The SHOCKING Truth About Making Money (Animated)

– [[Presenter] In 2010,
Princeton University did a study where they measured if money is really
correlated with happiness. And they said that happiness
does increase with wealth but the correlation, peaks
at earning $75,000 per year. So basically, if you start to earn more
than $75,000 per year, your happiness does not
improve that much more. The narrative in the
modern-day world is that, if you don’t have a lot
of money, you are a loser, you are unreliable, you are worthless and you aren’t good enough. Rich people, celebrities,
social media stars are glorified and celebrated
for showing off their wealth and you’ll see photos on Instagram of them hashtagging success and
they’ll have a car, a jet, they’ll have jewelry or just
having expensive clothes on. And they say to the whole world, that this is what success looks like. And the general world view is that, money will make everything better. I feel like I have a very
unique perspective on this topic because I’ve spent the past two years traveling all around the world
while making money online. I’ve had a ton of freedom being able to create my own schedule,
doing what I wanted and when I wanted to do it. But, I did all of that while initially, only making around $40,000 per year, which I guess, that means I couldn’t
have actually been happy according to social media and Instagram. I started to really think
about this money topic after I’d went on a date with a dentist that I had met in Sydney, Australia. It was a Thursday night
and we were grabbing drinks at my local bar. And we got on the topic of her career. As we started to talk more and more, and as she started to drink
more and more, she hinted that she makes around $300,000 per year. She asked me if I had
any plans for the weekend and I told her that I was going
to fly to Brisbane, tomorrow to visit a friend. And she asked me, “Dade, don’t you work
tomorrow, it’s Friday?” And then I told her that
I make my income online and I have systems in place, that allow me to only work
for a couple hours per day and sometimes even zero hours per day. When I told her that, I could see her face was filled with jealousy
and envy and she said, “Man, I wish I could do that, “I wish I had a job like yours.” And I laughed and I responded with, “Really, you have a very successful job, “you’re totally, financially-free, “you can buy whatever you
want and you want my job “which makes a fraction “of what you are currently making now?” And she responded with, “Yeah,
I have a lot of money but “I don’t even know what to spend it on. “I don’t even have time to spend it. “The only thing I splurge on, “is getting massages a few times per week “because my job is so stressful.” I think when a lot of
guys think about money, this is what they think. I need money to get the girl of my dreams. I need money so I can travel. I need money to have freedom. I need money to feel
confident and to be happy. Let’s take a moment and actually look at, what money provides us and we’ll start with the topic, of women. A lot of guys think, that having money equals having beautiful women around or that money equals
meeting an amazing girl and settling down with her. And it’s true, that money can
help you meet the right girl but it certainly, is not a requirement. Money is only one aspect to attraction. If anything, it shows the girl that you are the type of
person who can achieve things and provide for a family. But having money is not the
only aspect to attraction and in my opinion, it’s by no means, the most important part of attraction. There are other aspects like personality, having a high self esteem, being funny, providing comfort for
her, being there for her. I’m somebody who has
worked a lot on himself and I can honestly say, that
having money is absolutely not a requirement to having
a fulfilling dating life. Instead of focusing on money,
you would be way better off working on your inner
self, like being confident and having a high self-esteem. Now, let’s look at the second topic which is freedom and travel. And this one is by far, my favorite one. For some reason, people think
that you need a lot of money in order to travel, and
this is totally untrue. The only expensive part
about traveling, is flying and you can even do that cheaply
if you’re smart about it. You can see on my screen right now that I can fly to Thailand
from Los Angeles for only $450. I traveled all around Australia and Europe while only making $40,000 per year. So, I had achieved freedom
while not having a lot of money. The next one, confidence. Many guys think that having
money will give them confidence. They think that, when I have money, I’ll be able to walk into a
room and feel good about myself. I can hold my head up high
and people will look at me and they will respect me. Now, the process of
starting your own business and making money, can provide
you with this confidence but having money, by itself, does not actually provide this for you. Experiences and achievement
is what gives you confidence. And once again, I had achieved confidence without having a lot of money. And last but not least, happiness. I think it’s interesting
how people still think that money will make you happy despite 95% of the rich people saying that money does not provide you with happiness. When I was making $40,000 per year while traveling and
having a ton of freedom, I was way happier than a lot
of wealthy people who had no time, they were really stressed, they didn’t even like their job. However, they had more
money in their bank account. So, once again, I had achieved this while not having a lot of money. So, by this point, I
bet at least some of you are thinking to yourself, I’ve heard so many guys
like this talk about money. He’s talking about how money
is pointless, how it’s stupid, how I shouldn’t want money, and that is actually, not what I’m saying. There is nothing wrong with pursuing money if it’s done in a healthy way. I just think that the reasons why most people are pursuing money, because they think it will give them women, freedom, confidence,
just doesn’t make sense because money cannot provide you this. This mindset is fundamentally flawed. Thinking that having money will let you meet the girl of your dreams is like someone thinking
that running every single day will make them a really
good basketball player. Will money help with meeting someone? Sure, it can help a little bit. Will running every day help with becoming a
great basketball player? Yeah, a little bit, but
you can’t just ignore everything else, like the
fundamentals of basketball, like how to dribble, how
to shoot, how to pass, how to grip the ball. This is what makes you a
great basketball player just like how being
confident, funny, caring, having a high self-esteem,
are the fundamentals of attracting the right girl. I’m not saying wanting money is bad, just make sure you understand why you want money and
understand the things that money can and cannot provide you. If you enjoyed this video,
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  1. Mitch Manly says:

