Top 10 PAYDAY 2 Heists

So… you ever just chillin’ and spillin’
at your computer, surfing the web and not really knowing what to do? And you go, “Wowie I should play my favorite
game, Payday 2.” And then you get on the game and you’re
all like, “Wowie that’s a lot of heists to choose from.” And you don’t really know which ones the
best, maybe. And then you get this point where you’re
just kinda stuck mentally. And I don’t mean you’re bordering on the
diagnosis of a serious mental illness or anything, or maybe you are I don’t really know, but
like you need someone to help you choose what heist you wanna do. And you stumble on this here .mp4 file and
you’re like “Wowie I’m finally gonna know what the best heists in Payday 2 are.” And yes, that’s exactly what I’m gonna
tell you. So for each heist, I’m gonna look at the
following: Theme—basically what each heist centers
around, whether it be a bank or a train or whatever. Design—this one’s a little broader but like level design, objectives, teamwork, etc. Music—each heist’s accompanying song,
which can sometimes make or break it for me And to a much lesser extent:
Story—just how it ties in any sort of narrative that could be interesting. Just a little disclaimer but these are my personal opinions so don’t get too heated
over anything. Also, I’m excluding any of the remakes from
Payday: The Heist, like First World Bank or Heat Street. Let’s get started. 10. Scarface Mansion.
Alright, I’ll admit that I’ve never seen Scarface, but I have played GTA: Vice City,
which is basically the same thing. Regardless, mansions are hella cool, and
I think Overkill did a pretty good job pulling off the scale on this one. And the Miami setting they have going on is
pretty sweet too, especially with the view of the water. In terms of design, there’s plenty of cover
outside, but not really all that much inside which can be a problem but usually isn’t. There are a shit ton of sniper spawns, though,
which become extremely annoying when you step outside for the first time after doing all
the stuff inside. The main goal here is to assassinate Ernesto
Sosa, who’s the leader of the Sosa Cartel. The objectives themselves are quite numerous
and even though the actual objectives don’t change between playthroughs, the locations
vary greatly. I don’t have much to say about the stealth
aspect, other than it’s available and it differs just enough from loud to stay interesting,
but I definitely prefer going loud on this one. Also, the song Break the Rules that plays
is pretty good, and there’s a chance for vocals to play over it, which is unique compared
to most of the tracks in this game. But the whole map just looks so goddamn cool. Alright, that’s all I have to say. 9. Beneath the Mountain.
Beneath the Mountain takes place, well, beneath a mountain. This one has you raiding a Murkywater command
center and stealing some very unique artifacts from them. The setting is super over-the-top compared
to most of the other heists in the game, but its pulled off well. There’s three separate sort of areas that
you progress through, starting outside the bottom of the mountain, then going inside
the mountain, and finally ending up near the top, way above where you started. The high-tech underground facility vibe is
present throughout and helps it stand out from other missions. The scale of the entire thing is awesome and
the visuals in the third area are especially beautiful. Design-wise the heist is more on the linear
side, as once you get to a new area you can’t go back to the previous one. This doesn’t prove to be a drawback or anything,
but it is worth noting. There’s a lot of cover in the first and
third sections, but not as much in the second. I tend to get swamped a lot there, especially
in the center area where you unlock the vaults, but this may just be me not playing well. The ceiling turret in the first section can
be pretty annoying, but it is infuriating on higher difficulties. Now, this is a heist heist, as in your objective
is to actually steal things, but that only covers the middle section. The entry and escape are both unique, not
just from each other but from basically every other mission in the game. The level changes quite a bit each time you
play, as whole rooms can be moved around, but even without that it would still take
you several playthroughs to get tired of this. This heist does have preplanning, where you
can choose some things ahead of time, but it doesn’t really utilize the mechanic to
its full potential. The song, Locke and Load, pumps me up every
time I listen to it and really helps this heist just be more enjoyable. And of course, you have Locke as your contractor,
and he’s always an enjoyable guy to listen to. (Locke) Hurry! Stop playing with your dicks! What puts this above Scarface Mansion for
me is that its scale is just that much bigger, and there’s just so much more variety within
a single playthrough. 8. Stealing Christmas.
