Tiger Woods Shots for Heroes

the military is it’s very important we
saw this on July 4th and our nation’s birthday so for us to have the military
is is an integral part of my life and I grew up around servicemen and women I grew up around
spec up lawyers all my life and so my mom golf courses maybe golf course so I
I got a chance to see witness what they’re what they would they go through
and it’s not easy you know their deployments sometimes nine months
sometimes overlapping make of them twelve or the extended its tough on the
families are seen it i’ve witnessed it and we just want to say thank you for
what they do for us keeping us safe here home we look at the last we live we live
here and what we’re able to do on a daily basis we’re in other countries
it’s not like that some ease some of the guys I have just been wounded or hurt or
killed doing some pretty dangerous stuff to keep us safe so nothing happens to us
we need to say thank you more often in my opinion we don’t do
that enough

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