The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

[Muslimeen] 911 and Written up insha’allah Fiorina Won Lila Lila Held up no i’m sure allah he Loves I have Been [Austin], We do [Latinas] [Leporello] or Sharp other wow Turn Around This is Raqqa the capital of the world’s newest Declared State The State Has Been Established by a Hardline Sunni, Jihadist Group that emerged out of the mayhem of the syrian Civil war Until Recently They Were known as isis now they Simply Call Themselves the islamic State or is A Speed and Efficiency With Which They advance from Syria Into iraq Caught the World and Many of Those Reporting ly by surprise the Lightning Advance of Isis and iraq President obama’s foreign Policy is May be under Attack like Never before How it was Possible for This Group Isis to sort of Sweep in To? Western Iraq They Captured the Cities of Mosul and Tikrit Robbing Local Banks and Seizing Large Amounts of Weapons [Provide] The Iraqi Military by the united States Growing in Numbers its Fighters Have come from all over the World all wanting to be part of the Caliphate an [Islamic] State That Now Stretches Through Syria and Iraq and They Say This Is Just the Beginning Little Is Known about the inner workings of the Group but vice News Filmmaker [Marianne] [Daria] Gained exclusive Access of the power Base in Raqqa Here in Raqqa Is is Fending off Daily Air Strikes me Assad Regime and Laying siege [to] a military Base is being Defended by the largest Government Force LeFt in Eastern Syria The Army’s 17th Division Islamic State Press Officer Abu Mosa Said he Would Take Worse News to see the [Frontlines] Lucubra Al-Kubra, Hada [I] saw similar dessert [Notaro] Allowed Certain Such As Love Here’s an Update on Us? Journalist Driven Afghan war even Modeling Kuvira or? Baradei Dear Mistress Externally Haruka Knows Because See Danny how The Love Stuff A 20-Man The Syrian Army Has Blocked the Main Highway and the Only Alternative Means Driving, Into The sights of a regime Sniper Bullshit Vanetti Libyan [Unless] you Mean Hollywood man and suck up Blood Other [I] can in The summer Vietnam Wonderfulness The Second [Level] [of] [Apartheid] America [Indeed] [Murchison], We ain’t no [Furniture] Takako? Situated Just over A mile From the city Center the Division 17 Base is the last Remaining Stronghold of Assad’s Forces in the Surrounding Area I think this heaven neva Hello Darryl Another Element on Playing Sultan Ali Ali Ali Minerva We love the Look as in A shopping a Month I write an Idiot like, oh [girl] good Week The first Stop Is an islamic State Checkpoint Within range of The 17th Division Space They Look hot [in] The Home so for welcome How Early Are vomit me Coldly Enricher in The [Falafel] semi Account over Hidden layer led to A Cop here Johanna and Cultura Gel [Enough] no Idle [Art] Let a tune of the Paris vendome Player To regional [Edina] Maradona Anova Home [Phil] [Eric] oh Vanilla Sofa New Model the new Phone Vicuna MCCain One Shell of Elevated Adults Opener Father right Larry Lava They Move Further Forward Closer to the Syrian Army One of the Fighters in The Group Starts Firing at the enemy [Position] Coming under Return Fire Press Officer a boom Water and Another Fighter Join the Exchange This Beleaguered Outpost of The Syrian Army Division wasn’t Giving up without a fight they kept, returning fire as Abu Mosa and the Group Headed out of the trenches Then Look, [Overall] Canal Kosova Posh no, hell [R1] at a the Sar et Salut [Fellow] for [A] each other is a duo Shop when Handle [em] Hacer Una Fata no Lady Liu, allah, allah, allah Allah [siren] Invertible to Burlington Husband Dementia nah Nitro kun ha ha ha Ha dean, odell, [ma] I doubt it’s any other dean Holder why Not me I didn’t Philosopher I’m not [even] Alhassan [Attired] and [Further] [academ] Anymore Killing A Man Over Sherlock A few Weeks later is launched a large-Scale offensive against The 17 They Over Ran the Base Killing at least 50 Regime Soldiers Their Corpses Were Displayed in Downtown Raqqa Their Heads mounted on Fence Posts It sends A clear message that the city is Firmly under Is Control Under the Command of [Abu] [bakr] al [Baghdadi] In Allah allah Aziz [Wamu] jalla that [yada] [allah] Whoa a photo Home one Mccallum litter Desire to him we’re in Our to neruda la Fat Yagi Doofy severe allah Although This was the only Known Public Appearance of our Baghdady his Influence is [Growing] I hope you guys What [oh] This was A message [that] Clearly resonated with the Crowd on Hand Consumer Sentiment Metroid Is a girl of the day I’m activatin Jellia 109 of the Way and Angelina The other Movie no Water for senior Policy on A several of our One-Seven Naquadah who Would Choose a new Judy, We do the donor is Maria De la la i’m Gonna sue Rama Did A number on [by] [a] [Minion] a fuckin Pathetic I love Little Syllabus Tammy Detection Via Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Karachi you you

