Top 10 One Down Tips [Payday 2]

NanookMetaal. Took Toot! One Down difficulty
Is an exciting addition For seasoned Payday 2 players
And a nightmare for Less experienced ones
Getting into One Down difficulty is no easy feat
But do not be discouraged Here is a list of 10 tips
That will help you succeed On One Down difficulty
Bring Inspire Inspire as well as the Doctor Bags
Are fundamental skills of any One Down build
Being able to instantly revive a teammate
Means you are less exposed to enemy fire And are less likely to get downed yourself
The Doctor Bags will continuously refresh Your downs, allowing you to continue
Without going into custody I have seen players use first aid kits too
But I prefer Doctor Bags because of their abilities Avoid public one down games
Unless you are a part of an established group of players
Chances are that most of your heisting will happen
In public lobbies, with random players I am going to say that it is extremely difficult
to play One Down with an open lobby because
It will attract a lot of inexperienced players Who won’t be able to contribute to team’s
success But also will drag your team down Far too often I see low skilled players join
A one down lobby go into custody within seconds And either leave or stay and occupy a slot
that could have been filled by a contributing player
I have however have encountered a few good one down
Public lobbies, where we were able to complete Very difficult heists together but sadly it
does not happen very often When playing in public lobbies
Learn to survive and rely only on yourself Assume that if you get downed, nobody will
be there To help you and consider getting skills such
as Swan Song Messiah And/or Feign Death In order to be able to make into safety once
down Or have an ability to revive yourself Work your way up the difficulties
If your most played difficulty is Overkill And you are not comfortable with Deathwish
difficulty There absolutely no chance you will succeed
at One Down Do not expect to join a random One Down game
And be carried through the heist You most likely will just get kicked
Start playing more Mayhem or Deathwish games And then move onto One Down to make the transition
easier Make sure you are familiar with the heist
Before trying it on One Down Because on this difficulty most of your attention
Will focus on survival rather than trying to work out
What to do next I also want to add that ideally
You should get to level 100 at level 5 infamy Before getting into One Down
As it introduces skill point requirement reduction Because you will need every single skill point
You can get for your builds Find a crew to play with
Finding players to play with consistently Will take a few games
Because you will need to find players who fit your play-style
And are also looking for a crew A first tip that I can give you is to host
your own games And being a sensible host
Being a sensible host can mean a few things One of them is not using the kick function
For anything else apart from kicking Disruptive players or cheaters You do not need to kick players
Just because you need a slot for a friend Or because he is a very low or a very high
level Just politely explain the situation and ask
them to leave This way, next time you encounter this person
They will be more likely to play with you This is also a small but a very significant
thing That you can do in order to contribute to
making A better Payday 2 community Another thing I often see is hosts rage quitting
games This normally occurs for one big reason
The heist was not completed successfully And as it was discussed earlier
Most likely this was due to the fact that it was
Too difficult Therefore, a sensible host knows what difficulty
He can play well at and would choose a heist according to his
And the team’s ability Avoid using the restart button and wait for
the heist to finish the natural way This is one of the most aggravating things
a host can do And it will quickly cause you to lose players
If you found a player that you really enjoyed Playing with
Consider asking them for a friend request And adding them to your friends list
The easiest way to do this is to go to the Steam overlay
Press the Players button Recent games tab
And look for the player’s profile that you want to add
On a side note, this is also a good way to check if
Someone is a cheater Because you can check their Payday 2 hours
and achievements unlocked Especially, how quickly they unlocked their
infamy levels Stay in cover
Knowing when to hide and when to move Will help you avoid a lot of incoming damage
And it is something that is very easy to do Pay attention to when the law enforcers are
targeting you And you teammates, and plan your moves accordingly
You can also ace the Joker skills in order to
Have a couple of meat shields with you at all times
To take the damage for you At the time of this recording, they are fairly
beefy and so can be a useful addition to your team
Joker skills will also unlock the Stockholm Syndrome
Which gives you an ability to be traded out of custody
Straight away, regardless of assault phase And civilian casualties Plan big movements such as escaping or securing
bags Closer to assault fades so that you can have
A little bit more space In some heists you can time killing Captain
Winters to the escape (van arrival), or a major bag
move because killing him will force an assault
to end Consider bringing secondary equipment
While it will take a lot of points Skilling Jack of all Trades will allow you
to bring a second type of equipment on top of the
Previously mentioned Doctor Bags Bringing an Ammo Bag as well as Doctor Bags
Will ensure that you wont run out of ammo Which is especially handy for weapons
That either have a low ammo pool Or cannot be replenished from enemy ammo drops
Ace Nine Lives To be honest, I feel that this item should
not even be on this list
Because it should go without saying I however did encounter a lot of less experienced
players Not bringing Nine Lives to One Down heists
You may ask – “Why is it so important?” Well, aced Nine Lives adds another down to
your Total downs, regardless of the difficulty
So, it will bump the number up to 4 downs On Deathwish and below and for One Down
It will bring it up to two downs Effectively doubling the amount
It is an extremely cheap skill points-wise And it is a first tier skill so it is available
From the start With nine lives, you will be able to go down
18 times On One Down difficulty
Considering you have brought two aced Doctor Bags Bring the right build and weapons
Once again it may sound obvious So hear me out first
One down builds will vary slightly From Deathwish and below builds
Because there are so many skills That you simply must bring with you
And because the damage threshold to kill enemies Increases dramatically
Therefore, make sure to go over your current build
And analyze whether you really need to bring A particular skill and check
Whether your weapons are powerful enough To dealt with the enemies quickly
Get skills according to the weapon class That you are planning to bring
As well as armour or dodge related skills Depending on whether you are making an armour
Or a dodge build Many perk decks wont be viable for One Down
difficulty So choose carefully Stick to the team
In heists where you are going to be moving a lot
Such as Hoxton Breakout Make sure that you are within reach of your
team So that you can bail each other out of
Tricky situations Discuss this in text or voice chat
To make sure that everybody is on the same page
It is also possible to split into teams of two
if you have a four-man team In order to complete objectives faster
Make sure that each duo has Inspire and Doctor Bags
with them so pair the teams accordingly I realize that this is something that may
be difficult to achieve in public games
So the first thing that you can do is make sure
that you follow the leader and are not falling behind
There are exceptions to this tip though Its sometimes may be viable to split up with
your team For example sometimes, a player may sacrifice
himself in order to kill Captain Winters on large
maps Such as the Goat Simulator
And even though he might go into custody Getting rid of Winters will ensure that the
player Has a chance to be traded back out Practice and keep going
Sounds cheesy But to be honest, just a few months ago
I was completely useless at 1D difficulty At the moment, I cannot say that I am exceptionally
good at it, as I have seen players much better
than me But all it takes is a little bit of patience
and practice to improve dramatically Do not get discouraged if your first few runs
End up bad Remember, every player went through it
Utilize the tips mentioned earlier And stay on top of the objectives
Being able to clear large groups of enemies is also very important as spawn rates on 1D
Are going to be high So you are in danger of getting swarmed if
you Do not kill them quickly These were top 10 One Down tips that will
help you succeed at this difficulty Give them a go and let me know how it goes
Down in the comments below Make sure to post questions or other tips
That you want to share with other players If you need an idea for a one down build
I have placed a link down in the description below If you enjoyed this video, make sure to share
it with your friends Because good people need to watch good videos
Thank you for watching I will see you later
Bye bye

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