TheFatRat – MAYDAY feat. Laura Brehm

Can you hear, can you hear can you hear my voice? Coming through, coming through coming through the noise I’m floating through outer space I’m lost and I can’t find a way Oh! all the lights going dark and my hope’s destroyed Help me Is anybody there? (is anybody there?) (is anybody there?) Save me I’m running out of air Ooh-ooh-ooh Calling out MAYDAY Calling out MAYDAY It’s so dark, it’s so dark out here in space And it’s been so long, been so long since I’ve seen a face My eyes are shut but I can see The void between you and me hmm, and I feel and I feel like I’m going insane Help me Is anybody there? (is anybody there?) (is anybody there?) Save me I’m running out of air Ooh-ooh-ooh Calling out MAYDAY Calling out MAYDAY Far from the sun Beyond stars I hear their song They’re coming closer Talking without sound Calling me home Calling out MAYDAY Calling out MAYDAY Save me I’m running out of air I’m running out of air I’m running out of air I’m running out of air I’m running out of air (I’m running out of air)

100 comments on “TheFatRat – MAYDAY feat. Laura Brehm”

  1. TheFatRat says:

    Finally put this baby on Newgrounds.

  2. Warren Courtney says:

    This should have been in Avengers Endgame when Stark & Nebula were drifitng in space.

  3. DVS Anudeep says:

    This song deserves 1B views

  4. DVS Anudeep says:

    Play this at night while u are at beach maybe midnight time with headphones and feel the definition of Alive !!

  5. prionti borshon says:

    Wow 😍😍

  6. Mickael Deloffre says:

    Euh ok y'a que des anglais

  7. HOW I CAN says:

    Anyone here 😢 me and…………

  8. jeiner50 rodrigez says:

    2:46 far from sun

  9. 믹끼 says: Song for the future

  10. Pranjal Chakraborty says:

    The music is epic on so many levels

  11. Fish Flet says:

    im running out of air

  12. Mieko Terriquez says:

    its so ………..ASOME

  13. uLoFlow says:

    what does mean mayday ?

  14. Popay Gamer says:

    Stranger Things+K-Pop

  15. Katherin Donahue says:

    people that dislike this are morons ! 😛

  16. THE Mr_ PAC-MAN :v says:

    what a good song is my favorite like if yours too

  17. KCael says:

    Today is MAY day not OUR day!

  18. GT AniquilatorXX says:

    Vim pelo HASTAD

  19. Rodrigo Moreira says:

    Quem veio pelo hastad?

  20. Koto says:

    o doente do hastad me trouxe nessa porra

    24 horas ouvindo essa desgraça.

  21. Ridhwan Azizi says:

    Every brawl stars video

  22. hawleey says:

    Hastad tem mal gosto mesmo ein

  23. Natanael Ferreira Almeida says:

    O mundo todo em um flecha

  24. William ; says:

    Minha nossa eu to muito viciadão nessa musica, não paro de ouvir, acho que nunca vou enjoar É MUITO BOAAAAHHHH

  25. BNUTS says:

    am air ill run after you.

  26. Vàng Cậu says:

    Can you hear my voice ?

  27. Shekhar Pandge says:


    You just made my day 🔥💕💕

  28. Nguyen Mai says:

    I LIKE TheFatRat.

  29. Frostowek says:

    🇵🇱Kto z Polski daje like😁😁😁🇵🇱

  30. Thành đẹp trai - Vietnam says:

    23/8/2019 who listen to this music

  31. ChazCuber says:

    I could listen to Laura brehm sing literally anything and still be amazed by her voice

  32. Biel Among Us says:

    THIS MUSIC FOR AMAZONIA "Help_Me" "Salve_Me"

  33. TobiTib says:

    Drop at 1:03

  34. LazzoryZ says:

    0:00, Me : Ok, it's starting
    4:07, Me : Ok, it's the end. It was a pretty cool song.
    The next day, Me : Wait, was that a dead woman body ?

  35. Brilian Krisnamora says:

    Why if i heard the drop of this song i feel i was playing sonic the hedgehog, my childhood…

  36. juend berg says:


  37. Andi Midiholic says:

    にcえ いs てぇふぁtらt

  38. Suki Kirai says:

    The Fat Rat predicted Tony Stark lost in space

  39. Enmanuel Minier says:

    It's just me or that violin or whatever it is reminds of the theme track for prontera city on Ragnarok online

  40. toxicdanii. says:

    This Song is actually a BEAST! I had hear it with my headphones on full Volume and i actually cried… DUDE this vibe is undesribebebale

  41. Briana Rodriguez says:

    I can hear you because I have headphones 🤗

  42. gigaface Live says:

    This is the stuff dreams are made of!

