TheFatRat – The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

Still and Silent Calm before the storm Gold and Diamond Jewels behind the throne Into the night Out of the dark Take to the sky Chasing the stars All that we said All that we are Waiting to fly This is the start Hide and seek Reason and Rhyme Grand and Glorious Living the dream Yours and mine Euphoria Hide and seek Reason and rhyme Grand and Glorious Living the draem Yours and mine Euphoria Stone and feather Move outside your head Now or never Strong in every step Give me a sign Hitting the mark Take to the sky Chasing the stars Open your eyes Watching afar Waiting to fly This is the start Hide and seek Reason and rhyme Grand and glorious Living the dream Yours and mine Euphoria Hide and seek Reason and rhyme Grand and Glorious Living the dream Yours and mine Euphoria

100 comments on “TheFatRat – The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)”

  1. TheFatRat says:

    UPDATE: Andres Galvis is apparently NOT the one to blame here. He made a bootleg of The Calling and released it on SoundCloud and YouTube. But he credited me and Laura correctly and did not make a copyright claim. He says he doesn't know Power Records LLC or Ramjets. Right now he's helping me to resolve the problem with YouTube. So please don't harass or grief him. Innocent until proven guilty.

  2. GD Bandit says:

    Don't Rate This Level

  3. Your Daily Grapes says:

    I love this!!!


    I came here from Geometry Dash strory level

  5. 「ᴄxᴛᴛᴇɴᴄxɴᴅʏ」 says:

    No one:

    My friend’s wifi password: 1:30

  6. Diego Manrique says:


  7. Charles Aiden De Leon says:

    This doesn't have 47M views.

  8. Just Novu says:

    Get your song back.

  9. kakakikito kakikito says:

    Legal 👏👏👏👏👏👏😘

  10. Le Huong says:

    Bài này rất hay nó khiến tôi phải nghe đi nghe lại

  11. YT_Akmuir 1011 says:

    Wait did you win?

  12. Logan Krout says:

    Am I not the only one that heard this before but NEVER knew it was made by him and (can’t remember the feat.)

  13. 91031 921 says:

    I love this song

  14. Tom Caldevilla-Gonzalvez says:

    subtitle in french please

  15. INDIAN VIDEOS says:

    Steel and silent rahul kumar niral xalxo tirn blue to red acid natute from rat fat

  16. Karen Iacovelli says:

    You stole this song! How wicked!

  17. Al Ong says:

    Love the song.

    Whoever stole it must be worth getting punish by the devil or face an eternal loop.

  18. Peter Søndergaard says:

    still gives me goosebumps

  19. Nate Brindabella says:

    Is there anyone in the world that likes synth more than scandinavians?

  20. Vonomega says:

    I found this song from 2018 new years Eve lol

  21. EinfachInRage says:


  22. est vips pro says:

    best song ever!

  23. Michael Myers says:

    2019 ?

  24. U.U.S.S uniao do ungandas socialista sovieticos says:


  25. Mikita Babruk says:

    Who does this artwork?!??!?! it's insane… 😀

  26. Kashif says:

    why must good work be tainted by the shame that is minecraft

  27. Serge Truscia says:


  28. Nihal H says:

    The only song I listen without getting bored of it! 🙂

  29. Justin R says:

    Beautiful song

  30. E S S U S C says:

    Still in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. A Yu Long says:

    (╥﹏╥)(╥﹏╥) Nice

  32. Akmal Sangkula says:

    Best song

  33. dan dandan says:

    Hey this is mine now, youtube pay me!

  34. nguyen lam says:

    so epic

  35. Your Daily Grapes says:

    Anyone else here because they LOVE this song and clicked on the video?

  36. Branana9 - SuperBran says:

    Grandad’s Glorias

  37. thepro gamer8888888888888888 says:

    1:30 the password i used to sign in on roblox

  38. thepro gamer8888888888888888 says:

    1:30 i will write that when my principle askes my lunch code

  39. not master noob says:

    What is name this art ?

  40. Topan88 says:

    is that Captain Marvel ?

  41. 100 subcriber without video challenge says:

    The word calling never came OOF

  42. [Games_H.P] JUMP레비 says:

    I like this!

  43. ow milkis says:


  44. thepro gamer8888888888888888 says:

    I will tell my friends this code on roblox or discord OR WHEN I PLAY AREA 51 DAM

  45. X - Gaming Zone says:

    AnyOne Here From 2017 .