Stealing Christmas takes place inside a mall. Now malls aren’t that special, and Mallcrasher
isn’t even that fun, but this one is done so well and it works even better when coupled
with the Christmas theme. The mall feels real and believable and detailed. You’ve also got access to maintenance areas,
and the roof which just makes it even more fun. Your task here is to retrieve several objects
that’ve ended up in various stores around the mall. However, the stores that you have to rob each
playthrough are mixed up, and there’s a great amount of stores that can be selected. There’s also plenty of cover everywhere
on the map, which is always welcomed. The escape is also really cool, with the lifting
out in the Christmas tree. And this heist also came with the sort of
easter eggs that are the Paycheck masks, which I absolutely love. The music isn’t anything special, but it’s
certainly not bad. What really keeps this heist so high on
the list is the sheer variety it has. It’s hardly the same between multiple playthroughs
and that makes it so much more fun. 7. Hoxton Revenge.
Hoxton Revenge is another assassination type mission in which you infiltrate an FBI Safehouse
and kill the guy who screwed over the Payday Gang who’s hiding in a super secured panic
room. The setting itself is pretty interesting,
and the lake nearby and the surrounding houses just make it all feel so distinct. Now, going loud is pretty boring but stealth
is where this mission really shines. You’ve got multiple obstacles to get through,
first the fence, and then the walls of the house, and tons of options to get through
each. The whole mechanic with locating the alarm
box through the windows before you enter is so goddamn cool. It makes you feel kinda smart when you actually
disable it, which Payday doesn’t really do often. The design of the entire house makes sense
and is fun to explore. The panic room has tons of places to spawn,
so you’ll have to spend time finding it every playthrough, which is really good for
replayability. Even then the objectives to unlock the panic
room have a ton of variations, and while some are more fun than others, none of them are
particularly bad. After you assassinate the target, you have
to steal evidence boxes and boards, which add another unique flavor to the heist. All the while you can listen to tapes that
are laying around to piece together the somewhat interesting betrayal story. This heist works well as the final act in
the Hoxton story arc. Backstab is the song that plays in the heist
and it’s great. The design and variety are what make this
heist and the only reason it isn’t higher on the list is because the heists above it
are simply better, at no real fault to this one. 6. Biker Heist.
So Biker Heist is the first heist on this list so far that has more than one day, but
I love both days. The whole biker club/bar underneath a highway
in the middle of D.C. is awesome, as is the moving train setting on day 2. Day 1 has you collecting bike parts to assemble
a bike and escape with it. On paper this doesn’t seem that interesting
but the way it is executed makes it a lot of fun. As soon as you start, there’s tons of additional
loot hidden in nooks and crannies around the biker clubhouse which I always find fun to
secure as fast as possible. After that you have to track down certain
bike parts that the mechanic tells you to, but what parts you need vary quite a lot,
from underground bunkers to opening up garages. This makes each playthrough significantly
different, on top of the already well put together map. There’s plenty of cover everywhere besides
in the middle section, but the thrill of having to make a break from the clubhouse to the
garage or vice versa is always fantastic. There is a SWAT turret that can spawn on one
of the sides of the map and that is pretty annoying, as are most of the turrets in this
game. Then comes the escape, where there’s this
pretty cool motorcycle driving section that makes you feel badass as long as you don’t
hit anything. The hitboxes on the motorcycles are pretty
wonky, but once you learn how to handle them you usually won’t have any issues. I really like this escape, despite the contrary
popular opinion. On Day 2, you’re on a moving train trying
to get to the front to steal a technologically advanced helmet. This in itself is amazing, but the randomness
of the train cars mixes it up every time. This climaxes in a boss fight, which I’m
never really a fan of in this game, but it doesn’t take anything away from it for me. There’s a lot of little small things, too,
like a helicopter turret that’s surprisingly not that annoying, and trucks that drive alongside
that you can shoot to make crash. The two songs that play on the two days, Storm
Fuel Overload and Driveshaft, are both pretty good and have this sort of biker vibe to them
that I really like. There’s also this sort of story that motivates
the heist, where one of the crew members wants his bike back in exchange for some information,
but it’s not that important or interesting. This heist is this high though because it
combines scale with variety really well without sacrificing either one. 5. Reservoir Dogs Heist.