  43. Shaezz Plays says:

    Vayne Is My Main

  44. Marcus Valadao says:

    Vim pelo Hastad! NHAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

  45. Emerald Fox caramel the Siberian husky says:

    Calling out mayday

  46. Shreyas Sundar Ganesh says:

    This song explains Tony Stark’s situation at the beginning of Endgame

  47. Dank Memer says:

    2020 anyone?

  48. Blue PQT says:


  49. Ignacy Swider says:

    "im runnin' out of air"– Stark to the Avengers

  50. Sonic Chan says:

    Houston we have a problem..

  51. Pravin Rasal says:

    Beautiful piece of music ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. Lbcnu24 says:

    I don't think and still do think I cannot be without my sister

  53. Avr Gmr says:

    Why if the rockets have escape capsules the girl is singing and didnt doing something to stay alive?
    But the song is really good

  54. Ash Leey says:

    Alan Walker & TheFatRat collab when?

  55. ƧĦƗѶЄЯẔ says:

    ĐȺmn wĦɇn ŦĦȺŦ sɏnŦĦ ĦiŦs ŦĦȺŦ sĦiŦ sØunĐs ØuŦŦȺ ŦĦis wØrŁĐ. ŁØŁ

  56. Conteude Z4ndo says:


  57. Bratzenscout says:

    ich liebe es immrnoch <3

  58. Aphra Robbins says:

    This is the best song ever

  59. Aphra Robbins says:

    Liked it

  60. Lucas Games says:

    Very good vídeo music

  61. alessandro mello says:

    Vim pelo hastad!!

  62. Zo E says:

    Is that the same planet in the calling?

  63. Itz_Sofix _YT says:

    Plot Twist:Is TheFatRat like Laura Brehm?

  64. giovanni says:

    Quem tá aqui pelo hastad?

  65. Super Gael 310 says:

    Esta cancion es un joya

  66. Leu L says:


  67. Blob Slav says:

    1/10 would be good but i can't hear her voice 🙁

  68. Marrison siberiano says:


  69. LixoYT says:

    3:46 "i'm running an affair… I'm running an affair…" why do i hear that? XD

  70. Comiclover261 says:

    10/10 best fat rat song ever

  71. Sandy Anella says:


  72. nauan gamer23 says:

    I'am from brasil but i really like this music

  73. Just sauce says:

    I'm a metalhead but i really like this song

  74. anDroi Alvarez says:

    You can imagine Tinkers rockets getting a rampage

  75. ILike Beanies says:

    Iron Man be lik


    I loved this song, i felt very motivated (me estoy enseñando a hablar el ingles)

  77. Reis da bagunça oficial says:

    Algum br

  78. 許家倬 says:

    我也很在太空地球 拯救世界 ,👍

  79. GACHA FAHRi Aditya says:


  80. Cauê Bresnik says:

    hastad concha de la puta madre

  81. NightMercy19 says:

    Uhm is this stranger things?

  82. Gado Platônico says:


  83. Renan Cantoia says:


  84. Gagan Pandey says:

    Best Fat Rat music ever

  85. Benedict Sarmiento says:

    Distress call alert. Can somebody answer it? Maybe she/he needs help.

  86. Sir Raze says:

    Find this music through StarCraft 2 xD

  87. Aditya Ranadivea says:

    Pure Heart = In her Voice ..
    This song is my Oxygen . To My Mayday

  88. Trang Lê says:

    vietnam where??

  89. Dowan44 says:


  90. Lucas de Sousa Gonçalves says:

    Quem tá aqui por causa do boludooo???

  91. Arch S.K.Y says:

    My Reality is Future

  92. İbrahim Efe says:


  93. dudu says:

    kamikaze team here

    kamikaze time aqui

  94. C-Plays says:

    0:51-0.54 me when i got an f on my math test

  95. brawlersito YT says:

    Esto tiene copy?

  96. Mr Nightcore / Remix says:

    This deserve 100m views

  97. Pralaya Basnet says:

    Who's here from dota wtf….

  98. I’m Red says:

    TheFatRat you are the best!

  99. Sajjal Sarma says:


    …… Read more


    You waste your time by reading the msg🤣🤣🤣

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