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Good morning everybody, and welcome to the balancing act.
We’re having some fun this morning.
I’m Julie Moran. We always do.
I’m Olga Villaverde. Today, we’re going to be talking
about education, from online to financial.
Plus, ways to stock up on your paper supplies.
Olga, my girls, you know this, they love their binders and
their note pads and coordinating all of this, and colors, and
before we know it, it’s going to be back to school.
I can’t believe that, but we’ve got some great options.
We do. And, if you think you’re too
busy with kids, family, work, to continue your education, not
true. Think again. I’m going to be sitting down
with the folks at Troy University, and Julie, they’ve
got great online programs that I’m considering.
Going for the masters. Fabulous.
And we’ve got some great money saving and informative tips when
it comes to refinancing your car.
We’ve got entertaining, inspiring and educating.
We’re doing all that today on The Balancing Act, and it starts
right now. (music).
Are you looking for a change, feeling like you may be in a
rut? Perhaps it’s time for you to up
your game and return to school, and if you think it’s too late
for you to hit the books, think again.
Our guest is very familiar with higher education opportunities
that are flexible. Meet Dr. Kelley Cleveland at
Troy University. Good morning.
Hi Good morning. Thank you so much.
I’m thrilled you’re here because you know there are many days I
think to myself, you know, the college days were so long ago.
Do I still have it in me? I really really do want to get
my masters. You can do it.
Really? Anybody can do it.
You can definitely do it, as long as you have good
encouraging support, and you choose the right environment.
COllege is completely different than it was 20 years ago, even
15 years ago. You don’t have to go into the
traditional classroom setting anymore.
There are so many different flexible options that will fit
your schedule. You’re living proof too.
I am living proof. I did it.
I went back for my masters and my doctoral degree with a
family. With children and a full time
job. Oh my gosh!
And a full time job? And a full time job.
Anybody can do it. You can do it.
You can do anything that set your mind to.
And let’s talk about really what it adds on, not just, for me, it
would be just what a satisfaction to get my masters.
Right. But I actually think you know,
it really does end up bringing you more dollars.
It does. It absolutely does.
Studies have shown that those with a college degree earn more
money than those without. And not only that, it just
changes your life. And it can change your family’s
life as well. And let’s talk about the
flexibility. How would it work for someone
like me or a mom out there that says ok, I’m like olga.
I’ve got all of these things going on.
How does it work? Right.
This is no longer your mom and dad’s university or college
career. You don’t have to go 5 days a
week and sit in three hours of classes anymore.
That’s what I did. I did too.
Originally, but now with people working.
More people wanting to go back to school and better themselves.
There’s so many different options.
So many different schedules that can fit everybody’s personal
needs. Classes are now offered on the
weekends, at night. And the best thing is online.
Online delivery is the way to go.
Especially for a working mother. It is a change in terms of going
to the actual campus as opposed to online.
Because you know I’m not used to it.
But you do it and .. It’s definitely doable and you
get used to it. I was more of the traditional
student. I wanted to go to class, see my
professor and be able to interact.
But after a few months of my first online class, I realized
you can not beat this. I was at home on my own time
with a baby. With a baby!
I put my baby to bed, I did my classwork.
I could get up early in the morning, do my coursework.
It was just, it’s actually phenomenal.
It really is. And you got your masters in how
much time? Three years for my masters
because I went part time for a little while.
That’s what i would do. And then finished it out full
time. My doctoral degree though, two
years. Straight through.
You go girl. You’re based in Alabama, if I’m
correct. Right.
But you have campuses all over the country.
We do. We do.
We have four campuses in the state of Alabama.
But we have campuses throughout seven other states.
And our online delivery format, the best.
Called eTroy, it is again phenomenal.
I mean it’s the best word I can think of to describe it is
phenomenal. Now you also have for
international students I understand.
Yes. Which is so important because
even my cousins in Mexico are always telling me they want to
study. Absolutely.
