TJ’s credit comeback

When my car broke down, it made me very, very upset. The repairs were gonna be around $800 to $900. $800 to me, that was a lot at the time. So they told me that I could apply for their credit card and I instantly got denied for the credit card. So, I checked Credit Karma, and that’s when I kinda figured out somebody has been using my credit, and this is the main thing that’s hurting my credit score. From that point, I clicked the dispute button, I read a lot about what I needed to do, the Credit Karma team explained to me why this stuff happens, and just better ways to protect my credit. So when I finally got everything off my credit report, I was able to actually get me a nice new car. It has “sports mode” on there, which I love, ’cause “sports mode” makes the car go really fast. My mom was like, “Wooow, your car is better than mine!” I was like, “Yeahhh.” That was a great moment
for me, ’cause I was like, “I really worked hard for this.”

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  1. Hala Ahmad says:

    Please I need help because somebody use my credit I have too many fraud

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