Top 10 Countries With the LOWEST CRIME RATES

10 Countries With the Lowest Crime Rates Wars in the Middle East and eastern Europe. Terror on the streets of North America. Riots, violence, spiraling murder rates…
sometimes, it can feel like the planet is going crazy. Confronted with all this mayhem, many of us
want nothing more than to run and hide our families away somewhere where they can be
safe. But where could you possibly go to escape
the nonstop horror that is the modern world? We’re glad you asked. Every year, the non-partisan, London-based
Legatum Institute releases its global prosperity rankings. Alongside other metrics like GDP and democracy,
they rank every country on Earth according to how safe it is. The results give a fascinating guide to where
on the planet you are least likely to be hurt, robbed, raped, or murdered. Wanna escape the horror of the daily news
cycle? You’ve come to the right place… (NOTE: to keep things fair, we’re gonna
be ignoring non-recognized states and micronations, as otherwise Vatican City would be #1 every
single darn time) 10. Sweden Forget the gloomy, rain-soaked Scandi crime
dramas. Northern Europe’s liberal bastion Sweden
is one of the safest countries on the planet. In 2015 (the last year the US Department of
State holds records for), there were a mere 90 murders in a population of nearly 10 million. If you’re thinking that’s still a lot
for a tiny number of citizens, remember that Sweden has as many people living in it as
Michigan. In any given year, Detroit alone records waaay
more than 90 murders. To be fair, Sweden isn’t totally crime free. In the tourist months, pickpocketing rates
soar. There’s also the thorny matter of rape. Sweden has the highest rape rate in the whole
of Europe, which certainly doesn’t sound very safe… until you realize the sheer differences
between what constitutes rape in Sweden and what constitutes rape in the USA. To take an example given in the Globe and
Mail, if your American boss was to rub himself against you at work every day for a week,
you could probably sue the jerk for harassment. If he did exactly the same thing in Sweden,
he’d face 52 separate counts of rape. Since 2005, Swedish rape law has been the
most-feminist in the world. Perhaps it’s no wonder only 15% of Swedes
feel unsafe walking alone at night. 9. Austria This tiny European nation of beer and sausages
was once home to one of history’s great empires. The Habsburgs ruled huge swathes of the world
from their base here, with various members in charge of everywhere from modern Germany,
to Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Bosnia. Although the dynasty collapsed following WWI,
their imperial capital of Vienna is still one of the world’s great cities. As a bonus, it’s shockingly safe to visit,
too. From a population only a million or so smaller
than Sweden, Austria clocks around maybe 40 murders on an average year. Its homicide rate is the 6th lowest in the
entire 38-country OECD. That’s not to say Austria is entirely problem
free, of course. Following the 2015 migrant crisis, the country
briefly became a popular human trafficking route, culminating in the tragic death of
70 migrants in a truck abandoned on the country’s roads. The following year, in a perhaps not unrelated
event, the public came within a whisker of electing Europe’s first openly far-right
head of state since WWII. Despite this, though, Austria remains a largely-friendly,
beautiful place where you’re unlikely to meet a sticky end. Plus, it’s got some seriously nice landscapes
for you to get drunk in. 8. Switzerland The first thing you notice about Switzerland,
when you get over all the awe-inspiring natural beauty, is that the country is absolutely
awash with guns. The Swiss love guns like Texans love… well. Guns. The country has one of the highest firearm
ownership rates in the world, only a few places behind the USA. But while the US is infamous for shootings,
crime in Switzerland is incredibly low. In 2014 (the last year we have data for),
there were only 41 murders in a population of 8 million. Part of this may be to do with just how crazy
rich the nation is. Switzerland has the 12th highest GDP per capita,
and is one of only two countries in the top 14 with a population over 5 million. The towns fairly reek of prosperity. Forget streets paved with gold. In Switzerland, people’s wallets are practically
lined with Platinum. However, all this prosperity has come with
something of an ethical price. In WWII, the country’s national bank profited
handsomely from handling stolen Nazi gold. In the years since, the country’s secretive
banking industry has been accused of hiding cash for everyone from money launderers to
Pablo freakin’ Escobar. 7. Germany Germany has the highest population in the
whole of the EU, with nearly 15 million more citizens than either of its nearest rivals
(France and the UK). On top of that, the country recently absorbed
more than one million refugees from Syria and other warzones. Yet despite all this, nearly every single
category of crime has been falling steadily since reunification in the 1990s. The only crime that’s skyrocketed in recent
years? Shoplifting. Overall, the country has the 9th lowest homicide
rate in the OECD, meaning you’re only slightly more likely to get murdered in big, bustling
Germany than you are in teeny tiny Austria. Obviously, the raw numbers are higher, but
c’mon, dude. 2,100 murders in a population of 80 million
is still pretty good, especially when you consider the US (pop. 318 million) has recorded over fifteen thousand
in recent years. Of course, life in Germany isn’t all lederhosen
and walking home at night in perfect safety. As the 2016 truck attack on a Berlin Christmas
market showed, Germany is sadly not free of the ills that are currently bedeviling other
Western nations. 6. Norway The population of Norway is an astonishingly-tiny
5 million. Know how many of these five million modern-day
Vikings were murdered in 2015? Twenty one. If Norway was a US state, it would have the
lowest murder rate, and the 3rd lowest number of overall murders in the whole of America. Only sparsely-populated Vermont (pop. 626,000) and New Hampshire (pop. 1.3 million) would have fewer stiffs clogging
up police freezers. About the only crime in Norway that is statistically-likely
to have any impact on newcomers is burglary. Not that Norway is completely trouble free. It’s still fewer than six years since far-right
terrorist Anders Breivik detonated a car bomb in Oslo, then went on a shooting rampage,
killing 77. While it’s unlikely there’s another Breivik
