To Prison For Poverty • TRAILER • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Being poor has never been a crime in this
country. I mean, I’m not rich, by no means. Economically challenged. Yeah, economically challenged. That’s all the money you got? All of it. They wrote me a seat belt ticket, and it come
out to be $41. I didn’t have no money to pay, so they put me on probation. I paid $10. I paid $50. I paid $41. $301 dollars. $171 dollars. Keeps going up and up and up. So I’m never
gonna get it paid off. If you fail to pay, a warrant will be issued
for your arrest. Hundreds of people locked up.
A thousand people every month, for simply failing to pay. It was either pay, or go to jail. Put behind bars for being poor. They sent me to jail. It’s not me refusing to pay these tickets,
because I paid them. That’s when I sat in Colombia County for twenty
days. There is an entire industry devoted to making
money off of people that can’t pay. It is essentially a debtor’s prison. The poorest communities are the best markets
for them. The New York Times quote, “There are real constitutional issues at stake.” When profit becomes the driving force, civil
rights get thrown under the bus.

6 comments on “To Prison For Poverty • TRAILER • BRAVE NEW FILMS”

  1. rich b says:

    Do they vote ?
    Are they voting for the Cons ?

  2. neilemac says:

    Dickens is alive and …well, not so great in modern America, yes?

  3. Kenneth Saul says:

    was that a preview?

  4. Stannis Baratheon says:

    I wonder who they voted for 

  5. Burrells69 Bernies19 says:

    Sickened to know this I hope Britain does not follow this sickning evil greed oh sorry they already do have a high percentage of blacks incarsarated with a good educational package and work programmes. Prisons here are short staffed, European convicts are kept in their cells 23hrs everyday for months awaiting deportation. One of the men said he's happy here and doesn't want to go back to his stating he earns up to £3000 a day pick pocketing,proudly tells all on camera, Algerian convict. Prisons in England profit too.
    Checkout Wandsworth HMP .prison on YOU TUBE.

  6. Burrells69 Bernies19 says:

    I believe there are far too many dangerous preditors on our streets and locked away in overcrowded cells. But listen these freaks cannot change their spots.torturing rapists who do this wicked and evil so to are child sex offender,too many are banged up. Worst still big wig hierarhcies as I'm sure your country, States herd the appaulling scandals of child sex abuse involving mp's royal family, pedophilia.

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