The Truth About Ecstasy

With the highest level of consumption of narcotics. no-one takes drugs quite like the British There is no doubt that Britain has the highest drug habit. for me, this is so preposterous. this is high society A series where we meet dealers, users, and manufacturers to find out why the UK has the worlds most excessive drug habits When it comes to MDMA, the UK statistically takes more in one session than any other nation on Earth. first time you take it, its like unreal and there’s like loads of drum and base, adn loads of lights lights and everything was just like woah last year, ecstacy related deaths reached their highest levels in a decade and now, its back in the headlines they need to be aware of this bad stuff that can kill you by taking it once we wanted to find out whats making ecstacy so dangerous, and how that danger can be reduced so we’ve had a vague promise from some teenage drug dealers that they’re gonna meet us here at the strip on Dalston and tell us what its like selling ecstasy to people hows it going? you guys walk up and down the street asking people if they want drugs to buy large, whats the most popular drug around here? mandy and pills yeah do you think that MDMA is getting more popular? how pure are your pills? at best, british street dealers only have a vague idea of whats in their drugs. and thats because ecstasy, whether its too weak, too strong, or too adulterated, is largely manufactured in Holland and with the advent of the dark web, dutch pill makers have been shifting 50 kilos of ecstasy per month why smuggle drugs when you can just mail them anonamously with legitimate carriers to see how authorities are trying to stop these packages from reaching dealers, we met with UK border force so whats in these parcels here? these two specific parcels are believed to contain MDMA, ecstasy “E”, You get all sorts of, sort of, modern brands that appeal to young people. You have uh, a whatsapp brand, you’ll have a burger king, a shield, we have the lick. one, oh oh, the rolling stones one? We got ying and yang. So obviously you can’t intercept every single package.. I guess the question is how many slip through the net? That’s hard to say… That’s so hard to say. We wouldn’t speculate on that, it’s not something we would even.. give a percentage on. It’s a – Statistics are for statisticians. We are all very intelligent here at border-force. That’s what we’re payed to do. and we do work hard for border-force. – And we do stop an awful lot of drugs. Do you have to count all those individual pills? We have done in the past, yes. But we’re advised not to. Because uh, touching them, we try not to touch them as much as possible. Do you – do you find it a little bit exciting? Yeah! It’s always interesting and exciting.

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  1. PinkKushIsDaBush 1 says:

    "bruv turn your phone on silent coz it's a fucken identifiablebifiable" 😭

  2. Fantom Phalcon says:

    You get ‘Ying’ and Yang – Ying? No wonder they’re so dangerous.

    ‘The Lick, Yeah the tongue one’ – MDMA not compulsory and not forgetting the ‘modern’ ones for the kids, like a Sheild, or Burger King?? I think predates MDMA use (I refuse to accept the term ‘Drug abuse – I’ve never harmed any drug, I’ve nurtured them lovingly for over 50 years, the quality is utter shite now – I have a mass spectrometer, in my liver – black bombers, man I really miss the old amphet-sulphate)
    Drugs and their ‘abuse’ isn’t new – we have a lot to thank German Chemists for – incredibly protracted half-lives of certain pharmaceuticals, mostly in the Benzo family, up to 100 hours half-life? That is genius chemistry, kinda – but like all good things ‘pharma’ comes with at least an order of magnitude greater level of pain, and for much, much longer.
    Oh yeah – and they’re ‘controlled because they kill ya’ – yep, nothing like a lesson from the experts. Thank you ladies, I’m sure far more make it through after that insight into your filter operation. Nothing shows the government stance on eradicating or controlling this problem better than those pair – what an enduring hour that must have been for them.
    The toffs have their champers and Charlie, and the rest of us can have it all. It’s actually extremely generous of them, natural selection at it’s finest.

