The Week Before Payday • Broke

– one 50, one 50, one 50 a day until payday. Mm. (upbeat music) – Friday’s payday for ya boy. (energetic music) – Okay, we have two pieces of bread. – Hey, an almost empty
jar of peanut butter. – And a cup of noodles. – We can make this work. – Mhm. – Damn, why’s this couch so clean? – I guess we’ll just have to wait it out. – I knew I shouldn’t have
bought that shirt last week. I’d still have two more dollars right now. – Where did you find a
shirt for two dollars? – The homie. – The homie? What? (buzz and beep)
(bird chirp) – Hey. – Mm, payday, payday, payday, payday. (playful music) ♫ News I got good news ♫ It is the best news in the world to me ♫ News I left the blues ♫ Far behind and what a day ♫ It’s gonna be – Oh, hold up, y’all. We gotta pay rent. Yeah. My bad. We gotta do it, though. ♫ News I got good news ♫ It is the best news in the world to me ♫ News I left the blues ♫ Far behind and

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  1. Fortnite everyday says:

    Use a credit card

  2. Keira Douglas says:

    They never have money the week before payday because once they get their money, they waste it on expensive wine and champagne instead of what they need smh

  3. Alex Park says:

    It’s sad that one of the three people only got $500 while someone got $800

  4. Beanie Boos Galore and More says:

    Is it just me or does paul sound like michael jackson?

  5. unknown says:

    Lol they have high paying jobs

  6. Darren Tran says:

    And this is why you go to the dollar store for a pack of 4 boxes of Mac and cheese for a dollar.

  7. Mystery Buyer says:

    The irony is that there are rich people sitting around that have more than they will ever need while the rest struggle.

  8. Ellie says:

    If they didn't live in such a nice house in LA they would have a little bit more money. Dinky apartments are expensive there, I have no idea what they would be spending on an entire nice house.

  9. Miss Amanda's world says:

    The week before pay day is tough because food.

  10. Dylan McGuire says:

    Like my dad used to say.
    "I get payed to be broke"

  11. Wyatt Zhao says:

    One of them makes about 43 k a year so like it’s not thatttttt broke

  12. Hi ,Pretty! says:

    I gotta know how that bread noodles and peanut butter went

  13. Georgia L. says:

    Um… Do they have credit/debit cards

  14. CrazyBeautiful says:

    Yes this is how I feel on payday! LOL! But I always make sure I have things I need before I get things I want.

  15. Ethan Ngo says:

    How do they get paid so much

  16. Meghan's Slime says:

    They get payed 200,000 a year each and they get that broke?

  17. Fortnite everyday says:

    That’s what there is a credit card so when you haven’t gotten you’re paycheck yet.

  18. Agent AzZ says:

    I’m broke but not that

  19. LizaStudio says:

    "We gotta pay rent"
    Me: 0_o wut? How much is rent you all have over £500
    P.S I'm 12 so don't come at me if rent is ridiculously expensive and I'm getting it ALL wrong

  20. Julia Helm says:

    is it weird that what they make in a month my dad makes in a day (not trying to be mean just wondering )

  21. Ludi Geodet says:


  22. jack jo says:

    Don't they work? Most of their time in this video is just 'waiting' for payday lol..

  23. Trbl X says:

    0:26 lives with his mate and another girl but not with his gf?

  24. the messenga cross says:

    too funny…

  25. Vanesa Perez says:


  26. Kholoud Heddouche says:

    I spend like 40 dollars a week.

  27. Kyla Newman says:

    So relatable😂😂😂

  28. ryt1995 says:

    That song at the end…the tune sounds like Shane's "Coming Out Of My Shell" song. 😀

  29. Edein M. says:


  30. arizona grande says:

    Wow that’s a lot of moneyyyy. they almost had 2k! I would save up. Saving up before kids is a blessing. You get to have a chance to be a millionaire!

  31. Amelie arttt says:

    You can buy toilet paper for a dollar from the dollar tree????!!

  32. Tia•gachagamer says:

    me also i work at subway

  33. John Anderson says:


  34. Anthony.5 says:

    Do they even have jobs?

  35. More KHANNIE says:

    Is this supposed to be funny

  36. tacos for life says:

    Welll get em next year chief

  37. Meme Tacos says:

    Whos watching in 2019???

  38. Paul Kramer says:

    Are you actually poor or not

  39. Luke Robles says:

    I like how they made it YouTube red but it’s about broke ppl so no one can relate

  40. I love freddie says:

    My pay never comes through at exactly 12am…… It's always like 3am

  41. Deborah Mai says:

    Why this americans are wearing shoes inside the house.. that's soo unhygienic..

  42. WHOLESOME TUBE says:

    at 1:30 the dude with the red shirt is wearing $450 (retail) hows that possible if there broke
    (its just a joke tho)

  43. JJg123 says:

    They dont even get paid 1k

  44. Spaghetti Roll says:

    For food just live on 2 minute noodles lol

  45. King.K The Best says:

    After taxes: $11.04

  46. Sid says:

    I just use the stack of unpaid bills as toilet paper

  47. Jenny_Zhannur says:

    It's 9 days before my stipend and I got $5.31 left. HELP!!!