out there, people, especially Oslo residents, are still traumatized by the incident. Still, the 2011 tragedy aside, Norway remains
one of the coolest, most-attractive, most-hassle free countries in the world. Ignore those who accuse the Scandi nation
of being boring. Rich, prosperous Norway is the country other
northern European countries secretly want to be (albeit with more daylight and beer
that doesn’t cost $10 a pop). 5. Denmark We dunno about you, but if we lived in a place
where a single beer cost upwards of seven bucks, we’d probably be more inclined to
angry outbursts. But what do we know? Demark is so safe that even residents of Norway
probably feel they can relax there. The murder rate is the 5th lowest in the entire
OECD. Street crime is almost unheard of. Even the drug traffickers who ship heroin
through the country frequently eschew violence (at least, on Danish soil). Interestingly, despite all this, Denmark is
seen as being a prime target for al-Qaeda and ISIS, who have called on followers to
attack the nation. However, no mass-casualty Islamist terror
attack has yet taken place, leading to global praise for Denmark’s intelligence services
and anti-extremism units. Even ignoring safety and crime rates, Denmark
should be high on your list to escape to if life ever gets too much. Home to the happiest capital city in the world,
Copenhagen, and possibly the world’s only autonomous republic run by hippies, Denmark
is nothing if not absurdly cool. 4. Iceland In January 2017, a young woman in Iceland’s
capital Reykjavik was tragically abducted and murdered while walking home from a bar. While this grim story would probably end there
in any other nation, in Iceland it resulted in a public outpouring of grief unmatched
in modern times. Vigils were held by candlelight. Tens of thousands marched on the streets. The entire population came together to mark
this senseless death. In doing so, they showed the world why Iceland
remains one of the safest nations. The people there really, truly, deeply care
about one another. With a population of only 323,000, Iceland
is one of the remotest, least-populated countries out there. But while remoteness often breeds violence,
in Iceland the opposite has happened. There are no armed police patrolling the streets,
yet violence, even in rural backwaters, is practically unheard of. The cliché of people still leaving their
doors unlocked at night is true. A year with more than one murder is a bad
year indeed. Much of this is to do with how integrated
the population is. Everyone essentially knows everyone, which
may be why the recent death struck home so hard. Iceland is safe not because it’s relatively
rich, but because its inhabitants have chosen to make it so. 3. Japan Well, look at that. A non-European country for once. An island nation of 127 million, Japan is
notorious for its meme-ready weirdness, its ultra-strict work culture, and for being so
safe even its Yakuza gangsters refuse to carry guns. The murder rate is the third lowest in the
OECD, with fewer than one thousand homicides in 2015. In that same time period, the US – a country
with a population less than three times the size of Japan’s – recorded fifteen times
that many. It’s fair to say Japan is a very safe country
indeed. And it just keeps on getting safer. 2015 saw the lowest rate for every single
type of crime since 1945. Tokyo is ranked as the safest city in the
world. Osaka is ranked as the 3rd safest. Given that Greater Tokyo is the second largest
urban habitation on the planet (only China’s Pearl River Delta is bigger), that’s one
heck of an accolade. Before you rush to pack your bags, though,
it’s worth pointing out that Tokyo is also one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Yeah, we know, confusing. But hear us out: there’s safety from other
human beings, and then there’s safety from Mother Nature. And in that second category, Japan in general
falls way down. Frequently hit by earthquakes and tsunamis
that kill thousands, Japan can sometimes feel like Mother Nature’s unfortunate, anime-obsessed,
whipping boy. 2. Luxembourg Jammed between France, Germany and Belgium,
super-rich Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest nations. How small? So small it makes Holland look big by comparison. Rhode Island is bigger. But Luxembourg has something the Netherlands
and Rhode Island lack. No, not the European Court of Justice. No, not an ‘X’ in its name (seriously,
dude, that’s a terrible guess). No, Luxembourg has something far more awesome. It has the lowest violent crime rate, and
the second lowest murder rate in the whole of the OECD. Violent crime essentially doesn’t exist
here. There were a handful of armed robberies in
2015. Aside from that, nothing. Even with a population of only 543,202, that’s
still impressive. Kansas City has a population around 100,000
smaller, and saw over 125 murders in 2016. Luxembourg saw almost none. The reason for all this may be due to the
high standards of living and extremely low poverty rates in the nation. Luxembourg has the 6th highest GDP per capita,
and consistently ranks high on quality of life listings. Interestingly, though, the country isn’t
totally free from troubles. There are currently six whole Luxembourgers
fighting with ISIS in Syria. 1. Singapore This is it. The safest country on Earth. Tiny Singapore is home to 5.3 million people
crammed into an area almost four times smaller than Rhode Island (pop. 1 million). With such an insane level of overcrowding,
you might expect things to quickly spiral into violence and resentment. Not so. In 2011, a mere 16 people were murdered. In 2015 & 2016, all forms of violent crime
and thefts hit either 10 or 20 year lows. The only crimes that are currently increasing
are cybercrimes, which may be unpleasant, but at least aren’t going to end with you
lying in a pool of your own blood and vomit. As an added bonus, Singapore completely lacks
the natural disasters endemic to Japan. It’s clean and livable, with even stuff
like spitting gum being punishable with enormous fines. However, all this security has come at something
of a cost. In Singapore, the government is in charge,
and you better believe they value safety over freedom. The country ranks 75th on the Economist Intelligence
Unit’s respected democracy index, behind Colombia, Serbia, Hungary and Brazil, to name
a few, and only 10 places ahead of Honduras (the US ranks 20th, before you ask). In this tiny little Asian nation, security
definitely comes with a price tag. Whether or not it’s worth the cost is something
only you can decide.

