Top 10 Country Songs of All Time

well they only four things in life that make it worth living throw on your jeans shine up your boots and grab yourself a cold one welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 country songs of all time number 10 friends in low places Garth Brooks dukey’s first recorded as a demo friends and low places launched Garth Brooks into the country stratosphere when it was re-recorded for a sophomore effort in the early 1990s with the Billboard Country chart topper Brooks soon became the face of country music while the rock is tune is already a rowdy beer filled number the singer typically adds a more angst driven third verse during live performances you were always on my number nine always on my mind Willie Nelson though it was previously recorded by artists like Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley Willie and his battered guitar trigger proved the oldie was still a goodie a decade later I guess I never told you I’m so happy that you’re the redheaded stranger didn’t only net three Grammys for his cover but also earned a top five spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and eclipsed his top 20 1980 single on the road again all in all not bad for a song that took original songwriter Wayne Carson a mere 10 minutes to write you were always number 8 the gambler Kenny Rogers he said son I’ve made a life by the way the hill they’re full of standard country music motifs like trains and hard livin this tune is also home to one of the most well known country courses undoubtedly Kenny Rogers most famous song the gambler earned the roaster a Grammy in 1980 it also led its title to a series of TV movies starring the singer and is a favorite of both king of the hills Hank Hill the hell knows when to fold um he knows when to hold him and the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets figured that one out when the deal number seven Amarillo by morning George Strait saddle tone although originally written and recorded by Terry Stafford in 1973 Amarillo by morning wasn’t really a huge hit a decade later it was dusted off by George Strait for his second album straight from the heart they took for sadder than used this fresh recording went to number four in the American country charts and set the stage for straight to become the king of country number six your cheatin heart Hank Williams dipping into the same well of despair as he did on I’m so lonesome I could cry on solo this song was put to tape during Hank Williams last recording session it became a posthumous hit following his death on New Year’s Day of 1953 released as a b-side the country standard was written about Williams first wife and mother to his son Hank Williams jr. number five stand by your man Tammy Wynette sometimes it’s written in just 15 minutes by Wynette and co-writer Billy Sherrill this song became the first lady of country music’s signature tune not surprisingly it also became one of the most covered songs in all of country music but not everyone was happy about that since it was released amid the feminist movement the singer often had to defend the song as an anthem of understanding rather than a call to servitude number four mama tried Merle Haggard country music may have its share of prison songs but none ring as true as this one no one gets teary right mama the self-penned tune is a semi-autobiographical take on Merle Haggard’s troubled upbringing including jail time following an escape attempt the hag was transferred to San Quentin and kept living the thug life until witnessing Johnny Cash’s infamous performance at the facility in 1958 number three crazy patsy cline penned by future superstar Willie Nelson this was Klein’s follow-up to her crossover hit I fall to pieces crazy helped the singer maintain her newfound popularity on the pop charts and saw her hit the number-two spot on the country charts owing to its gender-neutral lyrics the song has since been covered by both male and female singers crazy for feeling so including Nelson himself for his 1962 debut album crazy I want to see number two he stopped loving her today George Jones she by 1980 the opossum was much more a has-been than a legend first time I’d seen you smile here that all changed with this heartbreaker they push through getting George Jones to record this ballad was no easy task as the singer openly hated the song initially Plus Jones heavy drinking and slurred speaking voice made recording the spoken portion of the song nearly impossible only through careful editing was producer Billy Sherrill able to create a vocal track and rebuild the singers legacy you stop before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions while in complicated while it’s the West Texas way number one ring a fire Johnny Cash love is a burning thing written by Merle Kilgore and the man in blacks future bride June Carter Ring of Fire documents June’s take on the love affair between her and Johnny Cash first recorded by her sister Anita Carter the country rock and roller eventually earned him his first country number one in four years Cash’s edition of mariachi horns saw him break new ground and also add new flavor to country music that was light-years beyond his previous material like Folsom Prison Blues you agree with our list what’s your favorite country song for more hard-working top 10s published Bailey be sure to subscribe to

100 comments on “Top 10 Country Songs of All Time”

  1. Uly V says:

    I was wondering where Johnny Cash was until you got to number 1. So happy you nailed it!

