hooters Air
helped out smaller airports like the one in Gary, Indiana, just 25 miles southeast of Chicago. – It’s good news, more airline
service, more activity, more economic development, more jobs, more people spending money
in northwest Indiana and … – Good news. – Southern Chicago, and so
it’s very good news, yeah. – [Narrator] And it was
a major economic boon to one city in particular: Myrtle Beach. – In its heyday Hooters Air
was bringing between 3,000 and 5,000 people a week
into the Myrtle Beach area. Hooters Air was more than just an airline. It was a huge philanthropic contribution to the Myrtle Beach area by Mr. Brooks, who had a vision that
the Myrtle beach area could grow and expand and evolve as a tourism destination
and a business community. – [Narrator] Hooters Air
was big for Myrtle Beach but it wasn’t enough to keep it airborne, so Hooters shut it down in
2006, citing a $40 million loss. – It was compounded by
a couple of factors. They started the airline
still as the airline industry was recovering from the 9/11 attacks. People were still scared
of getting on airplanes. There was growing low-fare
competition in the market as Southwest and other
airlines had begun to expand. And jet fuel prices were trending upward. So it just wasn’t an
economically viable business. – [Narrator] Hooters chairman
Bob Brooks passed away in 2006, the same year
that Hooters Air shut down. – There are people at
work and people enjoying the Myrtle Beach area
that might never have had the opportunity to do so if
it weren’t for Bob Brooks, so we remain very grateful
for his investment in his airline and our community. – [Narrator] Despite the
failure of Hooters Air, the Hooters brand continue to thrive. – They’ve opened hundreds
of locations in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. They are more than a
$250 million business, basically, at this point, and they kind of took over the U.S. and then the world. – [Pilot] Often times, going into cities, we’d be on an approach and we’d hear the air traffic controller say, “Do you have the Hooters
airplane in sight? “And if you do, follow that aircraft.” Well, other pilots would
often say things like, “You mean the airplane
with the big hooters? “We have it in sight.” So, um … (chuckles)

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  84. Øivind Solheim says:


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    It did not even say why the airline failed. But from my point of view the problem was that the actual Hooter Girls only stood up for 5 minutes and that's it. The customers came to see the girls to have a different experience. The customers spread the word that the girls only stood up for 5 minutes and basically do nothing. Then the customers lost appeal for the airline plus the girls were not attractive enough to keep up afloat.

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