Titleist 917 Metals – Complete Performance

Hey guys, want to play a match today? Yeah, absolutely. Dustin, you and I will take these two guys on. Your game is important to you. Just hit it right down the middle with your little draw and you’ll be perfect. That’s why we put so much into our golf clubs. We have a dedication, a focus, to drive and create the best performing golf clubs in the world. Titleist has always stood for excellence. I like all the shots with that club. Research, development, testing required full commitment to get the best. We are truly about making the best product in terms of absolute performance. Introducing new Titleist 917 Metals. Delivering maximum distance, along with forgiveness, precise adjustibility that provides confidence for every player. It’s this idea of complete performance. You can’t just deliver innovation and forget about wrapping it in a look, a sound, a feel. 917 takes it to that next level of complete performance. We also have the capability now to adjust center gravity to more aptly fit every player. We see that players are able to gain more confidence. 917 drivers are truly fast and offer this ultimate and complete performance We continually look to push the envelope to make sure that every time we bring a new product to market, it’s the best product we’ve ever made. Titleist 917 drivers and fairways. The standard for complete performance.

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