  2. Sarah Folland says:

    I only have one complaint they didn't include Dolly Parton the Queen of Country Music

  3. Fat Mink says:

    T.G Sheppard- Loved ‘Em Everyone

  4. risumotus says:

    Amarillo by morning!!!!

  5. Louis Edwards says:

    I agree 💯 percent of the are a great set up of country music songs , but George Straight, come on now 🤔

  6. crimdell says:

    After announcing #3 it's pretty obvious what the top 2 are. Both are great enough to call it a tie so let's call them 1A and 1B.

  7. crimdell says:

    Kick out The Gambler and replace it with Believe by Brooks & Dunn. Gospel music has always been a strong influence in country music, so this list needs to reflect that.

  8. Rose Maheu says:

    Love the, "Dusted off Theory"

  9. Jeffrey Tyree says:

    He stopped loving her today should have been first.

  10. Jeffrey Tyree says:

    Dixie chicks aren't a pimple on country's ass

  11. Zane Martin says:

    What no Chris Ledoux?

  12. Leo Tataraha says:

    Why dont you rename this tittle to "My personal favorite top 10 country songs" else this is a disgrace to the many country song lovers like myself where's Don Williams, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, i mean come on man!

  13. Dylan Scarth says:

    I wanna know why the highwayman wasn’t even an honorable mention

  14. The Tube says:

    Kris Kristofferson – Silver tongued Devil, Glen Campbell – Gentle on my mind, Don Williams – Gypsy Lady, Charlie Pride. – Just between you and me, Dolly Parton – Jolean, Billy Joe Spears – Blanket on the Ground?

  15. Wayne Rembert says:

    Take Me Home, Country Roads
    Tennessee Whiskey
    Any Man of Mine
    Hello Walls
    Forever and Ever, Amen
    Rockin with the Rhythm of the Rain

  16. SamofCR says:

    I like, "I got friends in crawl spaces."

  17. Ultimate .Gaming says:

    No George jones think we could have left out Amarillo lol for some touchy hard hitting lyrics that speak to your soul

  18. Lidwindis says:

    At least put Sweet Home Alabama on 5#

  19. Ryan says:

    Where is I saw the light by hank Williams sr

  20. Hayden Dungan says:

    How was John Denver not on here tho

  21. Unit 38 says:

    "I Walk The Line", where the hell was that in this line up?

  22. Allison D says:

    No Dolly Parton, no John Denver?

  23. Darrell Logan says:

    I think the number of thumbs down says it all.

  24. Cathy Slyter says:

    Dixie chicks shouldn't be anywhere near this list.

  25. Helen Kruse says:

    Kenny Rogers ruined his face. He doesn't even look like himself. He doesn't even look like a relative of Kenny. He should have left his face alone. Most who pay to mutilate their faces in the name of looking young. I grew up on Hank Williams Sr. And Bluegrass. Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and the greats were top 40 where I grew up in Pennsylvania. We were in the Anthracite coal area and my family worked those mines. Thank a miner every time you turn the lights or anything electric on. If not for the coal miners, you wouldn't have electricity. There are only a handful of nuclear reactors supplying power.

  26. philipb says:

    how can you have a top ten of country with no Dolly Parton?

  27. amber bly says:

    also how is dolly parton not in this?

  28. Designated Hitter says:

    A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. #1

  29. Michael Fessenden says:

    They missed ‘The Winner’ by Bobby Bare. Should be the #1 CW song.

  30. Timothy Bigham says:

    No Conway ? Hmmmmm

  31. 1OFGODSOWN says:

    What a Total BS list. Conway Twitty has more True Country Hits than most on your Pathetic list. You must have been drunk or high when you made this video or you know little about Country Music? Johnny Cash never sang any song he talked every single one of them and he could not carry a tune in his pocket if his pocket went all the way to his ankle.

  32. Adam Gehret says:

    My grandma would slap me for saying this but patsy cline and Tammy Wynette are not top ten material just to name a few on this list

  33. Buck Rogers says:

    Bluegrass > Country

  34. MrWhyBsBInc says:

    Favorite Hank song gotta be "Ill never get out of this world alive"

  35. Harem Member says:

    Why no Marty Robbins?