100 comments on “The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)”

  1. christian oppelt says:

    isis idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha


    When this cult religion will eradicate from the earth

  3. Kevin Campbell says:

    Gonna hang their flag in the White House. OKAY BUDDY

  4. Hassam Ali says:

    ISIS killed thousands of innocent people in Syria. Correction USA killed them by using ISIS

  5. Rashmi Dabhi says:

    This is not islam, islam never said to killed to inosant people

  6. Angelina Lim says:

    So Patty on children…. Islam always using kids for thay fringe

  7. jumadi wetan says:

    manusia dpt membedakan yg mana agama dan mana yg doktrin …

  8. jumadi wetan says:

    To forbid people by killing them that is called doctrine not religion…

  9. AAshish P Shegokar says:

    Islaam is bad religion.

  10. combo gogoi says:

    Any1 Abu Hajjar??

  11. Reza Medika says:

    Never fucking let these barbaric savages enter the western world!

  12. Nantha Kumar says:

    ISIS= made in America Bustards and Israel bustards

  13. the e says:

    I can imagine IS fighters trying to surrender with a white flag, only for the Syrians or Iraqis they surrender to mistaking it for an Al-Nusra flag without the Arabic writing. Then gunfire. Lots of gunfire.

  14. bill1usmc says:

    The spread of the caliphate closely resembles the spreading of peanutbutter…. their bodies cover the dry earth smoothly…. and good riddance

  15. sadd daddy says:

    isis "lets kill everyonnnnne

    Americans "airstrike"

  16. Alpha E Barry says:

    Fake Caliphate…

  17. MrMunk89 says:

    Why am I watching this?

  18. Atilla Gamercheto says:

    YouTube: Watch this
    Also YouTube: Dont watch this

  19. GroovyChino الله says:

    this isn’t Islam. this is what happened as a effect of what America’s presence has done in the middle east. look in between the lines and now what the headlines on the news says. they create and blame. same thing they do in the US. create and blame the africans for their hatred against police but the racist actions from the 1900- now isn’t forgotten in those families like it isn’t in the white peoples families. corruption at its finest. in islam it is peaceful and you are taught to be kind. those guys are not muslims they are deluded. they can’t possible handle the United states in war. we let them live by bombing innocent people and most of the time not even isis memebers. their all underground. but the US jus allows their numbers to grow instead of disbanding the organization.

  20. GroovyChino الله says:

    their following this abubaker like he is the prophet peace be upon him. this is haram and not the right practice of islam.

  21. Y**** M says:

    ISIS is not gone. … They are spreading. In Libya too now.

  22. tarip Chakma says:

    Uncle trump plz kill dis rats

  23. علي نجم says:


  24. Shakeel Akhtar says:

    Who created ISI?

  25. Greg .Viktor says:

    we just need a big ass bomb and send them to allah first class

  26. Hollo WaldFee says:

    07:09 Is that part of Mark Wahlbergs morning routine? 😉

  27. toonebrandon23 says:

    funny thing is there all dead hahaha and prolly in hell

  28. albusai says:

    I guess alah is not so akbar after all 😂

  29. Q-Betrex says:

    more like jewhadists

  30. Erwin Rommel says:

    I feel sad for the kids..