  3. josephine says:


  4. AXEEE says:

    Those grandmas should take couple of pills and chill the fuck out

  5. water boy says:

    Everybody who puts something instead of mdma in a pill is a son of a bitch. And you always should take a half first ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Tim Woods says:

    I know a person that did 2grams of mdma and yes he still alive n is continuing on using it

  7. Adam Campbell says:

    The drugs industry is crying out for real professional operations. Not some morons in a bedroom

  8. TD18 says:

    *Really?! DANGEROUS HUH? Not so dangerous as a cigarettes or alcohol, but you motherfuckers still selling it don't you? It's about a dose, amout you got. Of course you'll be a fucking dead after you drink 6 bottles of vodka or smoke 40 cigarettes.
    So fuck you and your corporations. You lying bastards. If you would really care about people then you'd get rid of all alcohol and cigarette industries. But you don't. So i'm telling you F-U-C-K Y-O-U. Lying corporate bastards*

  9. Gary collumbell says:

    Well said its not ecstacy and im selling ecstacy 😂

  10. Indari says:

    "you only have to see what's in the media"
    stupid old ladies -_-

  11. Ragnar Skywalker says:

    Vice making those mail employees shitbrix poor lady started to justify her existence in the company lol

  12. j kay says:

    channel your energy to sports and volunteering works. not drugs

  13. D Nasty says:

    All the "HIPPYS" thinking they're all peaceful and shit destroying the earth everywhere this drug is manufactured… psilocybin is the only truth! Not all these chemicals and shit, get in tune folks.

  14. Jesus Baruc Ramos romero says:

    theres nothing worst than getting that none loud weed.. is like drinkinh 20beeers and not getting deunk

  15. Cruxz Err says:

    “How does it taste like”
    “Like MDMA” 🤣🤣 I’m so done

  16. Keplarwasp says:

    Remember kids, always wait for the comedown till you take more. And always bring a water bottle!

  17. Prohibition ist für mich Abfall says:

    The 2 most paranoid drug dealers ever

  18. Skater BOI89 says:

    mine are .3

  19. Samuel Aubrey says:

    The border force women are absolute jobs worth 😂😂🙄 bet they don't even sieze 1%

  20. little mikey says:

    Sounds like they dont do their jobs and dont want pwople asking questions

  21. little mikey says:

    That was the most calm and friendly 911 call ive ever heard

  22. n 3 r o says:

    i just popped 2 240mg pills, let the party begin

  23. 3gmatt1 says:

    5:56 where here to meet a couple of rude boy gansters, but we can;t make too much noise because mum is downstairs watching judge rinder.

  24. Raver Magik says:

    But they didnt die from mdma… they even said it was PMA.. so why do they keep saying they are dying from mdma… fucking idiots. Ketamin used to be heavy here in the states.. No one died because of mdma, they died from either the shit they lace it with.. or from not drinking enough water for it.

  25. Yxng Clout says:

    15:03 Plot Twist: it's her ketamine

  26. jaap burgers says:

    amateurs…. no competition what so ever to the netherlands… at least not humpty dumpty

  27. skroll says:

    "a normal pill containes 80mgs of mdma" bitch if my pills r under 220, im kicking my plugs ass……….

  28. psiX0z 420 says:

    another DRUG PROMOTION here. stop promoting DRUGS. ALL these. videos does A RISE OF INTEREST….

  29. C C says:

    Fitst time was 2 pills pink mickey mouse and ive never felt more incredible but it was 13 years ago and things were a little different. I couldn't do it now. If your gonna try drugs make sure you control the amount like coke and ket

  30. DaPoox says:

    I've been to many raves and festivals and never took E and I always manage to have the best time of my life.

  31. Arun James says:

    This is bad

  32. Gavin Bombaci says:

    Americans are why worse take Steve o for example

  33. Kenneth Purboadji says:

    Even though their face was censored i think i can make out his face already

  34. The foreignboys says:

    This guy should act movies not this

  35. BeepBeep Lechooga says:

    half gram pussyo

  36. conlang know says:

    I don't want ecstasy
    I don't want coke
    I don't want pma
    I don't want ketamine
    What I do want
    Is chalk

  37. Lewis Maltby says:

    This makes me want a gram line and triple drop

  38. Jordan James says:

    Man fuck all this all I do is weed and edibles and I’m sticking to dat 😭

  39. BASE 5ive says:

    I was doing this in NYC 20 years ago and selling them like mad at Tunnel, Twilo, etc..didn’t even need a stamp. We’d use powder food coloring and give them stupid raver names like blue skies…who remembers the blue & whites from the phone booths at Limelight…you’re welcome. Didn’t need any “dark web”, stolen credit cards or fake chemicals. I still have the press if anyone wants it..bruv.

