The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

100 comments on “The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News”

  1. Tristen Moran says:

    14:48 Fly disagrees with Clinton's following statements lol.

  2. Infamos Heaven says:

    Lol, Hillary sucked

  3. matt bardot says:

    Hillary was soooooo unlikable. I can see why Trump won.

  4. Caleb Johnson says:

    14:47 a fly smells the garbage

  5. Plaid Paisley says:

    Lady, please! Can we talk about your husband & women?! 😡

  6. Rodolfo Delasancha says:

    Watching this in 2019. Brilliantly done Donald.

  7. Kudos says:

    Omg. The moderators are soooooooo annoying and biased.

  8. Swapnil Gandhi says:

    Did hillary cry after every debate??? 😀😁

  9. Jarred Smith says:

    20:00 in. Youd be in jail.

  10. That's Great says:

    I love how the moderators were against Trump the entire time.

  11. Jip Wonders says:

    Can an American reply and tell me if he lowered the taxes

  12. Sergio Alba says:

    This presidential debate will be in our history books and it’ll serve as a Highlight* to recognize that we need to invest more on public education, in particular Civics/American History. The ignorant mind unknowingly corrupts our democracy.

  13. DuaLeaD says:

    I like it even more than the "Because you'd be in jail" moment. The Clintons' record is a disgrace and I was over-the-moon when he called them both out on it. That look on Bill Clinton's face at 14:05 is PRICELESS…. Never seen a politician so prepared for such a tough question!

  14. DuaLeaD says:

    Gotta love it when the politician your wife is running against brings all your sexual assault victims to the debate…. AHAHAHA!!!!

  15. bax323 says:

    Geez, talk about blatantly biased moderators. Trump had to debate with three people not one.

  16. Cherrystorm's PoetreenMotion says:


  17. Hitchslap says:

    'BECAUSE YOU'D BE IN JAIL." That's my president and I'm still not tired of winning!!

  18. Kim Jackson says:

    Put this video in the trash please and thank you…

  19. Jacob Fine feat. Rhiane West says:


  20. Sandeep Jaiswar says:


  21. Victoria Hirsch says:

    Donald Trump is a genius 👍🇺🇸
    We love to remember this moment.

  22. Cray Jit says:

    Take a shot everytime she smiles, you'll be drunk before the nights out.

  23. wise johnny says:

    Hillary is a real treat to the existence of a country called The USA. (Terrorist Sympathiser)

  24. wise johnny says:

    Thanks God hilarious clinton lost the election

  25. wise johnny says:

    51:48= Donald Trump (holding the chair thinking) WWE STYLE… GUESS

  26. wise johnny says:

    Hillary only won one thing in this election "nothing".

  27. wise johnny says:

    How can i like my own comments 1000 times?? ❓ Ans. :

  28. wise johnny says:

    Obama was the worst president ever in the history of presidency of any country.

  29. Wenyuan Wu says:

    When Hillary said everything Trump said about the emails is absolutely false she lost.

  30. Saibabu Biyyala says:

    we want debate Rahul gandhi and narendra modi

  31. RapidTuber 3 says:

    I don’t like that fat guy in the red shirt.. go TRUMP

  32. Viets Zhuang says:

    A Chinese passed by without talking anything .

  33. Viets Zhuang says:

    A Chinese passed by without talking anything .

  34. Claudia Villarreal says:

    Wondering if she was thinking how the FBI was doing re: helping her try pulling the biggest political hoax in America history? What a fool!

  35. Nissan370Z says:

    Women SHOULD be charged more for health care, since THEY USE IT MORE.

  36. Nissan370Z says:

    14:12 Pure scum

  37. nowonmetube says:


  38. nowonmetube says:

    1:24:04 Oof! The fly on Hillary's chest.

  39. vishwas rana says:

    I have to go usa.

  40. vishwas rana says:

    I have to visite.

  41. Sedar Games says:


  42. Boring Troublemaker says:

    I have something angry and misguided to say about this event, I am commenting it here because I know it will start a massive, fruitless argument, and I am extremely bored.

  43. Eric C says:

    I just want to say, now that Trump's been Pres for a good while.. He kept his word on A LOT of his promises in these debates. He may be quite rough with his words and on Twitter sometimes, but I like that he keeps his promises.

  44. HIVE777 says:

    17:38 when trump mentions she lost against Obama and she stepped out of the race the camera goes dim a couple times… it’s like the demonic forces are angered they didn’t win the campaign. God bless the Trump that was prophesied in the Bible. He trumpeted and herald in the truth of this evil Clinton administration and saved our country for a time and the Jerusalem is restored and the sounding of the trump fulfilling bible prophecy and the end and start of the new Jubilee

  45. Ahmadreza gh.abolfazl says:

    14:49 is that a fly sitting on Hillary's face?

  46. Edwin Cifuentes says:

    Urban Outfitters be like 19:10

  47. HARĪ says:


  48. Quan phan says:

    1 vs 3

  49. Jerry V says:

    Jewish Theathre !