    Do you agree?

    Also, if you are new here, be sure to subscribe and turn the notification bell on 🙂

    EDIT: I know making $40,000 CAD per year is a lot of money in certain counties, but remember I lived in Vancouver and Melbourne. These are 2 two very expensive cities to live in. If you wanted to move to Vancouver right now, you will have to pay around $1,500 CAD just for a studio apartment in the city.

    Appreciate all the comments though guys, I love reading them.

  2. Bossanac brate says:

    In todays world, money buys you a certain amount of power if you use it right.
    Power is everything. Power means people will respect you, you will be known.
    You can build your empire with money. A place, where you have the power. A place where nothing can stop you.

    Money can work for you and your family.
    Our society is based on money. Thats why we see all these influencers, coaches, motivation videos on: MONEY.

    You are privileged with money. Deal with it, thats life. It doesnt mean it makes you happy. It can destroy you.
    But you can build and destroy with it too. You play a role when you have a certain amount of money. You can make a difference. You can have a huge impact on the society and people around you. You will live with different values.

    If you do it right, money is the only way to release the pressure which is put on you.
    But most people will never be able to understand, because they work for money and security and wont take a risk and let money work for them.

  3. the lost rose 12 says:

    I dont know. I met this guy who he cared about money and carrer.. he never took me seriously because I dont make much. Now I've shut down. I dont want to meet anyone until I have successfully finished a good career. I want to be alone. He didnt care what I have or how much I gave him, he cared what I had. People say money cant buy happiness but in a way it can. If I had a good job with better income, he definitely would had looked at me in a way I wanted. 😥

  4. Thomas Malpass says:

    The truth right here! You can achieve financial freedom if you create passive income streams that meet your basic needs with very minimal money. To be free is true happiness and to do what you love and believe in.

  5. Siya Mzam says:

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  6. Tasnim Hossain says:

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  7. V D says:

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  8. Mar Klientz says:

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  12. Sunanda Ghosh says:

    As the mother of the hero in the film KGF said, " if you don't have money, u won't be able to live properly and peacefully, but if you don't have money, u also won't be able to die peacefully !"

  13. warriorxp7 says:

    i grew up in severe poverty and had to get small jobs like walking papers from an early age just to give my parents a chance to make ends meet.
    honestly dont wanna be rich but i wanna be able to provide my kids if i ever have any with an actual childhood they can remember fondly.

  14. Peter Danek says:

    this is so stupid only I can decide whether I would be happy as a rich person or miserable

  15. Lu Bu says:

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    I am a YouTube creator making tons of money online but my true happiness comes from God!

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  45. T-D0GG Official says:

    Honestly I see both sides, I’ve been in moments where I have money, and moment where I haven’t had anything…. and the moments I was broke…. I did feel useless…. I did feel stupid…. and I did feel… alone… but however, my girlfriend, she’s always there for me no matter what. And she told me one night that it was my money that brought her too me. It was everything else… like my ability to understand her and know what to say to her when she’s crying, the cute things I say to her, the nights I say goodnight to her before I go to bed and good morning every time I wake up…. she told me that my money had nothing to do with her loving me, it was my confidence, my trust, my heart, and my honesty… I do think that money is extremely important and you won’t go far without it. But however there’s a difference between being rich, and being wealthy. I would rather have free time on my hands, married to the women I love, with enough money to support myself, my women, and a family, Vs. being rich and being so caught up in your job that you have no time to go out and actually enjoy life, and having so much money you don’t know what to do with it. Plus all these women a rich guy gets just takes their money and fucks their homies behind there back, is being rich really worth it tho??

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    Free time and experiences are far more valuable than money, which only has worth when one spends it.
    When I was young, and married, I was poor and would have benefited from extra cash.
    Now I'm well off, but I aspire to a minimalist mentality and don't want hardly anything.
    But the most satisfying aspect of my life now is continuing education, learning and experiences.

  62. Jethro Johnson says:

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    Be rich… nah!! its okay…. I just only want my girl and a community to be happy.

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