We have a huge international focus.
We have at least 65 other countries that are represented
and Troy through on-campus but also through global partnerships
with other countries so we have a real true international focus.
And I was reading the brochure earlier before we started
talking about this fabulous opportunity.
I just love their motto. And I know you know it by heart,
I just have to read it. Educate the mind to think.
The heart to feel. The body to act.
Fabulous. It is.
It really is. And as a nurse I honestly take
that personally. I’m also a faculty member with
Troy and I think I can speak for every other faculty member
that’s not just a motto. That’s how we truly teach our
students. We want them not only to get a
degree from Troy and go out and earn a paycheck, we want them to
have something that they can be passionate about and truly make
a difference. Not only in their lives but in
other people’s lives as well. And I do have to clarify that I
changed my dress before we started the segment because I
realized I had your colors. Yeah perfect!
And I really wanted to match. Thank you so much.
It looks great. And we have a gift for you,
actually. Oh!
A t-shirt so you can have it and actually show your trojan
warrior spirit. I’m telling you.
You have so convinced me. So much so that she was actually
kind enough to give our crew shirts as well.
So, I’ve convinced everybody here to give it a whirl and go
back to school with me. Right.
Great idea. Thank you so much for you time.
Thank you so much. I’m excited.
And for more information on how you can balance work and family
while continuing your education, visit our website and like she
said, it can be done. (music).
While many US industries continue to face stiff
competition from overseas, a significant number of American
based companies have made it their mission to keep
manufacturing at home while employing a skilled American
Work force. I like that.
We’re privileged to work with one such company.
Joining us from Georgia-based Norcom manufacturer of paper
products for schools and home offices nationwide, are Hal Ron,
the company’s president, and Dee Andrews, the director of legal,
environmental and corporate affairs.
Good morning. Good morning.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you for having us. I’m glad we’re talking about
paper products. I am a paper woman, I love it, I
believe in it. Forget reading on the computer.
A book. Agreed?
Agreed. Dee, let me ask you this, I’ve
done my research and I know you’re one of the driving forces
at Norcom when it comes to promoting sustainability.
Tell me the passion behind that. We believe, at Norcom, that
consumers should not have to make a choice between price and
planet. And, fortunately, paper is one
of the truly sustainable products, unlike oil, we can
make more. In our country we plant two
trees for every tree harvested, and if there were no demand for
forest products, we would have no forests.
In the 1950s, we had about 5 million planted forested acres.
Now we have 197 million forested acres.
Wow. The trees in the forest are
important to remove carbon dioxide from the air and clean
it. And, also, within our own
operations, we monitor and measure and report our water
use, our electric use, our greenhouse gas emissions.
We are sustainable forestry certified, which means that you
can purchase the paper we buy with confidence, because it
meets strict sustainability criteria.
And that’s really important to talk about, Hal, because so many
people are just misinformed, and I don’t think they’ve done their
homework when it comes to paper. We just talked about it a few
seconds ago, how children learn more with paper, writing things
down. It’s not going anywhere is it?
No, and it’s not in conflict with the rest of society.
Paper is renewable. Paper continues to be the
leading form of educating our children, and paper continues to
be the form that most of the people in this country can
afford to buy. You know in the last 20 years
we’ve seen so many American companies, businesses kind of
give up their sizable market share to foreign companies.
Tell me what your company is doing to kind of change that and
be different. Well we, at Norcom, fought back
hard. We continue to invest in new
technologies, new equipment, hire great people, keep their
skills high and when necessary, we’ve taken legal action to make
sure that foreign countries and foreign manufacturers are
playing by the trade rules, as far as fair trade goes in a free
trade world. Which is very important.
I know for a fact that your company, Norcom, produces many
paper products for schools and offices.
With all the competition out there Hal, how do you stay on
the cutting edge? Well, again, it’s mainly
technology. We do research in terms of the
market, but we continue to know how important paper is.