  31. Spartan Spear says:

    Hey jo abu hajaar we miss you mother fucker

  32. Julius C-zar says:

    … then they robbed the banks … (all their hands should be cut off)

  33. mikey fry says:

    Goat rapers hate how good we have it in the west

  34. paramesh ranjith says:

    Nearly after 5 years they are history but the saddest and most terrifying part is that their emotions aren't getting ridden off… It's just infectious and it is passed on to their future generations

  35. Farhan Khan says:

    What is this can someone explain

  36. Erik S says:

    We should have dropped some nukes on the full area of ISIS. Then nobody would have survived. What we are faced with now, is that this virmin spreads to western countries.

  37. Risnox says:

    USA CREATED ISIS (Isis are not muslim, they are terrorists, dont be a slave of media)

  38. Masih KDH says:

    horrifying, Youtube must remove this kind of contents from internet.

  39. FBI says:

    Wish i could find footage of these shits getting blown to bits by a Russian plane

  40. Mevine Ven says:

    I prefer to be one onf them rather to be an American pigs who pretend and kill stab in the back

  41. Natalie Trotman says:

    Islamic legend has it : this is story of the game of thrones

  42. አማራ ነኝ የ አፄወቹ ዘር አማራ ነኝ የ አፄወቹ ዘር says:


  43. Alain lesage says:

    Bien des connards endoctrinees par des imams plus cons qu'eux

  44. Isaiah rooks says:

    Bruh religion fucks up your country badly.

  45. Joeking Nyari says:

    Donkeys of Israel nato .

  46. James Mexman says:

    Those isis fighters that said they would fight to the death, shaved off their beards and dressed as women to escape.

  47. Steve H says:

    Every time I hear one of these guys say "G-d willing" I know something bad is about to happen..

  48. Mountain Gentry says:

    If its all about dying, why live in the first place. What a joke

  49. chunky9791 says:

    Yea how'd that work out for you, God willing?

  50. Enni Dello says:

    Manusia apa seperti mereka2. Anak kecil yg tak berdosapun di bunuh,, basmi smua isiss

  51. Khloud Alqahtani says:

    There are not Muslim like what they think !!
    I’m Muslim and I feel so sad for what they did
    Islam not bad religion I swear

  52. quietdominator666 says:

    Good cross promotion with the Facebook sword..

  53. Enes Malik Öztürk says:

    (ışıd no muslim) ışıd terörist ışıd pkk ışıd abd

  54. The Mr. Man says:

    This is Baghdad 2003 on Steroids

  55. Felix Ajayi says:

    This is now Sweden sadly

  56. Suq Madiq says:

    The thumbnail looks like an extreme Islamic version of "I am the Walrus".

  57. احمد الحمد says:


  58. Ryan Harrington says:

    Lol funny to me how they planned to take over the USA buuuuut they literally couldnt beat 1 state in America. If isis fought new Hampshire they would be out numbered 50 to 1

  59. Ryan Harrington says:

    Lol they said America dont uae drones thats cowardly. Send us ur soilders. Lol since they followed so many rules in iraq and for islam. These dudes are all losers. Dead losers

  60. samuel romulus says:

    By the way, all of them
    are Madslims. 👻

  61. gregory maloney says:

    A bunch of delusional fools

  62. Dimitri Mavromatis says:

    Sounds like a bunch of Saudi accents

  63. JKTR says:

    Ini sangat sangat bagus, mendirikan peraturan Islam/negara Islam

  64. 2 SUSS says:

    Isis ain't the problem at all it's who made funds em that's CIA Mossad Saudi a devils

  65. Chuma James Nxele says:

    Bro, did they just drift a tank? A TANK?