So when I first played this heist when it came out, I had never seen the movie Reservoir
Dogs, and I thought, ya know, this is pretty decent heist. But I have since seen the movie, which I now
love, and I have a whole new appreciation for this heist. Aside from the fact that it very faithfully
recreates the setting of this awesome movie on the first day (and I’m talking about
the order you play them in), it creates this fantastic jewelry store on the second day
that you never even saw in the film. The first day’s warehouse setting just works
so well for an ambush, and the area around the warehouse is beautifully detailed. And the jewelry store on day 2 is so grand
compared to the other ones in the game, considering that it has a bank-like vault and two floors. On a design level, both days mostly keep up
this quality. The first day has plenty of cover outside
and in the off shoot rooms of the warehouse, although understandably not much on the street. The objectives are pretty simple but they
work, as you have to escort Mr. Pink in the warehouse, then saw open storage units to
find the stolen diamonds, and then escape. The storage units can have interesting things
in them besides the diamonds, and the saw doesn’t take too long so it all stays fun. In day 2, there appears to be a lot of cover
inside, but cops will just swarm everywhere so it’s difficult to utilize all of the
counters. This may just be my poor skill, however. The streets outside the jewelry store have
very little cover but this is again understandable and gives you a great thrill every time you
need to rush to the car. The heist starts out as an ambush from the
police, causing it to go loud, and then from there you have to break into the vault in
the back to steal the diamonds. The actual method you use to crack the vault
is pretty sweet. You have to use two small drills to drill
holes on the door, then use liquid nitrogen to freeze the locks before blowing them off
with C4. Very cool, and definitely something different,
which I appreciate. The offices upstairs are a nicely designed
area too, and have a very convenient bag zipline to the car that I really wish more heists
used. There’s also this cool escape on foot sequence
through a little shop alley thing that I really like. Overall, day 2 is a very heist-like heist. Now the music is just phenomenal, especially
on day 1 with Troubles Always Inbound. It’s not exactly a traditional Payday song
but it’s so laid back and incorporates the song “Stuck in the Middle With You” from the
movie. Day 2 has Mr Purple, which isn’t quite as
good in my opinion but it is still enjoyable listening. And of course, the story. No other heist in the game so far has had
as much of a story as this one. A massive twist and Reservoir Dogs-like non-chronological
storytelling with Days 1 and 2 actually being flipped. This has actually made me feel invested in
the story for a game that has so far has very little in terms of actual lore. This heist just hits all the right notes with
the Reservoir Dogs theme, and pulls off some things that had never been done before in
Payday. It does have a couple weaker spots, but the
strong spots are so strong that they make up for all of that. 4. Big Bank.
One of the most self-explanatory heists in the game, but there really is a lot going
on here. The bank has a massive scale and has one of
the biggest maps in the game, especially for a nonlinear heist. The bank is supposed to be very historical,
and it definitely shows through its architecture. It also has a very tight-security look with
all the time locks and the amount of security walking around. There’s also way more civilians walking
about than usual, making it feel that much more tense and real. It lives up to its name. Cover is plentiful all around the map, besides
on the rooftop but that’s on purpose, so no complaints from me. Your objective here is quite obvious: to alleviate
the bank of its cash. However, the way that you do so is so over
the top that it feels as cool the tenth time you play as it does the first time. And that’s not even mentioning the preplanning
that comes with this mission. It has one of the best uses of the preplanning
feature in the entire game, especially recently since Overkill rebalanced the favor costs. You can choose from four completely different
escapes and between two methods of cracking the vault. The default one is definitely the cooler one,
but the alternative is still fun to mix it up and as a throwback to the original Payday
bank heist. You’ve got tons of other smaller options
that can all be useful in different situations. I love me a good use of preplanning. Good shit. Anyway, loud is my preferred way to go. I find stealth to just be unorganized due
to all the civilians everywhere that are awkward to navigate around. But there are definitely some good ideas in stealth
though, especially with the multistep method of unlocking the vault. But this heist, in loud, does objective-based
teamwork better than any other mission in the entire game. If you do each thing one at a time, this heist
can take like forty minutes. But if you’re prepared and you know what
to do, you got one guy doing the crane, one guy doing the thing in the security room,
one guy listening for the right office computer, one guy trying to open the roof room, you
can finish this entire thing in like twenty minutes. And that kind of team work is just so satisfying
and you don’t really find it anywhere else in this game. You’ve got a solid music track too, Ode
to Greed, which just fits the setting in a way I can’t describe while still feeling
like Payday. It does have a chance of playing some opera
vocals, which are a cool way to mix the music up every now and then. Big Bank was also the first heist in the Dentist/Hoxton
storyline arc. I like how it doesn’t tie itself too much
into that story, but it does mention a little thing here or there. The preplanning for me, combined with the
scale, and the especially the use of objective-based teamwork is what really accelerates this heist so
far up the list. There’s not really any bad aspect to Big
Bank. It does everything well or better. 3. Shadow Raid.