  36. Finn says:

    1 I Walk the Line
    2 Hot Rod Lincoln
    3 Jackson
    4 White Lightning
    5 Act Naturally
    6 Folsom Prison Blues
    7 Kiss an Angel Good Morning
    8 is anybody goin to San Antone
    9 kawliga by Charlie Pride
    10 Mama Tried Randy Travis's version

  37. Bobby Padgett says:

    Johnny Cash, the only singer big enough to claim Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters as his back up singers.

  38. wayne derby says:

    You people are so full of shit. You aren't even close to the top 10 of all time.

  39. warren hymes says:

    Too many greats to even contemplate such a list.

  40. Roy Howard says: Hava Nagila THE BEST VERSION

  41. Dumpaload Inyourmom says:

    Dixie chicks should’ve never been mentioned. Fuck Kenny Rodgers too. Marty should’ve taken Kenny’s spot.

  42. John Hutzel says:

    Nope ..Crazy should be number 1..
    It was the most played song on the jukeboxes for years and years and years…look it up.

  43. Bodie Price says:

    Rose garden by Lynn Anderson? Whose bed have your boots been under by Shaina Twain? This list don't impress me much

  44. Richard Bishop says:

    He stopped loving her today is without a dout the best country music song of all time and how the hell do you not have Buck Owens nowhere on the list.

  45. Ann Gardner says:

    Go rest high on that mountain! should have at least been mentioned.

  46. Kratos Thadon says:

    No brooks and Dunn garbage list

  47. Ronnie Bishop says:

    When country music was an art, instead of a fart.

  48. Ronnie Bishop says:

    It’s very hard to cover the top ten of all time in country music and in fact it’s impossible because you will leave so many out.

  49. Bradley Potash says:

    Will The Circle Be Unbroken and I saw The Light

  50. Ryan Kallio says:

    Im happy ring of fire is number 1 it is my favorite song

  51. David Moore says:

    What no Dolly

  52. Luis Foreal says:

    Workin' Man's blues by Merle Haggard.DAMNIT!!! gimme a beer!!!

  53. DJ Ray says:

    Wide open spaces? Really???? Like frfr?

  54. KἶllʂϮƛƦ says:

    Townes Van Zandt – Waiting 'Round To Die or Poncho and Lefty for the win.

  55. TexasGirl 1 says:

    Best of all time top 10? Ok, Friends in Low Places… YES? And Wiily songs… YES!!! Kenny Rogers, NO!!! Yes. George Straight! Any song.. ❤️. Hank Williams is the King of country. Stand by Your Man. Go Tammy! Merle! Mamma Tried! Yes! CRAZY! Patsy is forever the best! I Fall to Pieces was awesome! Silly wrote Crazy. Kudos! George Jones? I Stopped Loving Her Today??? Most Excellent! And the winner is Ring of Fire!!! No complaints with this list.!!! 👍🥰😘🤩

  56. Trenten Swenson says:

    How about 9 to 5 because I think was pretty popular!

  57. ohmightywez says:

    Why on earth are the Dixie Chicks taking up space on this list???? I call a diversity foul! Throw some Charlie Pride on the list if you want diversity with real talent. And personally, forget diversity, he belongs on the list for sheer talent alone.

  58. April Eubanks says:

    Y'all did good on this one it has to favorite one you made but I am disappointed that "The Dance" By Garth Brooks wasn't up hear.

  59. centerice says:

    This intentionally controversial "top ten" list was obviously just thrown together to draw views of people wondering if they were gonna agree with the choices. That was this corporate channel's mission. To garner views and comments. Wasn't for people to agree. It was for people to DISAGREE and to motivate them to post their two cents. To essentially manipulate us like sheep. NINETEEN MILLION VIEWS. Twelve thousand comments (one of which was mine). I'd say a resounding, "Mission accomplished!" So, did you post too? If you did, then all I can say is, "greetings, fellow sheep. baaaa baaa."

  60. Ethan Weeter says:

    Think He stopped loving her today is overrated, and George said he hated the song because of how sad it was..

  61. Ethan Weeter says:

    Automatic disqualifer: Honorable mention to Dixie Chicks.

