This Week at State: March 24, 2017

STATE REX TILLERSON: I recognize there are
many pressing challenges in the Middle East,
but defeating ISIS is the United States number
one goal in the region. As we’ve said before, when
everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. We must continue to keep
our focus on the most urgent matter at hand. We will continue to facilitate
the return of people to their homes, and work with
local political leadership. They will provide stable
and fair governance, rebuild infrastructure, and
provide the essential services. We will use our
diplomatic presence on the ground to
facilitate channels of dialogue between local
leadership and coalition partners. As we stabilize
areas encompassing ISIS’s physical caliphates
in Iraq and Syria, we also must prevent
their seeds of hatred from taking root elsewhere. Loss of territory
in Iraq and Syria has forced ISIS to extend
its current branches and build new
bases of operations in countries around the world.

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