This is the original stealth heist. Set in a massive warehouse and depot in the
middle of the night, you can only do this in stealth. The map is fantastic. You can go up on this one rooftop near spawn
and just see how massive the compound is. You’ve got the Potomac on the one side,
you’ve got the streets surrounding the compound; it all feels so awesome. And I can’t talk about the building without
getting into the design. This is one the best designed maps in the
game. Your goal here is simply to steal loot from
the compound. But there are so many options and paths given
to you. You can get basically anywhere from multiple
entrances. You’ve got the sewers, the lakeside, the
crates, the rooftops, and that’s just from the start. Once you get inside, there’s so much going
on. Guards, worker civilians, cages, the camera
room, and, of course, the optional vault. There’s also so much variety with the loot. You’ve got cash, gold, coke, paintings,
weapons, artifacts, servers, and the armor from the vault. And then there’s preplanning. This heist wasn’t even designed with preplanning
in mind (it was added in later) but it works so well here. You’ve got several options for entering
and securing loot and it all just culminates in this immense replayability. This is also a very learnable heist. When you play it for the first time you will
most definitely fail. But with repeated playthroughs you can learn
and eventually master it to the point that you can complete it almost every time without
fail. There’s just so much to love about this
heist. There’s the music, And Now We Wait, which
is pretty quiet and low key given that it’s a stealth only heist but it fits really well. There’s not any bigger story going on here
or any story really for that matter but the standalone-ness makes it even more special. It’s just this awesome mashup that shows
off everything Payday is capable of in the best light possible. 2. Yacht Heist.
Another stealth only mission. This just barely tops Shadow Raid but, in
my opinion, it still has a slight edge. First of all, it’s on a yacht in the middle
of New York Harbor. And Overkill did a fantastic job creating
the map. It feels like the fanciest yacht in the history
of fancy yachts. It’s big, but not too big. You’ve got tons of cool areas, like the
docking part where you start, the dinner hall, the server room. There’s not really a dull section to be
seen. Now, let’s talk about the design. This is basically a flawless level. Everything works so well and this has got
to be the best designed map in the entire game, once again just slightly edging out
Shadow Raid. Most of this comes from the yacht being symmetrical,
as yachts are. You can almost always find an alternate path
to wherever you’re going. You never really feel stuck, and that is very
important for a stealth heist. The goal here is extremely simple: steal eight
bags of cash that are in random objects throughout the boat. Now you do have to go searching for them but
there is this aspect of genius about it. You hack a laptop that gives you some basic
information about what you’re looking for. And all these objects that money could be
in are color coded with these QR sticker things. And you get the color that corresponds with
the money objects. It all just makes sense and doesn’t ever
make you feel confused. The way you secure the loot is also clever. Instead of taking it back to your starting
place like most heists have you do, you can just throw it into the water with the assumption
that you’ll go around and get it later. There’s even windows you can open in some
parts of the ship to make this even easier. After you secure all the cash, you have to
go overheat and override the server room in order to steal a server on your way out. There’s this nice little maze puzzle sort
of thing with the overheating and I really just love the look of this room. My only real complaint here is that this heist
can be very short when you’re at least moderately good at it. But there’s just so much quality crammed
in here that it kinda makes you overlook the length. And I can’t forget the song, White Collar
Crime, which has to not only be the best stealth track in the game, but one of the best tracks
period. It’s so goddamn good and jazzy. I love it. There is some story here tying in with John
Wick but it’s not all that important and doesn’t detract from this heist in any way. This is just essentially the perfect heist. Oh and I do have some honorable mentions before
I get to the very top of my list. Birth of Sky. This heist starts out phenomenally. You’re smuggled aboard a cargo ship, you
catch them by surprise and jettison their massive money pallets before parachuting out
yourself. Sounds great, and is executed great. The heist isn’t necessarily bad after that,
but it doesn’t hold a candle to the beginning. There’s a nice variety between the four
small commercial buildings on the ground, and afterwards the boat escape is pretty cool,
but something a little cooler in the middle definitely would’ve helped. The music is great, too. Nightclub. This is the only heist that’s been in the
game since launch to show up anywhere in this video. I find most of the launch heists to just be
pretty boring or clunky, but Nightclub stands out above all of them. It really has to do with how many ways you
can tackle this. You’ve got your standard loud, but then
you also have sneaky, behind-the-scenes stealth, but on top of that you can also just go full
ECM rush and crowd control. And none of these are worse than the others. The setting probably helps, too, as nightclubs
are just pretty cool. It still has that vanilla game feel to it
though, as it’s pretty simple and that lets it down a bit. Also the music that plays on the dance floor
is awesome and I automatically despise anyone who buys the Bad Music asset. Election Day. This is one of the rare loud/stealth heists
that I prefer to go stealth on. It’s definitely designed more for stealth
and that really shows. What’s really special about this heist,
though, is its alternate day 2. This is the only heist in the game where the
second day can completely change depending on what happened in the first. The first day (stealth of course) has some
great puzzle solving and if you succeed, then you’re rewarded with a second day of optional
stealth. But if you fail, then you get a loud only
day. All of these are great levels with great story
ideas and setting ideas behind them. This fell just short of the list, not at any
real fault to itself. 1. Golden Grin Casino.