  40. Tieten in de house Niet says:

    Only stupid people take a whole pill, I usually take a half or a quarter pill to be safe and I still get high af

  41. jani ferjan pogačar says:

    Man higher amount of mdma is better than research Chemicals

  42. David Barriga says:

    Take a shot every time you hear MDMA

  43. Nick Chandler says:

    I don’t think people realize that drug dealers just be normal dudes

  44. Matty Mayo says:

    This is why I only shoot up with Marijuana

  45. Bahamaharley B says:

    the two dealers geek , soOOO organized

  46. Alberto Gonzales says:

    I haven't took in an ecstasy pill and such a long time I'm waiting for 1

  47. Sage Brooks says:

    Step One Touch drug bag step to touch face get a slight contact ICU officer last getalilbuzzb4lunxhare we🤣😋😅😑🐽🤫🤣

  48. Tommy Lillywhite says:

    Glad they don't use PMA but who knows, in Australia several people died because of PMA laced pills.

  49. yuri cameron says:

    I don't understand why drug dealers cut their product with shit why would you want to kill your money maker?

  50. Rory Aids says:

    Use crystals and test them

  51. Concon r32 says:

    Boarder force women looks like shes onit her self

  52. Bear McBear MC says:

    Dude I'm sorry I cannot take anyone seriously who says bruv 😂

  53. Daniel Devine says:

    Them boys would get robbed

  54. Wadey says:

    100mg pill isn’t big enough.

  55. Velveteon says:

    I love PMA and PMMA

  56. Matthew Grove-Jones says:

    It's PMA that kills people (potentially) not "Ecstasy" (MDMA) pill testing saves lives. Drugs don't kill, not testing them does.

  57. cristian a says:

    damn i love me some gilf 😍

  58. K B says:

    The thing I love about us Brits is we go out on Mandy bender Friday and still turn up for work on Monday. We have no epidemic or whole towns wiped out by a drug like the US or other European countries. Don't get me wrong we have some bad drug issues in the UK but for the most part we are hard working people who like to have fun

  59. TekkyTPvP says:

    it makes me fucking sick to think that dealers are printing impure shit…like cmon are u asking to be murdered? Sell that shit to someone who ACTUALLY cares

  60. Eli says:

    Lmao in da UK they dont care if you take drugs dey jus care if its real shit😂😂

  61. nathaniel sanchez says:

    The airport ladies are the Nancy’s if this world

  62. Isabella Geller says:

    Those 2 guys are funny

  63. Liekki says:

    Dude on the left on the thumbnail looks like StreetManTV

  64. 4Globe4 says:

    Tried it once, was kinda a blurry mess with alot of energy, I felt a slight warm buzz at one point. I dont think i took enough but it was fun.

  65. Annabelle Lien says:

    scared shitless of chavy drug lords "oh ye, mcdonalds"

  66. Unknown User says:

    Taking too much Ecstasy in one session about 10 years ago not only ruined my health, but it after ruined my life and my body and brain has never been the same and I swear to GOD and on my life that this comment is true.

    Young people do not know what they arw doing to themselves, just like I didnt.

    GOOD LUCK! if you take that stuff you are literally rambling with you health, if you are okay so far stop while you are ahead.

  67. DaveyTheDJ says:

    The U.S. should be relaxed like the U.K. is on ecstasy!!! I would bye bye to bipolar!!!