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    80% historically white homogeneous societies.

  94. Denis Daly says:

    If you look at the research, the most unequal the country, the more crime. Tell me the inequality levels, and I will tell you the crime rates. Added to this is the evidence that crime is higher in hotter countries.

  95. wim van meirvenne says:

    Your very wrong about Sweden.
    Es like my country Belgiumstan near Hollandistan in Eurabia.
    Ower city's r unrecognizable and being controlled by extreme violent Muslim gangs that rule the streets with no mercy and unspeakable horrors and cruelty for all to see and experience on a daily basis. It seems that wherever you in the world today it's always the same nightmare!
    In Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries, the world most pure evil, bloodthirsty and most cruel fanatic fascism of all time is rising very very very fast called the deathcult of Islam.
    Worse is the billions dollars and euro's spend of left fascist socialist mainstream propaganda in the attempting to keep the public stupid and ignorant.

  96. sassulusmagnus says:

    Surprised that Canada is not on the list. Very safe.

  97. Sandernista says:

    Surprise surprise, there are no muslim countries on the list

  98. Taehyunggie says:

    Really? Germany? This list has no credibility whatsoever, lmao.

  99. Mhamd Nassr says:

    40 murder a year in my country jordan with 10 million citizin

  100. Liberty Katz says:

    Sweden has turned into a crime-ridden Islamic state.

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