  46. Carlos Mendes_2256 says:


  47. King Connor says:

    This song sounds oddly similar a churchy type song. Something like: “Let The Wind Blow” I think it’s called or something like that.

  48. CC Games says:

    Hi Please reply. May I use this song, The Calling, for one of my YouTube videos please. Love you music. 😃😃

  49. Kelvin Garcia #2 Game and Music says:

    I miss you song 💞
    I love you music 🎧💖

  50. Exedra RedHydra says:

    1:30 is what I see when I do math

  51. SOF2ゼクン says:

    The creeper us out of the dark
    Aw man

  52. memes is bad says:

    I finally found this gem. After 3-4 years, I found it.

  53. Fahad ZERO says:


  54. Dark/ Music says:

    Hope I'll born to the year of that "Ancient Time"

    Love the ancient language<3

  55. Big Chungus says:

    1:30 Login passwords for alien computers be like

  56. Foreyd Brawl Stars says:

    Есть русские?

  57. Παντελής Αλεξόπουλος says:

    good jobbb

  58. Salvatore Vulcano says:

    1:30 Nice job getting the enchantment table language in here

  59. • PuppyCat512 • says:

    Love your music!! 😍

  60. XxALPHA -_-GHOSTY says:

    This really sucks

  61. potatoes and more potatoes༎ຶ‿༎ຶツ OoF says:

    How to speak to aliens

  62. juan andres peralta celis says:

    beautyfull 🙂

  63. Active Tv says:

    18/08/19 The song still the best for me

  64. Captain Blobfish says:

    When Sanji gets a drawn wanted poster

  65. Pocom says:

    I know im asking late, but at 1:30 to 1:55 , is that just some random special letters or an alien language?

  66. Raposa_ Fantasma says:

    Minecraft enchantment table: 1:30

  67. IKONIK Adrian says:

    Fit is bad you do not win thefatrat

  68. dhamsas dm says:

    Thanks a lot I were missed this song on my iPhone I were not uploaded to I cloud. But now I got this thanks a lot a big dream I were in this

  69. BrianStick Gaming says:

    What the hell is that language?

  70. ROBLOX V.I.P says:

    ]>~.%√%[√¤π¤[&β٩(▽๑) 1:30

  71. [email protected] lynromero says:

    no one

    siriosly no one

    my friend:nice who did that?

    *me ¯(°_o)/¯

  72. Eza Z says:

    Listening now to make sure it's not strike

  73. keyza 7890 says:

    Is biutiful music

  74. Dewa Gede Agung says:

    I think is amazing

  75. Ashtyn C. says:

    I listen to this hoping you get the revenue not the theives

  76. ảo tưởng liên quân says:

    how about the calling + fly away

  77. 연호영 says:


  78. Gabriel Galvez says:

    this gave me goosebumps

  79. FALLEN Angel 18 says:

    Just to know i'm not super late


  80. Eydreian Dioquino says:

    1:30 Runes??

  81. Blobber Bloober says:

    ramjets can go suck a pair

  82. Koki Plays says:

    Names in kahoot: 1:30

  83. ItZ quantic says:

    Me: hey bro what’s the wife password

    My friend: it’s on the back of the router
    The back of the router : 1:30

  84. Derick Montoya says:

    emilio le pone el culo ala musica electronica

  85. Ambar Valdes says:

    Sííiiiîïiiiīįıiiiiiiíiiiiiiiiiiiii THEEEEEEEEEEE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT FAAAAAAT

  86. Twizz_Scorpion aj says:

    tbh i think it should be grand and glory but still i like the song

  87. Yeison Serrano says:

    Nada mal.

  88. WindfallX YT says:

    Had boycotted it until you got it back, now I can listen freely

  89. Luis Mendoza says:

    The Best song of the world

  90. SrpskiGamer says:

    Ugh, everyone has my wifi password now.. 1:30

  91. Isabel Perez says:


  92. Huyen Kieu says:

    listening to this song feels very sad

  93. Gabyunicorn_YT ElGabriALV says:


  94. averiv ] says:


    It's free real estate

  95. Limox Kill says:

    "This music, without a doubt, makes me travel to the future, when the human being has already conquered all the existing planets" 😍😎

  96. soho says:

    This is my first time listening to this song it’s fucking beautiful

  97. Eyad Ahmed says:

    o my god its very beautiful song

  98. cActUsjUiCe says:

    For some reason, I really like the way she says "Grand"

  99. HMS Vlogs says:

    1:20 hide & seek

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