There’s just so much to say about this heist. It is my absolute favorite heist in the game
by a long shot. For starters, it’s in a casino, and a massive
casino at that. This mission has the biggest scale of any
of the others in the game. You’ve got the grand entrance, the tellers,
the casino floor, the staff only area, the security room, the hotel rooms, the vault
that’s literally made out of gold. And there are civilians everywhere. You’re in the heart of Las Vegas, and it
shows. It’s all so grand and breath-taking. There’s so many nooks and crannies to explore,
so many spectacles to look at, so many details to help it come alive. Maybe I’m just a sucker for casino heists,
seeing as Ocean’s Eleven is one of my all-time favorite movies, but everything here just
feels so awesome without even getting to how it all plays. This is one of the only heists that I equally
enjoy going loud and stealth in. Loud is so over the top and stealth is so
detailed, and there’s a crap ton of objectives to each one. Starting with loud, you’ve got this whole
process of arranging things so that a giant ass drill, nicknamed the BFD, can be airlifted
in and can use a laser to cut a giant ass hole in the ceiling of the vault. Meanwhile, the vault has a really long drill
time with tons of little aspects that have to be micromanaged, like water coolant and
power supply. The drill also drains power from the entire
building, turning off the lights whenever it’s in use, which is a really nice touch. There’s a little objective-based teamwork,
like in Big Bank, if you know what to do ahead of time. All of this to break into one of the coolest
looking vaults in existence, as it is literally made out of gold. Bag moving can be tedious but with a three
or four person team it’s not much of an issue. In stealth, however, you have very smart and
in depth process of ransacking the archives for blueprints, poisoning a guest, pumping
sleeping gas through a vent, and a bunch of other stuff to clear out the security room,
all while collecting the codes to the vault. It really makes you feel badass. And one of the best aspects of the heist is
its preplanning. Golden Grin has the best and most preplanning
in the whole game and probably always will. For loud, you have a bunch of ways to customize
the BFD, as well as a few entry and escape plans, among other things. For stealth, there’s not as many options
but there’s still quite a few things you can unlock in the back areas and there’s
some useful insider help. For loud, there’s plenty of cover and side
rooms and stairwells to take a breather in. Stealth has some elevators you can hide inside
of, which is pretty cool. And, seeing as this is a casino, you’re
able to play the slot machines with a chance to earn some extra cash. There’s quite a bit of RNG with stairways
and gates and stuff, which make each playthrough feel different enough. This is also one of the lengthier heists,
but it never feels inflated with drill times, even when using the BFD. It is an immensely fun thrill from beginning
to end and just leaves you feeling extremely satisfied. There’s also the music, which is Dead Man’s
Hand in this case. This is one of my favorite tracks in the game
and it does a really good job at pumping you up even more. This was also the last contract from the Dentist,
who had a really good run of heists and I’m glad it ended on such a high note. Just, everything about this heist is so fun
and so goddamn cool. So there’s my top ten favorite heists in
one of my favorite games, Payday 2. I’d love to hear what anyone else’s favorites
are, so comment them if you feel like it. Obviously this list is subject to change in
the future, as more heists will be coming out over the next year and a half or so (unless
they extend support for like the tenth time), but I will leave you with that for the time

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