  62. Tony Ashford says:

    You got 5 right out of the ten

  63. DrHogfan says:

    I like these : The Race Is On :"George Jones , Harper Valley PTA : Jeannie C Riley , Still the one(?) Shania Twain , Okie From Muskogee..Merle Haggard , Wichita Lineman : Glen Campbell……

  64. LibertarianUSA1982 says:

    Country music in 2019 is more pop-rock music

  65. Joe Young says:

    Not close no Keith Whitley, Conway, or Waylon..Ring of fire wasn’t even his best song!?

  66. lefty Wright says:

    No Dolly? Lorretta just an honorable mention?

  67. Morty Snerd says:

    who picked these? Hank Williams , yes , and Ring of Fire but the others are not top 10….Garth Brooks is not even country , he should not be on a video with Willie and Marty Robbins… Where is Wabash Cannonball, Walkin the Floor, Long Black Veil, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn, By the Time I get to Phoenix, Cowboy in Continental Suit , damn

  68. californiahummus says:

    Right like Dolly Parton never existed.

  69. robert gawlas says:

    There is at least 100 country songs that could be the top 10 and 20 that could be number 1. So many great country songs out there.

  70. Vanna Starr says:

    RIP Merle

  71. Jalo Niinikangas says:

    where is country roads?!

  72. Roger Turner says:

    The essence of great country music is always the lyric. Something that exposes the fragility of life, the family, relationships. The fact that there is no cozy answer to the contradictions of life and rural values. When the music gets away from these values it's not country. All 'country' singers since 1992's monstrosity Achy Breaky Heart are not country at all especially Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift and that autotuned crowd.

  73. Ed Camp says:

    No Dolly's I Will Always Love You or Jolene

  74. No Bozos says:

    This a STUPID list. "Top 10 Country Songs of All Time"? NO ONE is qualified to create this list.

    "Wide Open Spaces"?!!! You FUCKING liberals wouldn't know a good country song if it bit you in the ass!!!

  75. TheDrexxus says:

    Holy shit George Jones looks like Jim Carey.

  76. Oscar Bott says:

    This video brought back a lot of memories.

  77. RCL Productions says:

    I read all these comments in a country accent 😂😂

  78. Anthony Vann says:

    How can you go past "He Stopped Loving Her Today"??

  79. bfc tbone says:

    I knew kenny would be on here somewhere

  80. Potato 37 says:

    Amirilo by morning-Chris LeDoux is the real version

  81. Felix Lara says:

    Don Williams some hearts never mend.. love me tonight…love is on a roll…listen to the radio!!! He should be on the list. Conway twitty….

  82. Dildo Shwaggins_ says:

    Where is willie , Waylon and me by David Alan coe

  83. mario orellana says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty…………………..

  84. Johnny Reb says:

    Bogus! Willie Nelson wouldn't even have one in my top ten let alone two

  85. MondoBeno says:

    The Gambler is a very campy song.

  86. T42 Angle says:

    Hate that “Stand by your man”

  87. Michael Colgrave says:

    Picking top ten , it's clearly apparent those who chose them have never heard of hank Thompson,hank snow, Jim Reeves, web Peirce, jean Shepherd , kitty wells,john Denver, don Williams, and I could keep going ,

  88. ono 724 says:

    Just about any song from George Strait.

  89. Richard Webb says:

    Nice hearing these songs again

  90. birdsand bass says:

    Country boy can survive?? What ever happened to dolly to??

  91. birdsand bass says:

    The highway men??

  92. DJ Watson says:

    No Waylon? Seriously?

  93. Walter Shattenkirk says:

    Far too many for a top 10, it’s an impossible task. Country music is far to personal, ask 100 people and each list will be different.

  94. Joseph Barclay Ross says:

    "El Paso" by Marty Robbins definitely belongs in the Top Five.

  95. Jeff Lindeman says:

    Really WatchMojo? Are you really that stupid and lazy? "Always on my Mind" was NOT a cover for Willie Nelson, he wrote the fucking song, you dimwits! smh

  96. j p says:

    The original by Terry was not a hit because it was slow and all over the place it took George to fix that crap

  97. j p says:

    Charlie is washed up

  98. j p says:

    They missed something here as to Johnny

  99. Jacob McElroy says:

    I think Marty Robbins should have been number one

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