  48. Beckham says:

    This is me rn

  49. JFK says:

    COLLEGE KIDS, take good notes

  50. Daisy Esquivel says:

    Just take a shower when u run out I toilet paper lol

  51. lets get prepared together says:

    Damn why’s this couch so clean

  52. lets get prepared together says:

    We gotta pay rent

  53. John S3cr3t says:

    U can get free toilet paper Rolls from park bathroom,communities,friends, families house

  54. Michael’s Topics says:

    Is this your way of telling us buzzfeed doesn’t pay you enough

  55. - deedee says:

    did y’all notice how Quinta got paid the least ………….

  56. Madi Grace says:

    Literally all of this is my family except for the toilet paper one

  57. Felix Soheili says:

    Ah the power of an emergency credit card with a low limit for those weeks where you might need another $40-$50 but can pay it back next week

  58. Mckeown Nyafule says:

    So accurate 🙂

  59. Abitamim Bharmal says:

    cook only at home and save like $10 a day

  60. S Gl1x says:

    When u are broke butt still wear Nike

  61. lara lara says:

    How can they be so poor, don’t they salaries every week?

  62. Rohan George says:

    lol the middle dude, if he sold 1 of his shoes he would have half a rack on him

  63. Andre Alvarez says:

    That’s me on fr

  64. Hxest says:

    This needs to be a Netflix series

  65. KingCuck says:

    It's 2019 and I still feel this video man

  66. Ren Gonz says:

    Or you could manage your money better

  67. Big Sugar says:

    Um isn’t this strange cause buzzfeed a left wing media group wants to raise taxes taking even more away from these people

  68. Vinita a says:

    Can someone please tell it is which song?

  69. Zcraxzy says:

    0:00 oh I thought she meant 150$ but she means 1.50$

  70. Simply Z says:

    It’s just a series they aren’t actually broke😂

  71. Dan Thomas says:

    These guys are hilarious

  72. Daniel Ray says:

    Hopefully there is a food pantry near them.

  73. E Money says:

    I've had $$ on my cash app without knowing and was eating sandwiches when I could have had whataburger HA

  74. Olive Maruyama prasad says:

    The series broke should be on Netflix

  75. Vanessa Bayardo says:

    OMG! U don't have to spend to hang with your girlfriend. Just go to the park nearby for a walk or the beach. Is he serious? And if u have movies piled up at home just watch one of those together.

  76. II-body You says:

    Thiere over here getting payed 500 my dad gets played 6k every 2 weeks lmao

  77. XSGOD Gaming says:

    He is wearing air Jordan's but is still broke?

  78. jennifer Palumbo says:

    Or Buzzfeed and other multi million dollar companies could pay their hard working employees a liveable wage.

  79. Iurii Tychenok says:

    thats raicist

  80. Vanessa Bayardo says:

    Kind of like when friends want to go eat out with u, but expect u to pay everytime, so u kindly start only meeting twice a week, then once a week, then every 2 weeks.

  81. Rae Cowan says:

    Who’s never had peanut butter if you haven’t make this blue

  82. Vulcanize says:

    That is why you go to college and get a job that pay well or if your bill gates or Jake Paul lol you’ll not be broke

  83. Happy Cat says:

    How it is to live in NYC

  84. MadEvil19 • says:

    Funny how they are all black

  85. Iris xx says:

    I wish they didn’t make this an only YouTube premium series 😞

  86. lovdusk says:

    me after payday: still saving

  87. Gabriel&Alexis Bell says:

    Why is it only black people

  88. King Swegs says:

    Ok so moe has a whopping salary of 28,444 dollars and the girl has a salary of 32,396 and the other guy has a salary of 42,380

    Overall pretty bad salaries but if you add that up it’s like 95k a year so 😑

  89. sillent killer says:

    My mom gets 2,000 for only 2 weeks

  90. Ruben Wiesaka says:

    In indonesia we dont need tissue to pup we use like a little shower

  91. Lipnitskaya Fan says:


  92. Riley the cool Guy says:


  93. l3oxecl says:

    They are so lucky they get to sit at home all day and get paid

  94. Leon Playz says:

    What's the music at the end the good news music called?

  95. Dennis Rabushka says:

    How in the world are they only getting $700 per 2 weeks?

  96. Francis James Jupiter says:

    how theses guys broke when they making $1986.39 between them

  97. Toxík says:

    What 500 dollars for a months work? Ehm what?

  98. Classy sassy Yana says:

    Dude I’m still a young teen so I dont know what rich really means but i think they are BROKE cause like if they only 580 a month that scary cause for dinner tonight we went to an expensive restaurant and the full bill came to 700 for 4 people :/. My parents wine was just 200 :-

  99. Joann Kennedy says:

    This is very very superior funny.

  100. Card for World Series says:

    Just use the earnin app get your pay before the day 😉

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