  50. Jerry V says:

    Trump is a disaster for USA …….you will find out later
    biggest support to Israel ,to communist NWO ….you are done ..sad to say

  51. The steel Shadow says:

    14:48 xD

  52. Little Bit says:

    "As soon as my routine audit is done, I'll release my returns."…… still waiting…longest audit in history

  53. Little Bit says:

    It's immoral for ANY billionaire to take tax provisions

  54. James R says:

    This election was not just about not electing Hillary, it was also about not electing her husband. Think about that creep lurking the halls of the White House. It would have been scandal, after scandal.

  55. James R says:

    How do you know when Hillary Clinton is lying? When her mouth is moving.

  56. Vic Populi says:

    I would have more respect for Trump if he just admitted to sexually assaulting women.

  57. Ox Alek says:

    If that hag got elected – Epstein would still messing with little kids, you can bank on that.

  58. newway/oldway says:

    @NBC: Remember the focus on Clinton and the result it yielded. Don't make the same mistake — include Andrew Yang in your reporting and enough with the fake news.

  59. HiP3R SniP3R says:

    I’m from England n I love watching these

  60. HiP3R SniP3R says:

    1:16:30 😂

  61. DOMTG says:

    Alright Hillary let's get deep into the logical 😂💀oh wait not that deep

  62. bradleycpttd says:

    So glad she is not president. She was a horrible candidate and no doubt, she would have been a horrible president.

  63. Silas Graves says:

    1:05:36 Make it a sneak attack!

  64. sabrefury icon says:

    Most irretating host and pair ewww

  65. Kristall garcia says:

    know that people know how Trump is a bad president they gonna want Hilary back

  66. deadeye says:

    Trump wins the election at 20:09.

  67. Susan Williams says:

    She is a witch

  68. Mario sntstbn says:

    He was so prepared to get back at them that they didnt see it coming lol. Trump is such an awesome man.

  69. Shawn Mcginnity says:

    Trump trump trump

  70. Cassandra's Eyes says:

    14:49 fly on her

  71. Cassandra's Eyes says:

    God Bless President Donald Trump

  72. Lee Leffingwell says:

    Amazing. Watching this again now you can see the anti trump, and despise the fake news trash moderators had for Trump. Truth is, Trump smoked her in all 3 debates. Hillary wishes she was half the candidate Trump was. It Is crazy how they kept bringing up what trump said on that bus. That is because Hillary had no platform so it was a way to distract. Funny, the mainstream media and establishment tried to drag this old hag across the finish line to the Presidency and we said no. Lol.

  73. Guadalupe Perez says:

    Bills face when the camera pans to him when trump is talking about him LOL, looks like he wants to strangle him

  74. North America civilization party says:


  75. s negoro says:


  76. s negoro says:


  77. Lenny Watt says:

    20:15 The most savage part

  78. Andrew Corbett says:

    Trump anniliated her on every point

  79. reaper man says:

    She makes him look so great. 2016 tears still fall.

  80. reaper man says:

    When Willy gets a pass, so does Trump. Fair is fair.

  81. reaper man says:

    How do people not see? Just stupid . 2020 Trump. Give me a better choice.

  82. Google Andrew Yang says:


  83. Humble Life says:

    Three years later….democrat arguments are still as hollow as Hillary Clinton in this debate.

  84. The Cult of Izen says:

    you know what word sounds like trump?. triumph😉 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  85. Jame Thong says:

    Hillary is hot.

  86. Al Barajas says:

    A Trump and a Stump

  87. Al Barajas says:

    Hilarious Cliton when you think it's called a fart

  88. AplhaConservative007 says:


    That sentence alone won him this presidency!!

  89. Michael Gentry says:

    I’m Still watching in 2019 🤣.

  90. dev sharma says:

    America is comedy😂😂

  91. Guess Who says:

    "OHHHHH BOIIIII here we go again with the russians" 45:02

    Trump 2016

  92. Freedom Forall American says:

    NBC is the enemy of the American people go trump 2020 Everyone in my city is for trump I see his flags everywhere the media lies go trump

  93. Brian Anshen says:

    Why is this now on my recommendations

  94. Ted Joseph says:

    Can you imagine if this lying crook Killary would have won?!

  95. Ted Joseph says:

    After watching this MESS, and knowing Killary got the debate questions, I realize the media is bought and paid for by the DNC!

  96. Ted Joseph says:

    And NBC hasn't learned a thing from this mess that is the DNC..

  97. Ted Joseph says:

    14:45 Fly lands on a pathetic, liar, that is full of SHT…

  98. hithereitsleaa says:

    I feel bad for America they did not stand a chance when they let Hilary run I do not like trump but Hilary did not have a foot to stand on

  99. Steven MacDonald says:

    IDK how trying to accuse Trump of groping women pertains to American interests. Baseless accusations. Can you prove that he DID grope these woman, or your just basing it off of what he said. I want to smack the glasses off that little whining baby man and the wrinkles off that old hag…

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