This Is Kevin O’Leary’s Financial Deal Breaker In Relationships

There are some financial deal-breakers
in relationships. If the person you’re interested in wants to buy everything on debt, that’s just not gonna work out. It really isn’t because at some point
there’s a breaking point where you can’t afford the burden of interest you’re
paying on all the crap you bought that you didn’t need. You don’t want to be
dating that person your ought to be married to them find somebody else that
has your same financial objectives. You want to stay together for a long time?
The pillar of strength in a relationship? You got it. Money. What I would look for
in a partner is someone that understands value. That doesn’t mean they’re cheap.
Let me give you an example. Instead of buying 15 pairs of jeans when you only
really need two or three. Why not buy two or three really good ones? Really
expensive fashionable ones. Ones you love that are well-made. Ones they’re going to
last a long time. This concept of buying something that’s really high quality can
actually save you money. That’s the concept of quality and value. Think about

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  2. No DAD Not Tonight says:


  3. jk1289 says:

    Nothing says value like making them sign a prenup

  4. HowlBeast says:

    Levis jeans last a long long time

  5. Young Professionals says:

    Great financial advice ✨👍🏾

  6. funny men says:


  7. XAR says:

    If you’re a man……NEVER GET MARRIED!

  8. Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

    1) not buying on debt – check 2) finding a woman valuing money – still searching for this unicorn

  9. Isaac Solis says:

    If you guys could keep bringing Kevin O' Leary back, that would be great!

  10. Investing Book Summaries says:

    Yay Kevin 🙂

  11. Trevor Phillips says:

    Wrong. Love is love. You can't put money in front of it.

  12. Jennifer Smith says:

    “Concept of quality and value” got it!

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