And when it comes to back to school, since we are approaching
that, as a mom, I’m always looking for something that is
good. What should moms be looking for
when it comes to supplies? Well, I think two things.
Sales. You’re not going to find these
products less expensive at any other time of year, and then
like Norcom certified products, because we also have
philanthropic component where we support children throughout the
nation, with school supplies, and parents can feel good about
buying them. They are sustainable and high
quality. And with that quality, Hal, how
does your company keep the costs less, or maybe the same, because
again, the competition is fierce.
Well, the competition is fierce, but we’ve been able to compete
through reinvestment. We’ve been been able to compete
with our partners, and paper mills or box plants that support
that we’re all in this together and we all want to continue to
be US manufacturers. You’re sold coast to coast?
We are. We’re sold in every state.
And for our viewers to get more information, where can they go?
To And if you’d like more
information on today’s segment visit us at
or share with us, get a little social if you will, at (music).
This morning we conclude our 4-part series on improving
health care for you and your family with the help of your
pharmacist. Today, we’re talking about
managing allergies and asthma, and if you or someone you love
suffers from allergies, or asthma, your pharmacists may be
an untapped resource in helping to manage your symptoms.
Here to explain is Dr. Chris Osbourne from Good Neighbor
Pharmacy, a network of more than 3000 locally owned community
pharmacies. Welcome Chris.
Hi. So great to have you in the
studio today. How are you?
Good. Alright, let’s start by talking
about asthma because it seems to be so much more prevalent than
ever. Yeah, it’s actually on the rise
according to the Centers for Disease Control.
There’s more prevalence out there.
More kids are being diagnosed with it.
A lot of allergens in the air. Food allergens.
How is asthma usually treated? Asthma is usually treated with a
oral medication, like you can get a Zyrtec or Claritin over
the counter, and also the doctor would probably add on steroid
inhaler. Right.
Or a nasal spray, used to be prescription, but now there is
Nasacort and Flonase over the counter now.
So those are really something you could talk to your
pharmacist about and you don’t have to go to your doctor.
Absolutely. You can come in.
You don’t have to wait to have an appointment until next week.
You can come in today and I can prescribe the Nasacort or
Flonase for you and point you in a direction of the Claritin and
Zyrtec for everyday use. That’s really great.
Is that what Good Neighbor Pharmacies are really about?
That communication with the patient that comes in, that you
know them and they know you? Oh yeah, it’s a personal
relationship that we developed and hope to have for a long
time. Would you say that you know your
patients by name and know things about their lives, so you really
feel a connection with them? Absolutely.
They walk in the door and I say “Hey Bob!”
“Hey John, how are you?” Well, that’s not typical
sometimes at pharmacies. No, you walk into a big box
chain, and their shifts change every eight hours and it’s
always someone new, and I’m there everyday.
Wow, that’s so important. Let’s talk allergies.
There’s so many things people can be allergic to.
Do you talk a lot with people that come in and help them kind
of navigate those waters, their kid’s waters, as far as steering
through the allergy season? We try to identify what’s
triggering their allergies. You know, if it’s seasonal like
pollen, if they’re not usually on medication parts of the year
that may be the time to go on it, ahead of time, before it
gets worse. Triggers like dust mites, rugs
in the house, if you get rid of the rugs sometimes that gets rid
of the allergies. Rugs hold a lot of dust and dead
skin and hair from the animals. Food allergies.
If you know you’re allergic to something, don’t eat it.
Right. Sometimes kids have really bad
allergies, and the mom has to carry around an Epi-pen.
That’s serious when you have a child that cannot breathe.
You know, what are the questions we should be asking our
pharmacists in general? Well, the questions you should
be asking is, you know, should I be taking this every day?
Or is it just when I have a flare up?
Or if I’m using a certain perfume and I don’t use it all
the time, but it makes my nose run, should I take something
before that? Things like that, or chronic
every day asthma and allergies. If you need to be on something
everyday I can show you how to use it, and what to use.