  66. Aldrian Dimngel says:

    My brothers the end on your way

  67. Silo. says:

    Plot twist the president of America is Abu hajjar

  68. إسحاق سليم says:

    عير بنسوانكم

  69. Rmrndn Nxfnfn says:

    دولة الاسلام باقيييييييه وتتمدد

  70. Rhonda Kuaana says:

    That is work of the DEVIL…!!! What idiots they are to even think that it's ok to do what they do…!!! How sick are these evil people…and that their God Allah is on their side…they fell into Satan's order…these people arn"t human they are demon's…!!! SICK…DISCUSSING…INHUMAN…EVIL… BASTARDS…!!! GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY WITH THEM SOON…!!! They did that just because they want the world to be their satanic religion…they need to get off their wally wagon…!!! Karma will have it's day too…their NOT going to heaven, they are going to HELL…!!! 100% They are going to HELL…!!! And who ever is with their SICK beliefs will also go to HELL…!!! YOU SICK BASTARDS…!!! I HO PO E YOU SUGFER THE MAXIMUM PUNISHMENTS…!!! EVIL DEVIL WORSHIPER'S…!!! YOU PRAY TO ALLAH SATAN…!!! OUR GOD WOULD NEVER DO WHAT YOU DO…YOU MAKE HIM SICK…!!!

  71. F Dc says:

    Muslims follow a so called prophet “Mohammed” who married a 9 year old girl as a wife…

  72. Tomas Gebremariyam says:

    F**k them uneducated

  73. Paul Nguyen says:

    All the rats within their caliphate are gone somewhere …down to Hell by now. They can establish their own rule with Lucifer ….

  74. imran lalu says:

    It’s getting me mad that all these Syrian and Iraqis and others especially kids getting brainwashed by daesh

  75. H4D3S_PHO3NIX V2 says:

    God knows what religion their from

  76. Example says:

    Its been 5 years but this is fucking crazy still too this day.

  77. Marcos Cunha says:


  78. Marcos Cunha says:

    é bala nos americanos

  79. Rain Twomoons says:

    Before taking over the world they should bathe…

  80. Ernest Enujuba says:

    Where is my dude Abu hajaar?

  81. ben goshawk says:

    Most of them signing on in a job centre near you

  82. Jonathan Dewar says:

    ‘We will raise the flag of allah in the whitehouse’ how’s that working out for you mate 😂😂😂

  83. Gabriel Herera says:

    For all american european people ,the middle east have safe places beautiful places ,like lebanon and other places ,don't think its dangerous in all places ,we are educated ,we know english french and we ain't primitive don't listen to the media ,it s full of sh**

  84. Angry Merchant says:

    Vice is for leftist. It’s a shame the even made this video

  85. Lewis C. says:

    All the people (men or women) who were part of the Caliphate need to be executed! Especially anyone that left Europe to join the Caliphate!

  86. Maryam Alkhanza says:


  87. Vishnu chandran says:

    India grate

  88. Noodles. says:

    They think that they can fight americans 🤣😝

  89. denver calanog says:

    ISIS IDIOT SUCKS IDIOT SUCKS… they're all dead now🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕

  90. putra saka says:

    Media barat milik siapa?? ketahuilah

  91. Supyan YouTube says:

    isis you baby🐖🐖🐽🐷 isis no, islam

  92. wolf81 says:

    Stupid people in numbers, can be so dangerous.

  93. iDrxp Il says:

    All the rats are dead by now

  94. ابو جليبيب says:

    با رك الله بيك ابو بكر

  95. Christopher McGirt says:

    Evil way of life and existence! Must be stopped at all cost, I will gladly pay down my life for our way of life!

  96. الحياه جميله says:

    تفوه عليكم 🤣🤣

  97. Leres Pamungkas says:

    Good khilafah states

  98. Bhavik Vohra says:

  99. JOHNNY VASIOS says:


  100. AHellReign says:

    I hate isis they aren’t Muslims and this is coming from an atheist, they are like the KKK the KKK says the Bible tells them to kill blacks even tho it doesn’t. Islam is actually about piece I asked a friend to read me a couple of passages and it was beautiful. These isis members ruin the image of Islam

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