  68. TheZeallions says:

    This is ridiculous. Drugs are good, buuut they are bad bro

  69. Kayleigh Kroner says:

    This is an absolutely amazing idea. It may not necessarily stop drup use, but it prevent causing extreme/fatal harm to yourself and others. I wish America had ideas like this. It's honestly very smart. I can see how it can come off as horrible on the government's side but in all actuality, they know the drug industry will never truly go away. So they do everything they can to prevent deaths and OD's as much as possible by explaining what exactly theyre taking. Props, UK.

  70. This is Magical says:

    But Cocaine
    Is illegal….

  71. nitroad shadow says:

    "if we get a gram our fingers" how in the hell would you get a GRAM of something on your fingers by accident and then not see that you have a fuck tone of powder. and also she was handleing something that came in like a big fuck off chunks dumb bitch

  72. bobsagget823 says:

    dont do drugs kids

  73. Kennedy Macharia says:

    Nice tee,tusker juu!

  74. Life of Bachs says:

    Wait a minute… they have to count the pills by hand?!?… so you’re telling me they don’t know that pill counters exist 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂 Damn the UK are retarded

  75. cal001 1 says:

    4:44 : "If we just get a gram on our fingers and forget what we're doing…"
    As if she's gonna just gum a full gram by accident 😂

  76. Serotonin MDMA says:

    Iphone 13

    Tongue ready!!!!

  77. Andrew Dogaru says:

    3:12 ying and yang 😂😂😂 lmao. Then 3:33 is there just to top it off

  78. Jaden Moreno says:

    Finta say wtf they got. tha xos ova hea are circle with sum in the inside or the skeletons are skeletons 😂😂

  79. Maria Gorbik says:

    damn people legalize it, than the quality should be transparent so the death should be less

  80. Zach Moore says:

    Extassy is just glorified meth

  81. Enis Oxi says:

    This video is bad trip

  82. My Design says:

    These 2 clowns need to invest in family and life

  83. Yanna K. says:

    If they didn't have that testing tent up and that girl had actually tried the ketamine she found thinking it was cocaine she could've actually died. That's terrifying.

  84. Taylor Ivester says:

    "Its a controlled substance because its deadly"…yeah because millions dont die from cigarettes and alcohol every year right. Fuck outa here. It's a controlled substance because the government cant stop them selfs from controlling people. Just like the prohibition making something illegal doesn't stop shit

  85. DaddyLong PeeWee says:

    That's why you smoke WEEDDDDD!!

  86. Don Duke says:

    Hell yeah. G me up for tonight. Get on the m and clean the house and prepare a slow cooked pulled beef for tomorrow morning. And don't forget the hardcore music

  87. Geoff Handsome says:

    Vice knows no truth

  88. Nx Doyle says:

    You don't want to end up like a bloody piano dentist.

  89. myname jeff says:

    XTC is NOT dangerous.
    The lethal dose is 7 grams, witch means 35 pills of 200mg.
    200mg. is a high dose on itself.

  90. Maikel says:

    In the Netherlands you can get free ecstasy pills at a party especially at hardcore and gabber raves

  91. الدنيا لحظة says:

    I love extasi what about you🤣

  92. Bryan Russo says:

    So dumb, thats not even a part of the truth

  93. Joe K says:

    Blondie is a user! Hehe for my friend damn she got so many friends. All of them trap! 🤣

  94. Grave Digger says:


  95. Travis Reich says:

    The only reason ecstasy is dangerous is because it’s still illegal! And since it’s illegal these underground people who only care about profits cut the shit with all kinds of stuff! If it was just legal then we wouldn’t have guess if this is going to kill me or have a bad reaction 🤦🏻‍♂️

  96. Marioluvzbudz says:

    British accent is so disgusting..🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
    It’s 2020, I think it’s time to cut the crap

  97. Johnny Donethan says:

    My gal had a sniff

  98. Pavel Cristian says:

    I miss the days when MDMA was just an untidepressent 😎

  99. jesus christopher says:

    Ecstacy is dead since the 90s, you dont get that love buzz anymore , these 2 twats are just as bad ,sloppy and putting crap in the pills. i havent had 1 single real ecstacy since the 90s , dealers are so greedy they dance all over the pill mix.

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