You know, you’re the kind of pharmacist I want to be treated
by. Yeah, I’m very personable.
I like that personal touch with patients.
Well, thanks. Great information today.
Thanks for stopping by. Oh, thank you.
Alright, wanna know more? Log on to
You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
We might share your tweet right on a future show.
(music). This morning we’re going to talk
about auto refinancing. Now, most people don’t realize
that auto loan refinancing is a way to not only reduce what
you’re paying, but can also bean option for meeting your other
financial needs, like consolidating loans, or maybe
taking a family vacation. Margarita Hensley, senior
business development consultant at SpringLeaf Financial is here
to explain. Good morning.
Good morning, thank you for having me.
Thanks for being here. Now, I know you’ve been with
SpringLeaf 14 years plus. You’re part of their mission.
Let’s talk about that mission. At SpringLeaf Financial
Services, our mission is to be the leading provider of
responsible loan products, distinguished by an exceptional
customer experience. We provide solutions to our
customers’ financial needs, and empower them to be well informed
about our products, how credit works, and managing their money
by insuring that also they have the ability to repay their loans
with predictable and affordable monthly payments.
And let’s get informed about auto-refinancing loans.
What are those? The auto refinance loans, the
way that it works is if you have already purchased your vehicle,
and if you want to save any money or reduce your monthly
payments, you have the option to refinance your existing loan.
Hmm.. If you want to, you could also
refinance your existing loan and borrow additional funds to cover
any other unexpected expenses. The process is super fast and
easy, unlike mortgage refinancing.
So, when someone wants to refinance their auto, let’s say,
what are the reasons they’re giving you?
They want to keep some cash? They want to lower the payments?
What are the reasons? MAny of our customers come to us
because they want to lower their monthly payments.
In some cases their credit risk might have improved, in some
other cases they might have some financial situation decrease.
One of our customers, for example, was able to refinance
his auto and we were able to reduce his payment by about
$283 a month. Oh my goodness.
$283 a month?? Yes.
That’s a good chunk of change. Absolutely.
If you think about it, that amount is about $3400 a
year, which you could use for any other things, like a
vacation, or maybe you know, cover some unexpected expenses.
Maybe put the money in the bank, so you know, that’s some of the
reasons that you could use the refinancing for.
So, let’s say I want to do this Margarita, what do I need to do
to make this decision? The process is super fast and
easy. If you are interested, you can
go to our website,
You can put in your application online.
All you need is your personal information, and your employment
information, and basic information about your vehicle,
which you can get from your insurance or your registration
card, and then we take care of the rest.
The process is super fast and we can give you an answer within 30
minutes, from the time that you complete your application.
Now that was a good case scenario, the $283 a month.
What’s the reasonable one? I’m sure it varies.
Yes, many of our customers come to us, like I said before,
because they want to also borrow additional cash, so one of our
customers, we had another customer also that we were able
to consolidate three credit cards into one bill and also
give him about $3700 that he wanted for his vacation, and we
were able to reduce his total monthly payments, by about $150.
So, it varies from customer to customer.
But a big benefit there as well. Absolutely.
Now this is, I think, easier than refinancing a home.
I mean, most people do that, but this one sounds so easy.
It’s much easier. Like I said before, we can give
you an answer within 30 minutes. You could also get the money the
same day, and we don’t have any hidden costs or hidden fees.
Awesome. Well, thank you very much.
I think a lot of people learned something today, including
myself. I do appreciate it.
Thank you so much. And if you’d like to learn more
go to our website,
You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
We might read your post on an upcoming show, so please tweet.
(music). Thanks for being with us today.
We’re glad you began your morning with us.
Absolutely. Lot’s of wonderful information
on today’s show. Did you see something you liked?
Let us know about it. We are on Twitter.
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Get social. Always lots more on our website, Till next time, remember, find
your balance. So long everybody.

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